Virtual Reality Technology: The New Marketing Machine

virtual reality technology

The Magic of Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality or VR has already taken center stage. It has become the talk of the town for people everywhere. Sounds like the perfect omen for marketers. Virtual Reality has opened a whole new arena for marketing professionals. They are now realizing the far reach of Virtual Reality technology in marketing and are beginning to formulate marketing strategies with the icing of Virtual Reality. VR has opened up an all-new era for marketers – it allows the world to experience a product, theme, feeling or situation like never before. VR methods along with digital marketing strategies will help shape the future of marketing a brand in the near future.

How the Use of Virtual Reality Technology Can Change the Game for You?

If you have the stunning vision of innovating and revolutionizing your brand marketing, then Virtual Reality is made for you. VR not only does wonders in marketing but also will take your brand miles ahead in terms of popularity, innovation, standard, and trendiness. This alone is quite enough to help your brand stand out from the rest of your opponents.

Now let us take a look at some of the VR features and know why Virtual Reality technology in marketing is such a big deal and how does it make a difference in user experience.

VR Features

Innovative and Fresh

  • Virtual Reality technology creates pragmatic images, sounds and auxiliary sensations that imitate a real terrain. Thus simulating a user’s physical existence in this terrain. Along with that, it equips the user to interact with this space and any entity that comes up. For that VR relies on high-end technologies like display screens, projectors, and various such gadgets.

Fun and Trendy

  • In short, Anyone can wander around and experience a dreamland filled with mysteries, fantasies, and fun.  Thanks to the virtual reality equipment. Along with that, Virtual reality artificially creates sensory experiences, which include vision, touch, hearing, and, not so common, smell.


  • Virtual Reality or VR Technology leads the user into the digital world by avoiding interference from the outside realities. In this way, the user is completely focussed on the digital content.
  • There are no limitations for VR in demonstrating product attributes, prototypes, features, functionalities, uniqueness etc.


  • It can express a brand’s mission and make with ease.
  • Also, it invokes a kind of wow factor for the user which could be utilized to immerse the users in a branded entertainment experience.
  • VR experiences are more memorable.

Clearly, the benefits of making Virtual Reality Technology in Marketing has no limits. Big Brands have already started to explore the possibilities of Virtual Reality. Now let me show you how the best marketing campaigns use VR to create successful campaigns. 

Examples of Companies using Virtual Reality Technology in Marketing their Brand

McDonald’s Happy Meal VR Headset and Ski App

McDonald’s is among the top MNCs who has realized the potential of Virtual Reality technology in marketing. Furthermore, they have implemented the technology through their Happy Meal Box. In addition to that, McDonald’s has also released their own Google Cardboard. Right now it is experimenting it in Sweden where the happy meal toy is a McDonald’s Cardboard VR Headset. A wise move McDonald’s.

The New York Times

The New York Times has shifted its attention to Virtual Reality storytelling. In the month of November 2015, Around 1 million Google Cardboard viewers/glasses were given away to Sunday home delivery subscribers. It did not stop there, because they went on and produced a VR film, The Displaced, as well. From that stage, they further extended such offerings and this time another 300,000 were circulated for its longest tenured digital subscribers. Along with the release of another VR video, Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart.  The New York Times seems to be on the way of making the best of Virtual reality, thereby providing with a whole new experience. This makes sure that the old genre of storytelling become more engaging and efficient. While bagging the enthusiasm of new generation readers by offering them the mastery of digital world at its best.


Volvo took a giant leap in Virtual Reality when it decided to make an app to support the launch of their XC90 SUV. What best way else to market a product. Volvo definitely seems to know its way around making the best use of Virtual Reality technology in marketing. Now forget the difficulties in finding a car dealership and all the fuss around it. The new app by Volvo takes you on an arcadian cruise through the country. Sounds fun. We could expect the day when anyone can joyride in their favorite exotic car or a supercar or even in a luxurious limousine. That means you could experience the pleasure of being in a stunning Lamborghini or a beautiful Ferrari, staying at your home all because of Virtual reality.

Coca Cola’s Santa’s Virtual Reality Sleigh Ride

Coca-Cola created a virtual reality sleigh ride for Christmas in 2015. With the help of Oculus Rift, thousands of people in Poland were able to be Santa Claus for a day! They could all experience the magic of seeing through Santa’s eyes. Looks like a lot of fun!

Fashionista VR

Virtual Reality technology in marketing fashion took a new turn in 2014 when London Fashion Week offered users an exclusive front-row view of their grand fashion runway show. It used a 360 panoramic video stream. This is considered to be a marvelous achievement for virtual reality and in many ways significant. As it showed the world that VR is not just for gaming.

Things You Could Do to With Virtual Reality Technology in Marketing

1. Improve User Engagement

Improving user engagement involves numerous aspects. As a result of the examples, it is crystal clear that Virtual reality is one of those factors. For instance, using a VR Headset, you can move the image around your head similar to that like in real life. This will give the product more life and also will provide a transition from boring flat screen advertisements into something more engaging and enjoyable at the same time.

2. Brand Google Cardboard for your Audience.

Google Cardboard is the most favored and affordable VR headset. Seems like most brands have already kickstarted to produce their own indigenous cardboards containing their brand logo or emblem. So why can’t you as well? After creating a 360 video, you can triple the brand sense through branded cardboard viewing. As the example of the New York Times depict the far reach of Virtual Reality technology in marketing and its involvement with some of the leading firms today. The cost of cardboards differs as it depends upon the materials used, quality of the order and the colors used. So you could expect a range anywhere between $1  and 10$ per 1,000 pieces.

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3. Turn your package into VR glasses.

You can also construct your own cardboard headset out of your packagings like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola did. Packaging that transforms into VR glasses is something that is gaining quite a good amount of momentum. Other such examples are of the Budweiser who turned a VR headset into the package. And for the NBA playoffs, the company developed a specially branded packaging which was based on VR headset. As a result, their customers obtained both beer and VR headsets to watch VR content at the same time.

For this such projects, it is recommended to hire marketing company or work directly with custom cardboard makers.

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4. Create a VR game.

We have the great example set by Pokemon through their Pokemon Go game. In addition to that, we are approaching 4 billion smartphones and tablet mobile broadband subscriptions this year. So the platform is everywhere.So it is near been a better time to create your very own VR game. Games have been largely used by small and big businesses to support brand and customer engagement. Also, there are branded arcades, where clients can earn points which they can use to redeem discounts. Disney and other such entertainment moguls have launched games related to released cartoons, movies, and popular characters. So creating a game in VR can be a good strategy for your business. It could be anything as simple as an arcade with your branding.

Further Examples

You also have the example of McDonald’s, who launched their very own VR Game  “Slope Stars” – that allows you to have a skiing experience and earn points as well. IKEA has also done something similar. They created an advanced game dedicated to their brand, The IKEA VR experience lets you walk in the Ikea kitchen, where you can open doors, walk around and explore the space. Furthermore, IKEA even added the ability to cook their famous meatballs in the VR kitchen.

Create a VR app

VR apps are also an excellent option to boost your marketing strategy. As from the earlier example of how Volvo is using Virtual Reality technology in marketing its brand to its full potential. Also, they have created a VR experience in auto showrooms, where customers can walk around, look at cars and even take a test drive. Another example is how Sony Pictures released an app where you experience walking on the rope stretched in between Word Trade Center towers. It was done to promote the movie The Walk.

Just like with all VR games or apps, prices may vary depending on your requirements. Search for “VR app development services.”



Any marketing professional out there, it’s time to take the leap of advancement. Because very soon Virtual Reality will be seen as the ultimate marketing tool.

Although the preceding list of campaigns is impressive and revolutionary for the current industry standards, marketers have still only scratched the surface of what virtual and augmented reality can accomplish. Just think of some of the areas it can be applied to space exploration, world history, live music, animation, and more. Now is the future. Now is the time to stay ahead of the curve and start designing your VR or augmented reality marketing campaign.Virtual reality is quickly pairing with digital marketing to become the future of marketing as a whole. Nearly every brand can implement virtual reality in some way to market products and services to consumers.

Make Way for VR!

Augmented and virtual reality is technology that is becoming a significant game changer to the entire societal landscape. Though, initially known for its capabilities in the gaming world, it has made its way into the marketing arena as an integral tool as well. The world has seen how Pokemon GO provided small businesses with opportunities to utilize the augmented reality game for their marketing. But it is not over yet. The world is yet to see the true power and potential of VR in its entire glory in the coming days.

Need help?

Now it is quite clear that the use of Virtual Reality Technology in Marketing can do wonders for any business.  If you think that with the use of Virtual Reality can help you as well, then go for it, I know you will. As it can play a pivotal role for your company. Do you want to build a website for your business or improve your presence on the digital front? Get in touch with the best web design company in Cochin. With over 10 years of experience, a team of devoted members made Dotz Web Technologies LLPa key player in the web development and web design arena. Contact us for more details.

Virtual Reality Technology: The New Marketing Machine
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Virtual Reality Technology: The New Marketing Machine
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  1. […] Augmented and virtual reality is technology that is becoming a significant game changer to the entire societal landscape. Though, initially known for its capabilities in the gaming world, it has made its way into the marketing arena as an integral tool as well. The world has seen how Pokemon GO helped small businesses with opportunities to utilize the augmented reality game for their marketing. But it is not over yet. The world is yet to see the true power and potential of VR in its entire glory in the coming days. […]

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