Link Building Techniques – The Beginner’s Guide

link building techniques

Link Building Techniques

Search Engine Optimization too can be colorless, especially when you don’t know how to make your website list in the top of Search Engine Result Page. Here comes the advantage of differentiable knowledge in on-page and off page optimization practices. Do you think off-page SEO is equally important as on-page? Of course, your answer must be yes. Off-page optimization refers as optimizing the website externally in order to get a high search engine rank. Thus it brings out more exposure for your company. Link building is the prior one among the off page optimization practices. Let’s have a detailed look on link building techniques.

According to Brian Dean’s Google ranking factor, the number of internal links to a page indicates its importance relative to other pages on the site. Link building techniques are the best one among the off page optimization practices which can drive the visitors. If you like to be a competitor in the search engine ranking you must follow link building techniques. Who isn’t interested in search engine traffic? A good quality content and link building improve the site visibility. Although Penguin updations are a threat to link, quality links are always rewarded.

The best link building techniques are:

1. Reciprocal Linking

link building techniques


Reciprocal links are links between two websites to link each other like an agreement link. You may have heard this as link swaps or link exchanges as it is clear from the definition why called so. To be clearer there happens a mutual relation between websites.  But always keep in mind you should not go for a bad quality link relationship. Link schemes mention that reciprocal link building in excess leads your website rank invisible. Always check the website credibility before you agree to the link exchange. As a suggestion, you can check the website rank and authority in SEOChat‘s PageRank.

2. Guest Posting and Blogging

This is another best method for getting quality backlinks to your website. We never do something without having an eye of profit likewise, do guest posting based on your focused keywords so that you get good backlinks. The term guest posting refers to writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog. Thus you can get backlinks as well as a good relationship with other bloggers. Through my research, I found writing a post on other’s blog is five times valuable as writing one on our site. The best suggested guest blogging sites are HubSpot, Outbrain, Copyblogger, Kissmetrics etc. A blog is the most powerful tool to communicate on your updates as well as to create backlinks. Fresh unique and keyword focused content can beat any other link building tools. Try out!

3. Directory Submission

Most of them will be familiar with this method, as it is one of the best one to get backlinks. Here, we submit our site to another site based on the category. This can be both paid as well as free. You should be careful while doing this or else it will be considered under spam activity. Select a directory and check for the site’s SEO features before submitting your details to site.

4. Forum Commenting

The forum is a community where people can ask queries on their doubts and also share knowledge to others on related topics. Of course, it is a great thing to help others in their doubts by forum posting. In spite of this, you can get a number of backlinks too. Though it is short it is an effective method to get quality backlinks. Always keep in mind to avoid direct promotion of your website in between commenting.

5. Social Bookmarks

The easy and effective method of attaining quality backlinks. Once you bookmark your pages you can read it anytime anywhere. It becomes really helpful if your system gets crashed or formatted. The bookmarked pages are considered as the path of quality backlinks in the eye of SEO. Some examples of bookmarking sites are Digg, Delicious, You mob etc.

6. Competitor’s Backlinks

Have a research on competitor’s backlinks and you might be wondered seeing the result. If they achieved quality backlinks then why can’t you? Check the common backlinks and if you find them in a big range categorize it based on any specific criteria that can be beneficial to your website. Always go beyond the link’s that is indexed in Google. Steal your competitor’s backlinks and boost your website rank.

7. Recover Dead Backlinks

When you do your site’s analysis you might have seen like no broken links found or the number of broken links. This can happen because of the webpage’s location change as well as the misspelling of your link by any other webmaster. On both these situation’s 404 error can take place. Here comes the importance of redirection.

The latest Google’s Penguin update is designed in such a way to catch the spammy activities very easily. Those sites that are caught will be penalized. Link building help SEO but always get rid of bad links from fewer credibility sites. We at Dotz Web Technologies provides you the best SEO services in Cochin, Kerala, India. In spite of SEO, we are experienced in all facets of a website like web design, web development, mobile app development and so on. We assure you the better ranking of your site in the search engine result page. If you like to hire the best SEO company in Cochin then contact us anytime in your needs.

Link Building Techniques - The Beginner's Guide
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Link Building Techniques - The Beginner's Guide
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