Social Media Trends in 2017

social media trends in 2017

Social Media Trends in 2017:  Be Prepared To Be Mindblown!

The year is coming to an end. We have seen a lot of new and innovative advancements in Social Media Trends in 2016. The potential of social enterprises keeps on booming and expanding year by year. Hence, by observing the trends and benchmarks set by the industry, we could have a small clue about the path that may take over by Social Media trends in 2017. So, now let us take a forward look at the year ahead onto what new surprises the Social Media has up its sleeves.


What Will Style the Nucleus of Social Media Trends in 2017?


From Live video Streaming to Augmented/Virtual Reality

Live Video


social media trends in 2017


Live video streaming on social media platforms had gained a top priority among the pioneers of social media this year. 2016 has been the year of development, implementation, and experimentation of such features. The launch of Facebook Live which allows users to instantly stream live to their friends and followers and interact with viewers in real time became very popular. Also, platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram have released video capture and live streaming products.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality is technology that is becoming a significant game changer to the entire societal landscape. Though, initially known for its capabilities in the gaming world, it has made its way into the marketing arena as an integral tool as well. The world has seen how Pokemon GO helped small businesses with opportunities to utilize the augmented reality game for their marketing. But it is not over yet. The world is yet to see the true power and potential of VR in its entire glory in the coming days.


social media trends in 2017


YouTube is the most popular video service in the world. In the near future, YouTube will advance into becoming the ultimate entertainment platform. Also, YouTube’s evolution into the world’s largest catalog of virtual reality content will create a space where games will align perfectly alongside shows and music in YouTube’s entertainment mix. As of now, millions of people make use of YouTube already. And it is more likely to increase with the growing digital world in 2017.

These are some of the aspects of social media that have been ruling over the empire and social media trends in 2017, we could expect an even more aggressive take on them by the digital forerunners.

Social messaging

Social messaging is gaining huge popularity among the people. Rather than engaging with social networks, a wide number of people rely on messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, QQ Chat and WeChat. These four messaging apps alone constitute more users than the top four users of social networks. Some of them have become so popular that, in February 2016 WhatsApp announced it hit the 1 billion user mark.

As a result, companies have started to consider social messaging more seriously. They are now formulating strategies to make the best use of the rising trend in app messaging. As in November 2016, Facebook announced that by paying an amount, advertisers can highlight their brand in users’ News Feeds. In 2017 such efforts will be carried out which will transfer the focus from social networks to social message applications. Companies will be able to consider this as another e-commerce alternative.


Artificial intelligence

The use of Artificial intelligence in social networks is fundamentally considered as a way to sort through large clusters of user-generated information. For social media, AI can help with anything from personalized product suggestions based on preceding engagements, to deep analysis, to image and voice and even face recognition. 800 million users are estimated to log in each day. As a result, enormous amounts of data are produced. Hence, cutting-edge deep learning technology is the perfect way for the network to utilize that information work in users’ benefit. As a result,  investment in AI is expected to triple in 2017. The urge for people to communicate directly to machines is set to reformate social media trends in 2017 and the way they communicate with their customers.

Therefore, in 2017 there is every possibility for live video to be in the mainstream. Not just from the early adopters, but also as a means of much wider mass market use. Furthermore, there is a whole range of things one could put the best use of live video streaming in areas like brand marketing as well.  Combining creativeness and innovation backed by the power of such new social media features is smart. It could not only make your product modern but also will provide your business more accessibility and user engagement.


New Spheres of Communication Will Emerge.

Social media was implemented as a way for individual people to communicate online at the earlier stage. Later on, brands started to evolve with social media. As a result, social media became a way for brands to speak to and advertise to consumers. Gradually, social media trends in 2017 will evolve in new communicative areas. Trying to blend in towards the new possibilities, some platforms are focussing on customer service.Thus increasing the significance and correlativity of commutation between brands and its consumers. Others, like Google and Facebook, are exploring into the making of a more professional medium. More and more brands are now beginning to realize the potential of social media. So it is only a matter of time that many new practices and trends will emerge as the subset of social media advancements.


The Age Of SmartPhones

The smartphone industry has very much gained momentum within the last five years. Its importance has increased every year, and this year is no different. With new innovations and technology paving way for a pro mobile world. The wide accessibility of smartphones and easy availability made them popular everywhere. In addition to that, the traffic over mobile has surpassed desktop on the web this year. Meanwhile, Google is working on a new, mobile-first web index. These developments mean that it is more necessary than ever to make the mobile experience as phenomenal as possible. In short, that means putting mobile first, rather than just vaguely optimizing for mobile.

So that’s your social media trends in 2017. Can we all consent to not dig this up in a year’s time to find out how right or wrong I was? Certainly, a lot can happen in twelve months.

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Social Media Trends in 2017
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