Steps taken by Web Development Company in Creating a Website

steps to create a website

Steps to Create a Website for Beginner’s 

Every small start-ups or enterprise nowadays require a top web development company to build their ideal website. A lot of process goes into making a website which provides you the best results in terms of client satisfaction or product marketing. Let’s discuss some of the key steps to create a website by the web development company

Step 1: Information gathering

web design company india information gathering

A web development company might ask you a few questions before designing and developing your website. This is for the web development company to better understand your ideas and views in developing your website.

Some of the few questions asked by the web development company are:

  • What is the purpose of your website? – This question will help the web development company in understanding what information you wish to share on your website. Is it to market a product? Is it to promote a service? Etc.
  • What are the goals you wish to accomplish using this website? – This question gives a clear perspective of the web development company whether the website is to spread information or to make money.
  • What is your target audience? – This is probably the most important question to ask on. Target audience gives a much clearer outlook on web design company.

Step 2: Decide a price range

web design company india price range

By establishing the price range, a web development company can lay options which will best match with your website with the price range which will provide you with a better cost-effective service. Therefore, you will have a clear idea of where your money is being spent.

Step 3: Planning

web design company india planning

All great things are accomplished based on crisp clear plans and thus planning is one of the most crucial steps to create a website for a web development company. A web development company can build a plan based on the information gathered from step one.

This is where a company can build a sitemap and decide on what content to be used on your website, what technologies are required, what designs will attract your target audience, etc.

Step 4. Choose the platform

There are 3 major content management systems to choose from and it is the most important among the steps to create a website. In short, they are the WordPress, Joomla and Drupal platforms. It is not hard as rocket science to create a website but careful attention is required to create an effective platform with beautiful graphics and features. Likewise, some platforms require knowledge of coding languages such as HTML, PHP or CSS. Moreover, learning these codes might take months or years because they are always quite tricky to learn its matrix. However, it is not that necessary for you to learn from the scratch because if you choose the right content management system (CMS), then you can have a fruitful start and thrive on the venture of your online business.

Furthermore, the most popular platform for creating a website is “Wordpress Framework” with more than 74 million websites currently depending on its dashboard. However, when it comes to Drupal and Joomla systems, they are both hosting more than 5 million websites worldwide. The below graph illustrates the figure of 10 million websites that use these popular dashboards as their content management system. There you choose one of these platforms to proceed further with the steps to create a website.

steps to create a website platforms

There are many more CMS frameworks but we will just talk about the giant one, which is the WordPress framework. Following are the reasons to choose the WordPress platform to create a website and its platform wins the heart of web developers.

User Friendly

If your first language is not English then, there is a list of 40 additional languages ( where you can apply them on your WordPress dashboard. WordPress team working on behind to upload more languages, so if you won’t see yours on the list, just hang on for a while because major updates will pop up once in a weeks time. One another great thing about WordPress framework, it has more than 29000 plugins and 2000 themes to personalize the website the way you want it to be customized.

Highly Effective

WordPress is a powerful dashboard to maintain any kind of website, as it is the most highly efficient platform that is available on the market.

Mobile Friendly

When you are off to create a website, make sure the one is compatible with mobile devices. Out of 3.75 billion people that use the internet are depending on their mobile phones to go online. When it comes to WordPress, it has everything ready for your with plenty of mobile synchronizing themes as well. &

WordPress stands out others when it comes to website hosting. However, they have two flavors to serve and they are & The websites with domain name “org” is the one that web owners hosting their particular website themselves. Consequently, you will have to do all the work from the scratch including, installing the plug-ins for functionalities. Even though, they will provide all the guidance you may require.

Huge Platform

WordPress can handle from little or huge websites such as NASA. Thus, now you can realize how big it can handle and furthermore notable examples are the following ones. Google Ventures, eBay, CNN,  BBC AMERICA, Sony Music, MTV News, Sweden Official Website, Bata, The Walt Disney Company, Facebook Newsroom, SAP News Centre, Mercedes-Benz and another 74 million websites.

Step 5: Choose domain name & host

When it comes to the steps to create a website, choosing a domain name and hosting service is also an important aspect to create a website. So let’s talk about your website name and the hosting service that it requires owning an attractive platform. You would need both these important factors before set-up a platform on your own or through any professionals. Domain name and the web hosting packages, both simplified below

  • Domain Name: – Web address (
  • Web Hosting: – This means, posting your website onto the internet by self or by professionals.

Domain Name

Sometimes choosing a domain name is harder than setting up a website. The key point is no matter how beautifully you create a website, if it doesn’t have a catchy and unique name with it, then it would harder to get popular. It is one of the main factors of your website, as it is how your online property gets famous and familiar around. There is no doubt that it will be the name which will represent your business in the online market. People will search and find your website with its domain name. Therefore, ensure it is unique, attractive and relevant to your business.

Hosting Package

When it comes to web hosting, you can either get your hands dirty and host your website on your own or approach professional for quality service. This is the platform where you will be performing all your activities online. For example, if you are hosting yourself, you are literally building an office and starting your business without any staff. However, if you are gaining professional web hosting service then it’s like renting an office space with a workforce of more than 10 people. One way or the other, you cannot skip or withstand these two steps to create a website.

Step 6: Designing

Good artistic designs will make your business bloom and your competitors envy. A web development company can determine the look and feel of your website based on the information gathered from above steps. The target audience is of the key factors which will help the company in designing steps to create a website. A website aimed at teenagers or fashion industries will look different from that of an educational or commercial field. Constant follow-ups and communication to exchange ideas are essential during this step as it will help the web development company to design your ideal website. However, there are many considerations for you to design a website by learning the programming languages such as JavaScript or PHP etc. Otherwise, depending on some plugins which can help you tremendously with all these steps to create a website. Likewise, something is always there to help you out to get through, without learning everything from the scratch.


The plugin called WYSIWYGwhich refers to “What You See Is What You Get”. This plugin can help you design your website the way you visualize it on the web platform. Therefore you don’t have to deal with many technical matters to design your website. Some claims that it is pretty much easier to work on with this plugin.


One of the latest open source web editing software which was launched in February 2017. It is one of the most powerful web editors that can handle and transform a basic website to a supreme designed platform with the help of its effective tools. Bluegriffon supports the major operating systems such as the Microsoft Windows, Linux, and MacOS. The JavaScript programmer Mr. Daniel Glazman developed this software in multiple languages.

Microsoft Expression Web

Microsoft offers a fully featured web developing software to create, edit and modify your website. It has been widely used by the experienced designers and developers to generate an attractive website that pulls someone to spend more time on your website. This extraordinary web editor can be helpful and it was once sold in the retail shops when they first launched its prime version which is now available for free. Microsoft provides a full guideline about the software and you can get it and downloaded by accessing through the Microsoft Expression Web Tutorial. Moreover, there you can develop a multifunctional website which can be well assigned with laptop, desktop, tablets and even on the small screens of your mobile phones.


The Dreamweaver web designing software was created by Macromedia in 1997 and Adobe systems acquired this software company for 3.4 billion US dollars 2005. That explains how huge they are and their quality of services. Dreamweaver contains most of the similar features which you get on the windows expression web. However, it supports only the MacOS and Windows operating systems. Tutorials to learn about this software are available on the and it explains all the foundations of theoretical and practical explanations to help you design and maintain an extraordinary website.

Step 7: Development

The fifth steps to create a website is the development process. The positive impression of a website is based on its beautiful layouts and quality contents. That is the main reason why development process is one of the most important factors when it comes to creating a website.

Since it requires valid coding to work on smooth in the web platform, there you will need to write in HTML or CSS programming languages to match its basic standard. There you can enable the functions which you were looking forward to having on your website. Initially, they build a home page with a shell that helps the visitor to get over to the interior web pages. It is the main navigator of your website to lead people into different contents such as your products, services, blogs and contact pages. Here is where they develop the carting system for e-commerce websites.

Soon after the developers complete their developing task of your website, programmers will let you examine the web pages that they have created with your contents. Thereby, once you have done the inspection, you can make further suggestions based on your review of the functionalities and layout designs of your website. Once you finalized the development process, the next step will be the testing task of your website.

Step 8: Testing

We are on the final steps to create a website once the developing and designing tasks which have been completed. Here comes the testing task for your website to ensure that it works properly on several web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and on the Internet Explorer as well. However, we are all aware that these web browsers get frequent updates for their features and it is your responsibility to ensure that the website you have created will work with all these updates. Therefore you must follow up on your website syntaxes to make sure that there is not even a single error on your website programming languages such as HTML or CSS. If you find an error it could be harder to fix the problem without the prior technical knowledge about these programming languages. Because you might not be sure how huge the problem is and what you need to do to fix them. Despite the fact, you can depend on some technical validating tools such as HTML Tidy, which can showcase the errors and sometimes even it might be able to fix the issues. There you will get a professional hand on your website to smoothen your website to work properly for the days and years to come.

Step 9: Maintenance

This is an important step to repeat customers, improve client service, or to stay fresh in the market. It will offer you constant updates and new contents to ensure that your website functions efficiently and in keeping with the market.

When it comes to the steps to create a website, all these major subjects are primarily important. There several types of websites such as editable and noneditable websites, dynamic and e-commerce website and there you will be following the similar method which you have learned from this article.

Moreover, if you feel like you need a professional touch for your website development process, we can help you get the job done in an affordable manner. Therefore feel free to contact our team of skilled professionals at Dotz Web Technologies, one of the top Web development company in Kerala India. We offer high-quality service in Web Design and Development, SEO and Content Writing, Web Hosting, App Development etc. We are one of the top Web Design Company.

Steps taken by Web Development Company in Creating a Website
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Steps taken by Web Development Company in Creating a Website
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