How to Implement Rich Snippets to Optimize your SEO?

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Rich Snippets SEO: Google’s Featured Snippet Box

The Internet is one of the most important inventions that helped other industries and communities to perform the unimaginable things that were once a dream for our previous generations. In brief, the world’s topmost website Google manages well over 3.5 billion search requests on a daily basis. So, there we have no doubts about its strength and the team behind the screen is always trying to make it better on every update. Sometimes, Google updates are not visible on its SERP (Search Engine Result Page) but their structured data rich snippets clearly illustrate its benefit.

Google’s structured data system helps to scan relevant contents from your website to showcase them on its meta tags. In 2011, major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex have launched their joint initiative to set up a structured data plugin to enable it on their HTML programs. These search giants have added structured data to generate the so-called “Rich Snippets” which helps to bring out the best relevant information from websites. So let’s discuss more rich snippets SEO and its benefits.

Rich Snippets

When we search on Google, it results page shows up with the rich and normal snippets on the result page. Normal snippets contents look similar to this picture below.

rich snippets normal view

They are categorized into three different levels. The subject on top with the blue color is the Title, its website link is available on the green layer and there can you see the content on those 2 baselines. However, Rich snippets are quite different and more relevant for delivering better contents. See the sample below

rich snippets view

These 2 pictures illustrate the major difference between the rich snippets and normal snippets. There are more quality contents available on the rich snippet, which is the best part to increase website traffic. People can be attracted to the rich snippets because of its relevant picture, ratings and even provides estimated time figure to reach its destination. Now you can think for yourself, why these rich snippets are so important to drive more traffic to your website.

Rich Snippets for SEO

The reason why they named it “Rich Snippets” is because it looks more attractive than any other snippets on the search result page. They have relevant information within its tagline to attract someone to visit your website. That is the main reason why programmers are integrating this plugin on their dashboards and rich snippets are getting thousands of downloads on a daily basis. The ratings on rich snippets are defining other people reviews and 5 stars are all you needed to check into their website. The rich snippets are getting higher click-through rates than other websites with the normal snippets.

Moreover, when your website receives higher click-through rates, it gives you better hikes on your revenue as well. We are already aware that Google’s algorithm is pretty much sensitive to detect any keywords on your website. Therefore, when your website gets more inward traffic through these rich snippets, Google algorithm will identify and priorities your website over the others and that hikes it’s ranking on the search result page. When your rankings get higher that means your website and its content is going be get highlighted on its result page just like the sample below,

rich snippets higher rank view

There is another example for an organizational markup, which is another type of rich snippet. This time, rich snippets highlight such a company name with its contact information, working hours, ratings and an estimated location to figure out its destination. See the sample picture below,

rich snippets organizational markup


When rich snippets showcase you the upmost relevant contents on an organizational markup, which is all you needed to find the hub you were searching. Moreover, there is only a minor chance that you will spend more time to search for the same content again and again. Likewise, there are millions of people using Google to search for particular subjects in every minute. However, most of them will close a website due to the lack of relevant contents and move on to the other one. All that happens in less than a minute, therefore you must consider using rich snippets plugin for your website. Above all, no matter what plugins you use, most important fact is the content on your website. So, make sure that you have got everything it takes to fancy someone to engage more time in your website.

Rich Snippets & Schema Markup

Rich snippets are described as the structured data markup which helps the search engines to understand the contents of your website. Schema markup is the code programming language of rich snippets. Its coding system is very much sensitive to the search engine’s algorithm which has a direct impact on your website rankings. When your website receives better rankings, you get more visitors which raise the revenue for your website. On the other hand, it helps you to reach the people that you were trying to reach the first place.

The schema defines a certain graded set of content types such as videos, books, news articles etc.

Markup defines to a certain graded code of meta datas which defines to those content types.

Did you ever think about how these search engines are providing relevant details to our query in just matter of a second? Well, there are three major steps behind and they are Crawling, Indexing & Retrieval. When your website languages are integrated with schema markups, it helps the search engine to understand your contents productively.

Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing & Yandex joined together to create an organization called, with an intention to standardize the schema markup. This organization maintains a list of complete content types, subtypes & their codes to apply on your websites. Whenever these giants develop a new set of schema markups, they add them to the list. Back in 2015, there was a survey conducted on around 200 million websites to find out how many of them are currently integrated these rich snippets. They figured out only 20% of them were using it though.

In summary, if you have followed me from the beginning of this article, you must have understood the importance of integrating these rich snippets on your website. If you or any you know maintain a website, then suggest them to consider applying those codes to get popularized and gain better revenue.  Wherefore it’s better to leave the integrating part to the developers as it cannot be applied without relevant technical knowledge.  Here is an example of a news article’s schema markup coding language…

rich snippets markup coding language

If your website is created in a WordPress dashboard, there is a plugin called Schema Plugin to help you on your websites technical side.

Rich Snippets & Categories

There are so many types of rich snippets are there but let’s talk about 10 of them for now.

1. People

People rich snippets are pretty much information about their biographies and history. The sample picture below showcase one of the most popular Hollywood actor “Tom Cruise”, there you can see his age, height, upcoming movie, and quotes etc.

rich snippets people

2. Local Business

We have all searched for businesses and organization in the Google web. If the organization we search for uses the rich snippets, this would be the result we get when it’s on the search result page. The sample picture showcases their working hours, contact number with the address to reach etc.

rich snippets local business

3. Videos

Video snippets have different formats, some have the details of its publishers and some have got even the lyrics. See the sample rich snippets here which you can see the song’s lyrics, an artist with his featured artists, generous type and published year etc.

rich snippets videos

4. Music

Here you can see the music snippet with some details of its co-artists, ratings, and others. It is pretty much enough to attract someone to visit their web page through these rich snippets. See the sample below

rich snippets music

5. News Articles

Fstoppers is a photography community who maintain a good relationship with their fellow subscribers. Marketing professionals often recommend their companies to publish related articles to their services. If their website has implemented the rich snippets, this would be the result you get to see their news article.

rich snippets news articles

6. Products

There must be a hundred thousand search requests for products in Google every single day and the rich snippets play its role pretty well. On the sample picture below, you can see the product price range and a couple of reviews. Don’t you think that would be enough for someone to be attracted?

rich snippets products

7. Software    

The software rich snippets are pretty much informative too. It looks much more similar to the product rich snippets. There you can see its cost, reviews and rating ratios are enough to be attracted by browsers. See the sample picture below

rich snippets software

8. Events

Events are one of the most searched topics on Google whereas the event rich snippets bring down the popular upcoming events with their venue details. See the sample shot below.

rich snippets events

9. Recipes

We love foods and different cuisines, sometimes we try to prepare some new dishes on our free times and when you search for its recipes, rich snippets bring you the most rated website for its effective recipe details. The sample screenshot below, showcasing the voting ratio and visitors rating figure of 4.9 with the total preparation time of around 35 minutes.

rich snippets recipes

10. Vehicle

Finally, we are on the vehicle snippet where it gives us pretty much detailed information of its price range, colors available and the top speed with mileage details. Normal snippets won’t even have a word about these details and the sample picture below knocks you for a click on that link and find more about it.

rich snippets vehicle

Rich Snippets & Simple Answers

Once you have gone through all those rich snippets categories, you must have got a clear picture of what it is all about. Google is always trying to improve the search experience and rich snippets are the most productive plugin for you to effectively market your business services. When it comes to the search result, Google and other search engines are trying to produce simple answers on their search result pages itself. Therefore, browsers can get what they’ve been searching for in a matter of seconds and that helps them to avoid wandering all those websites in the search result page. The online marketers won’t be happy though. However, they can create some attractive and simple contents on their rich snippets integrated website to deliver the most advanced searching experience for viewers.

We all love sweets and most of us won’t miss a chance to have some. However, it can cause us several health damages such as the weight gains and diabetes. There are roughly around 415 million people are living with diabetes and the figure is rising day by day. Medical officers normally suggest consuming lemon teas on a daily basis. It has multiple health benefits over the rich lemon flavor. So when you search its recipe or making process, Google brings the most relevant answer from a website that integrated those rich snippets.  See the sample picture below.

rich snippets google preview

When you search for the preparation of lemon tea on Google, a website called has appeared on the top with a simple form of answer explaining the process of its preparation.  So there you won’t have to think twice because the answer you were looking for is already there on the Google search result page highlighted in a cube box. This might not be the major search topics but still got some higher volumes to be showcased in this article.

It is just an example with a simple answer for you to understand that Google is trying on every loophole to bring out the most helpful search experience ever. Every website requires some creative strategical methods to survive in this internet era.

Rich Snippets & Google Map

If you own a small business in your hometown, then you must get your business name on Google maps because it helps people to find the accurate spot of business premises. Google has more than 2 billion monthly active users and 1 billion of them make use of Google maps every month. Usually, people use Google maps to find business premises in their locality. It can be useful to find the distances in between various cities and towns.

When it comes to market your business effectively, you must consider getting yourself popularized in your locality. Local SEO services can be very helpful to accomplish digital marketing tactics. The advantage of placing your business name on Google maps will only get your business closer to success. For example, if someone searches for a tattoo shop in Auckland, Google maps provide its most productive search result with those 3 most popular tattoo shops in Auckland. See their Google map screenshot below

rich snippets google map

Those three shops are going to get customers without any worry. Because when someone searches for a tattoo shop in this city, they are going to find the results with their most accurate contact details and working hours. Imagine how many people might be searching for the same subject.  Imagine if you have a tattoo shop in the same city, wouldn’t you consider placing your business details on the Google maps list. Yes, you would.

Therefore, make sure you add your business services on your local directories to get popularized in your locality. Rich snippets and schema markups are all there to help you grow your businesses, and here comes the Google map which is also a vital marketing strategy to reach your success.


Finally, we are about to conclude this topic and I hope you have learned what exactly is the Structured Data & Rich Snippets. From now on, make sure that you pay a closer attention to Google’s search result page to figure out the elements that change when they constantly update their service qualities.  Make sure your contents are more attractive than others to get yourself on top over the others. There you can depend on the rich snippets plugin to do the technical jobs. So when you provide most relevant information, your readers are going to notice your link every time they search for similar contents.

Get the Rich snippets on your website dashboard, do some tweaks on your coding programs. Make sure to comment below if you have any doubts regarding this topic. Tech savvies at Dotz Web Technologies are always happy to help you out. Dotz Web Technologies is one of the best SEO company in Kochi Kerala India. We offer high-quality service in Web Design and Development, SEO and Content Writing, Web Hosting, App Development etc. We are one of the top Web Design Company in India.

How to Implement Rich Snippets to Optimize your SEO?
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