How To Use Whatsapp Business For Better Customer Service

whatsapp busniness

Whatsapp Business For Better Customer Service

Whatsapp Business

After WhatsApp Business was launched a few days ago in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, UK, United States, now is available in India. WhatsApp Business is now finally here and users can create their respective Business Profiles. WhatsApp Business is now available to download only on the Google Play Store for Android users.

This app is an easy tool for small businesses so that they could to let them communicate with their clients and customers. WhatsApp Business arrived first in Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, the UK, US, on Friday. Interestingly, the app’s testing is done in India and Brazil. It is compatible with devices running Android 4.0.3 and above. A version with similar features is also expected to be available for iOS devices.

WhatsApp Business app would enable companies to connect with their customers and be a part of the messaging platform. WhatsApp has over 1.3 billion users worldwide. This app allows businesses to create their own profiles with information like business description, email, store addresses, website. It also provides smart messaging tools to let businesses use quick replies, give fast answers to frequently asked questions. In addition, it has options to send greetings messages to new customers, set away messages when companies are busy. There are metrics like a number of messages read and WhatsApp Web support to let companies send and receive messages.

WhatsApp Business app allows businesses to set privacy for their profile photo, about information, status. It lets them block any of their contacts and enable read receipts. The app also has a live location feature that helps companies share their live location with their clients and customers. It allows businesses to make voice and video calls. The app provides end-to-end encryption for all messages, calls it circulates to restrict any third-party access.

WhatsApp Business: How to register and set up

After you finish downloading the WhatsApp Business app from the Google Play Store, open and go through initial setup process. Then enter and verify your phone number via a One-Time Password.

Then, enter your business name, which could be your shop name or company name. Once it is created, you cannot change the name of your business. So, enter the name after thinking very carefully about it. Then, you will be redirected to the app’s homepage. The quick camera access shortcut on the left, followed by three tabs – chats, status and calls. On the top-right, you have three-dot menu button and at the bottom, you have the icon to start a chat.

WhatsApp Business: Profile settings and statistics

You can create your business profile where you can add your business details. Tap on the three-dots on the top right, then tap on ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Business settings’. In the profile settings, set a display image, followed by your business address. Pin the location on Google Maps, so users can tap on the map and navigate your location. After that, choose a category for your service, like automotive, clothing, finance, restaurant and transport among others.

In the next section, describe your business, followed by working days and hours. Add your business email address, and website. After all the details are added, tap on save on the top right. The section includes statistics, where sent messages, the ones delivered, and the ones read by users could be seen.

WhatsApp Business: Messaging Tools

These can be accessed from business settings, where there are three options – away message, greeting message and quick replies. Away message is used when customers contact you outside of business hours. You can also set an away message to always send when customers ping you on WhatsApp.

The customized ‘greeting message’ greets customers when they contact you the first time or when there is 14 days of inactivity. The ‘quick replies’ makes it easier to communicate with the customers.

In WhatsApp Business app, you can hide last seen, profile photo, status from everyone. All conversations are end-to-end encrypted. There is two-step verification for additional security. You could even change your phone number, and could also delete your account. Moreover, you can use Google Drive to back and restore your chat history.

Yes, the WhatsApp Business app looks interesting and is highly beneficial for users who have a small or medium-sized business. How they can use the WhatsApp Business app to its full potential remains to be seen.

How WhatsApp Business can help small businesses?

Around with over 1.3 billion monthly active users in WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business wants that platform should be more users friendly for small businesses. In addition to WhatsApp Business, Customers can communicate within. Whatsapp Business is free to download and access. Yet, WhatsApp intends to monetize with a subscription fee or advertisements later.

WhatsApp Business added new features allowing small businesses to give details about themselves and respond to customers. So, it helps to create a business profile with detailed information with their address, website and contact number. Customers can reach out to them through messages or calls.

Further, the app provides businesses with some smart messaging tools such as quick replies. These quick replies are a cluster of custom messages prepared in advance. Moreover, it helps to provide a quick answer to frequently asked questions. Also, it enables to address queries from multiple users in less time.

WhatsApp is working to bring out the option to make UPI payment for users and with various Indian banks, National Payments Corporation of India. Through Whatsapp Business, customers can pay merchants within WhatsApp and the money will be directly sent to their bank account.

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How To Use Whatsapp Business For Better Customer Service
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