The Best Web Design Trends 2016

Top 10 web design trends 2016

Top 10 web design trends 2016

Technology is one hell of a fast runner. It skips from one milestone to the other in a rapid pace. Keeping up with that is a hurdle in itself. It requires some keen eyes that glue themselves onto the ever-changing world of technology. The area of web design is no exception to this fashion as hundreds of new techniques are added to it every year. So, all should be aware of the upcoming top 10 web design trends 2016. Some of these will stay, the rest will phase out as an unimportant fad. As we march towards the end of 2016, let us take a look at Top 10 web design trends 2016 that stood out in web design India & world.

Touch- based UI

Top 10 web design trends 2016 touch based ui

As smartphones escalate into tremendous popularity, the complete usage of its touch-screen for browsing through a website is highly welcomed. Though the responsive design has changed mobile browsing for the best, some web developers take it to another level. They introduce touch enabled websites that make complete use of touch gestures. Gestures like swiping, double tapping, pinch zooming etc are widely used. Several plug-ins exist which help in harvesting the touch facility. Examples of these include Photoswipe and Dragend.js. These plug-ins display pictures as if they belong to a smartphone gallery. Here you can pinch to zoom and scroll through the images with a flick. With newer devices introducing technologies like curved screens and pressure touch, it will only be a matter of time before websites take advantage of them as well. This can be marked as the best among the top 10 web design trends 2016.

Videos: Live and the ones that are not

Videos on the internet are no space-age tech. It is something that we all have been seeing for a while. But in the recent years, there had been some advancement. Live videos and short video messages have become increasingly popular in the recent years. With social medias like Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook launching facilities to stream a live video for everyone in the world to see, it became even closer to us. Short video services are exploited by apps like Snapchat and Instagram. YouTube users are inundated with choices if they want DIY videos on any matter that they search for. How-to videos are now the new in-thing. As a result of all these many websites are now employing videos which are related to their products. Watching the actual face behind the website tends to strengthen the trust customers have in the website itself. This can benefit the business that we intend to promote through the site. The videos might include just a welcome, user guides, testimonials etc.

More focus on UX design

Top 10 web design trends 2016 ux

UX design or User Experience design is an integral part of a website’s development. While most of us focus more on the visual aspects of a website or User Interface (UI), UX designers consider the whole picture. UI is just a part of UX and in 2016; it is one among the top web design trends. IN 2016, UX design is getting the credit that it deserves.  With websites like UX Stack Exchange providing us more info on the aspects of UX, it has become easier than ever to learn what UX is. A UX designer is basically a person who tailor makes websites by mixing the business goals of the client and personal interests of a potential user. He takes these into consideration during every step of the process. He gives marketing, customer support, visual aspects, item sorting etc, all a fair share of attention. So instead of just making a website look good, UX is intended to make the whole experience better for a visitor.

Native JavaScript apps

Top 10 web design trends 2016 java

Hybrid apps gained popularity due to its cross-platform usability and cost-effective development. But it still missed out on the fast and fluidic response of a native app. For many those who aspire to a mobile app designer or developer, learning a new language remains a hassle. But as a top trend in 2016, alternate libraries like Native Script are increasingly becoming popular. It uses JavaScript for app development. This enables developers to create cross-platform apps that are almost as fast as native apps. A single code base can be used to launch apps for Android and iOS.

Card styled layouts

Top 10 web design trends touch based card styled layouts

Following Pinterest, websites in 2016 have adopted this top web design trend to organize and display their content in a well-segregated way. This gives designers the option to create minimalistic distinct spaces for each content. The provision to animate or design each of them differently is definitely a plus point. In 2016, many sites have adopted this design. It is a clutter-free way of organizing stuff and if anything comes with no mess, we’ll all agree to it.

Ad-blocks are becoming popular

Here is something negative for the developer end of any website. For most websites, the sole source of revenue is through the advertisements that they display on it. The numbers of users who use advertisement locking plug-ins are on the rise in 2016. Adapting the design to counter this is going on to becoming one top trend in 2016. This challenges the designers to come up with ingenious ways to display ads on their sites. They also come up with methods to work their way around these ad block. All the techniques that they work out are infused into the design of the website. This top web design trend of 2016 must be one among the top few traits that are here to stay. The trend of using ad blocks is expected to only strengthen in the years to come.

The Internet of things (IoT)

The Internet of things (IoT) is one of the fastest growing trends in the web design world. According to Technavio, the Internet of things market is expected to grow by 31.72% in the period of 2015-2019. IoT is a system of systems connected to each other via a central cloud that facilitates sharing of huge amounts of data between these systems. This enables the systems to share data to the central server which then re-routes the received data to another system if it is relevant.  Think of a city with multiple means of public transport. Imagine each of these transport means sharing live time data regarding delays, congestions, accidents or even passenger density to the cloud. This server then analyzes this data to make alternate arrangements. When a passenger searches for an easy route to a place via his/her mobile app, the server then calculates his best option after considering all the live info that it has at that moment. This way the passenger can avoid unexpected delays. This is just an example of where IoT works. The degree of application that it has is vast. And in 2016, it’s a top web design trend that we need to exploit.

Designing in the browser

Another top web design trend in 2016 is the increased usage of browsers itself to design websites. It might sound like an obvious idea but it hasn’t been a top web design trend until 2016. This enables designers to see in real time what their design will look like. Most web designers know to code the front end of browsers (HTML,CSS,JS) thus it is much easier for them. In 2016, most web designers are seen to slowly move away from applications like Photoshop, Illustrator.

Full screen overlays

This is a highly useful feature in mobile websites. It keeps the website away from going to a different page every time you click something. In 2016, this trend is being carried over to the desktop websites as well. When we click on a login/signup link, instead of opening a new page, it opens a full-screen overlay. Many sites have started to adopt it as their design element and it’s one in the top 10 web design trends 2016. This trend is a result of the responsive web designs that have grown to be popular in 2016. This way, they can eliminate the need for designing another screen for the desktop site. So this trend keeps it trendy while keeping the costs low.

Hover animations

Top 10 web design trends 2016 hover animation

Another one among the top 10 web design trends 2016 is the hover animations that many website designers have started to integrate into their designs. This is a special feature that capitalizes on the user’s instinct to hover over a call to action button or icon if he/she doesn’t know what it does. When he/she does that, animations of some kind will pop up with a helpful task up its sleeve. This might include just a helpful message, a sub menu or something else along the same line. The top 10 web design trends 2016 is useful on desktop websites where we use pointing devices like a mouse. In the mobile world, the stylus is also used to initiate the action.

That marks the end of our list of Top 10 web design trends 2016. As the time flies past us, we can witness more drastic changes happening to the tech-world. Till then, the future is just a haze that we can peer through. Dotz Web Technologies is one of a top Web Design Company India which mainly focuses on the modern web design trends of 2016. If you want your websites to stand out from the crowd with modern functionality and user experience then contact Dotz Web Technologies LLP, Cochin, India.



The Best Web Design Trends 2016
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