20 reasons for Why is WordPress the Best CMS

why is wordpress the best cms

Why is WordPress the best CMS?

When we had a chat about the top 10 Content Management Services in the world, we all saw that WordPress won the title of the most popular Content Management Service in the world. But why is WordPress the best CMS? Now many claim that a lot of things make WordPress better than other CMS. Started out in 2003 as a blogging platform, WordPress’s success was fast and immense. People has debated the blogging past of WordPress and claimed it to be incapable of handling CMS duties. But now look! I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

So why exactly is it so popular? Why is WordPress the best CMS?

Several reasons can be stated for the massive success of this content management system. Here we list out 20 of them.

1. It is free.

We all love freebies, don’t we? In the world of CMS, many free choices exist. WordPress belongs to this bunch as well. This has helped massively in gaining popularity among developers.  The best part is, it will still be offered for free even if our website achieves a prominent rank. So no matter how big your website is, WordPress will remain free for you.

2. Quick-install

An absolutely quick installation procedure instantly gives us an answer for why is WordPress the best CMS for us. It is easy to do with less complex steps. Even if you find it hard, which is unlikely, tons of tutorials are available that can guide you. This helps you save time in setting up a website which you then can use for actually running it.

3. Easy to use.

Usability is a highly sought-after quality in any content management service. The chosen CMS service must be easy to use as it will mostly be used by clients who have less or no technical knowledge regarding websites. Easy usability replies why is WordPress the best CMS. The user interface of WordPress is well-laid out and easy to understand. The straight-forwardness of the back-end is a welcoming sight to anyone, let she/he be a developer or a normal person.

4. Irrelevant of Website size.

As it has a blogging past, the ability of WordPress to handle big sites has been doubted for a long time. Many still believe that WordPress only suits small websites and blogs. Let me cut that assumption right in the middle. CNN, CBS New York, Harvard Business Review, Boise State University, New York Times, Glad, Mercedes-Benz, and Vogue. These are just a few examples of big websites which use WordPress as their CMS. As we told earlier, 25% of the websites in the world use WordPress as their CMS. This makes WordPress better than other CMS in this aspect and it has got some facts to back it up.

5. Multi-functionality

WordPress allows a site administrator to give rights to other users of the back-end to post content. This is highly helpful if we have several contributors to the website. The site admin can grant rights to each of them according to their rank. This increases flexibility by a large margin.

6. The degree of customization is endless.

WordPress is a heaven for web designers. Hundreds of themes are available along with thousands of plug-ins that can be added to the website. This will impart many desirable qualities to the website. No matter what the purpose is, it is sure that we can find a plug-in that does the task. This makes WordPress better than other CMS, massively.

7. Mobile access.

WordPress is responsive to the kind of device it is opened in. So there will appear no cropped elements or incomplete images when we try to access the backend via a mobile device. The WordPress CMS will adapt its elements according to the new resolution. It helps developers or users to update the content while on the go.

8. SEO is WordPress’s friend.

It is a CMS well suited for the SEO of a website. The tag system in WordPress allows the user to add tags that contain keywords to the mix. Inherently, it also has the provision to classify posts into categories. This will enhance the detectability of the posts in a big way. More than that, the coding used by WordPress is cleaner which makes it easier for search engines to scan through. It also has tons of plug-ins that help with SEO. These can be added to a website with a single click and these make WordPress better than other CMS for SEO.

9. The massive community.

WordPress boasts the largest user/developer communities of all content management service. With such a massive group to back us up, it’s almost certain that we won’t run out of help. The support forums have already covered almost all of the possible niggles. Thus it is easy to dig out the help we need when we need it.

The community backs up every operation in WordPress by rolling out regular updates for the CMS as well as the plug-ins, themes, and widgets. This where you can go directly and ask for assistance. As it is a user community, there is the option for you to compare various opinions to select the best one. There will exist no company marketing or anything of that sort as it is a user forum. You will genuine help, as and when you need it.

10. The plethora of plug-ins

WordPress is a base to start with. The CMS offers hundreds of plug-ins, each of them built for a specific purpose. In order to add the desired trait to your website, just find the best plug-in for the purpose, install it and voila! All done. It’s as easy as that. Plug-ins can be used to impart a variety of traits which includes e-commerce, SEO etc to a website.

11. No need to learn HTML.

WordPress does not require the user to sport a degree in coding to use it. Even though it allows coding to be done, a user with no coding knowledge will also be well-off with it. And this renders WordPress better than other CMS like Joomla! and Drupal as they require more software knowledge.

12. International usability.

Owing to its popularity, WordPress is many countries. This makes it easy for anyone to find local help as and when they need it. It also supports plug-ins that translate material to many local languages. This makes the initiation of a new international user an easy affair.

13. Easy navigation.

Even though it varies with the theme used, generally, navigating through a site is an easy affair with WordPress. There are menus, drop-downs, categories, tags and several plug-ins that offer many ways to navigate through a website. This will keep thing simple. Many internet users have confirmed that they lose interest in a website if it is hard to find what they want. This may lead to losing traffic. The easy navigation glues people to the website and thus it is clear why is WordPress the best CMS.

14. Security is regularly tightened

Being safe is the no.1 priority on the internet. We cannot jeopardize the safety of our website for a bit of convenience. As a massive number of websites rely on WordPress, hackers regularly try to find loopholes in its security. WordPress regularly rolls out updates to address any possible security flaw. This keeps security breaches away from letting hackers steal the info stored in websites. So its convenience and safety all packed into a single package. Who doesn’t love that?

15. It supports Multimedia

WordPress has a built-in media manager that can be used to attach photos, audios or videos into posts. Document or file management is also built-in to WordPress. This brings out a solution for why is WordPress the best CMS in media management. And the story does not end there. It also supports embedding Youtube videos, Instagram photos, Soundcloud audio, tweets and a lot more into a post just by copy-pasting the URL into it. This comes handy when proper media is required to spice up a post.

16. XML sitemap

WordPress easily generates an XML sitemap and submits it to search engines. This makes it easier for the search engine to understand the way content is organized on a website. Spotting the website is thus easier for search engines and that improves the SEO rating. We all know that SEO is the key to achieving more traffic.

17. Social Media Integration

A good site is bound to have a great social media presence. All search engines rate those sites which receive a lot of traffic from social media sites. WordPress permits the easy integration of social media links into a website. This enables readers to share the posts over all the social media networks. Sharing is good for us, as more people will know about our website. The increased social activity will also increase our SEO rating.

18. Image optimization.

All images uploaded to a post in WordPress can be optimized by staying within the back-end easily. Adding alt tags and title to an image is an easy affair with WordPress’s media manager. Optimizing the image size is also permitted via the use of plug-ins. This can also be done via the media manager with no hassle whatsoever. Optimizing images’ attributes improve SEO rankings while optimizing image size will help the site load quicker. We all have skipped a slow site for a faster one. So keeping the site quick can help in gluing people to a website.

19. It is getting better.

With such a large community backing it up, the rate of growth of WordPress is something other CMS can only dream of. This makes WordPress better than other CMS by miles. Updates regularly get rolled out for the CMS as well as the plug-ins.

More sites are making their way into the WordPress world. WordPress has grown to be more than just a blogging site (They still offer to blog via wordpress.com).

20. Because people love it.

Let me talk you through this. We all see internet memes and quotes that encourage us to break away from the crowd and to do something that really stands out. If that’s your thing, go ahead. There is nobody that can stop you. There are hundreds of other choices available in the CMS market. But for the rest of the people, who likes to play it safe, WordPress is the best choice.

About a quarter of the world’s websites use WordPress as their CMS and this is a fact that we can count on. If it’s good for a huge lot of web users, we reckon that it must be good for most of us.

The amazing degree of growth that they have achieved in the recent years is enviable. This massive user community will also ensure the availability of help when you badly need some. Tutorials on anything can be found on these forums. This massive popularity is a cherry on top of the already lovely WordPress cake. And along with the other 19 reasons, it reveals why is WordPress the best CMS. In fact, we reckon it is the best CMS out there.


From the reasons we listed out, it must be clear to you why is WordPress the best CMS. Choosing a CMS is the first step to growing your website from being a static entity on the web to a fully functional active website. As we have already established answer for why is WordPress the best CMS, it is the most obvious choice. The usability of the WordPress will leave you dazzled, no less.

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20 reasons for Why is WordPress the Best CMS
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20 reasons for Why is WordPress the Best CMS
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