7 Ways to Improve Banner Ad Design

banner ad design

Important Points to Improve Banner Ad Design

Banner ads are one of the affordable and effective forms of marketing available for the web. It can be a great boost for your marketing campaign. Perfect designed Banner ads have the potential to increase the online traffic substantially. For the most important use of banner ads, certain factors have to be taken care of and banner ad design guidelines have to be applied carefully. Today, let’s take a look at the tips to improve banner ad design so that you can increase the clicks.

1. Ad Placement

The first and the foremost factor to be taken care of is the effective positioning of the ads. Observe the space of the web page on which you are going to post the add and figure out on which position the ad will get the most attention. Before getting into the banner ad design, take the time to study the web page. Observe its colors, how space is divided, where the main content lies and so on. Design the ad using the colors that are in contrast with the colors used on the web page. When placing the ad, make sure you place them close to the main content. This will help in attracting attention onto the banner. Do the banner ad design in a way that suits the website. This will make your banner ad stand out among all other content.

2. Size of the Banner

For effective banner ad design, the banner size has to be used correctly. Different sizes are used for different kinds of ads. Always try to follow standard sizes that are generally accepted. The following image shows the standard IAB ad sizes for various kinds of ads.

banner ad design iab sizes

3. Simplicity

Never forget the fact that your audience will only look at the ad for a small instance of time. The challenge is how to impress people within those few seconds. The banner ad design should be in such a way that the main content or message is clearly emphasized. For this, it’s wise to keep your banner ad simple. This allows the audience to clearly understand the message you are conveying without focusing on unnecessary details. Lots of designers commit the mistake of trying to say it all at once. This tendency leads to adding more text and images on the ad that would eventually confuse the audience. People generally tend to avoid clicking ads that are complex to understand, looks suspicious or manipulative.

You don’t have to give all the details on the ad. Just use minimal text written impressively that would attract a reader into clicking. The link to the concerned page will do the rest. The concern of the designer while doing banner ad design should be concentrated on attracting potential customers.

The following are banner ads used by Adobe. You can see that have designed them in a simple yet attractive manner. Only the essential text is added and they have used catchy images. The ad is elegant and looks authentic. So keep in mind that simplicity is one of the key factors that designers of top companies use.

banner ad design adobe

4. Choice of Colours

The choice of colors is so important in banner ad design. Different colors can induce different emotions in a person. For example, orange can create a feeling of warmth, green- freshness, red- passion and so on. By the same token, each color has a symbolic meaning or an association to a particular culture. For instance, purple symbolizes royalty or luxury. These should be properly studied and applied while doing banner ad design. Keep the target audience in mind and the overall context of the ad. Make sure you choose colors that will induce emotions associated with the message you are conveying. This way, you can influence the audience subconsciously.

https://www.colorpsychology.org is a wonderful website that can help you gain a better perspective about color psychology.

5. Use of Images

Images are very powerful tools for marketing online. You would be familiar with the popular idiom ‘a picture can speak a thousand words’. It’s quite relevant when it comes to banner ads. If the selected image is suitable for the message of your ad, it would do the talking. There is no need to add long texts to convey the idea.

6. Make it Interactive

Interactive ads are more catchy and interesting compared to their static counterparts. Using animation on your ads will certainly help get attention. Although this is a good approach to get attention, the animation should not be of many iterations. This may make the audience irritated or may distract them a lot from using the website. Ultimately, simple and elegant animations are advised for banner ad design.

7. Use of Fonts

Be content with using only two fonts for your banner. Use a bold font for the headline and any other simple and clear font for the rest of the ad. Make sure that the words are readable with a glance. It’s advisable to restrain yourselves from using curvy or fancy fonts that are hard to read.

Final Note

Banner ads have a very crucial role in increasing the traffic to your targeted content. Marketing has gone to a whole new level in the web arena since the use of banner ads. Effective banner ad design plays a crucial role in the results that you get from your online marketing campaign. If your results are down, take the time to access your banner ad design process. Make sure that you are following these design guidelines correctly. Take the time to understand the website on which your ad is going to be placed and apply the above-given tips in the banner ad design process. Following these simple banner ad design tips can make a big change in the results you get.

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7 Ways to Improve Banner Ad Design
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