Is WooCommerce the best Payment Gateway for WordPress?

woocommerce wordpress plugin

Woocommerce WordPress Plugin – the best E-Commerce Platform

Electronic commerce formally known as E-commerce refers to a process of selling and buying commodities through the internet. There are more than 1,00,000 e-commerce websites that are currently serving their customers. They use electronic transactions instead of involving any liquid money into the system. E-commerce performed its first online transaction in the late 90s, however, the current stats claim that it is responsible for a $2 trillion worth of annual sales across the globe. If the figure is surprising, then you must take into account that there are 3.74 billion people use the internet worldwide. These electronic network transactions are always between business to customer, business to business, consumer to business and the consumer to consumer. WordPress framework is the ultimate platform for developing an e-commerce website with around 29,000 plugins on their directory. Woocommerce WordPress plugin powers more than 30% of e-commerce websites all over the world with the greatest download rate of 30 million.

Woocommerce was developed by Woothemes which is the theme developer for WordPress framework. The most talented developers behind the Woocommerce WordPress plugin were Mr. James Koster & Mr. Mike Jolley. They launched Woocommerce in September 2011 and it became popular within a matter of time. Because Woocommerce is a world popular plugin that provides a complete control for its owners and developers on their e-commerce platform. Developers and millions of website owners suggest that it will be hard for you to find any similar plugin that holds prominent potentials. What makes woocommerce WordPress plugin boosts the e-commerce websites to sell anything online in a beautiful manner?

1. Free of cost

In fact, Woocommerce is a very effective plugin which has been ever created. Besides other framework plugins comes with a price except for woocommerce WordPress plugin. Woocommerce serves all its duty in a beautiful manner at free of cost.
Woocommerce can help you sell any kind of goods despite whether it’s a physical or digital product. Its multiple configurations offer product variations and instant downloading options for shoppers from all around. Moreover, woo-commerce premium extension offers membership plans, bookings, subscription and other functionalities.

2. Flexibility

When it comes to flexibility, woo-commerce offers a wide range of customization features that will benefit its owners. For an example, the woo-commerce plugin offers a real-time shipping deals for its consumers. You can alter its features to limit the delivery to any certain countries or open the gate for the whole world. If you are new to web development and your e-commerce website dashboard is on WordPress, then you don’t require learning all the technical codings because woo-commerce will play its role exceptionally.

3. Payment Gateways

This will be the most concerned aspect a newcomer would likely to worry about. Woocommerce WordPress plugin has got an ability to support all major transaction processes such as Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Cash on Delivery, PayPal and then the bank transfer facility. However, setting up and ongoing process costs for each payment gateways. Moreover, when choosing a payment gateway, you should consider its cost, location, and security.

  • Cost – There is monthly or yearly subscription fee for each gateway. There will be a small transaction fee applicable to payment gateways.
  • Location – Refers to the location of your business and your countries currency. If the gateway you choose has services only in your country, then shoppers from a different county won’t be able to purchase your product.
  • Security – If you are a business owner with an e-commerce website, it is your responsibility to protect your customer details. Most common factors to pay attention is the customer contact details, billing address, shipping address, bank account details etc. If it’s not secured as your website claim it is, it can land your business in serious trouble.

Ensure you have enabled more than 1 gateway services for your e-commerce website development. Generally, most e-commerce platforms serve 2 or 3 gateway options for their respected costumers. If one goes out of service for a minute, consumers can depend on other two payment options to proceed further. This ensures that you are not losing any turnovers at the end of the day. Woocommerce WordPress plugin will provide all the gateways add-ons that available in your country.

4. Ultimate Control

Whether you approach professionals to host your website or not, woo-commerce ensures the ultimate control of your e-commerce website belongs to yourself only. You will have the key to control all elements of your e-commerce website from stock levels to taxes and to customer accounts. In particular, if you want to add on or remove any extensions or alter your website layout, switch settings and design the graphics, it all comes under one key and that key remains with you forever.

5. Greater Than Store

There are certain standard procedures for you follow in order to set up an e-commerce website. However, woocommerce WordPress plugin helps you to build your store within the comfort zone and its result is more than we expect. As an example, you can build up a website that is fully functional with additional features such as blogs and domain web addresses. This, in fact, delivers a professional experience to the shoppers.

6. Attractive Customization

If you think free plugins might be unattractive or unfavorable, the story is different. Woocommerce comes with plenty of customization features to build up your online store in a unique way. The storefront designed by WooThemes has enabled plenty of themes for you to apply on your platform. Once you have chosen a theme and prefer to change its color, font styles or any CSS format, you can experiment it with special features that the themes provide.

7. Woothemes

WooThemes is one of the main factors to boost up the woocommerce WordPress plugin to deliver an effective e-commerce website. They have been producing plugins, extensions and gorgeous themes to woo-commerce and they have a great record of services support and product value. They have a community forum where you can get the advantage of video tutorials, step by step guidance and much more.

8. Features

Even if you can get the woocommerce WordPress plugin for free, this open source tool comes fully loaded with plenty of advanced features. Some of them include inventory management, taxes, order tracking and monitor delivery and much more.

9. Systematics

Woocommerce WordPress plugin delivers powerful analytical tools to observe your business. You will receive a graph chart of sales figures, website statistics, average order and others to get an overview for proceeding with new business decisions.

10. Application & Extensions

Woocommerce provides a good amount of extensions and applications for free. There is an additional option for premium membership, which helps manage your business easily with various aspects. At last, there you have the 10 good reasons to strongly consider the woo-commerce plugin as the best e-commerce platform.

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Is WooCommerce the best Payment Gateway for WordPress?
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Is WooCommerce the best Payment Gateway for WordPress?
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