8 Steps to Reduce Your Website Loading Time

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Tips to Improve your Website Loading Time

We have around 125 million business enterprises in the world right now, and almost 80% of them are depending on the internet to survive. Moreover, most of them don’t even maintain a website. The internet has revolutionized our lives, relationships, communication and its impact can be felt in everything that we do in our daily life. If your businesses maintain a website, it will make a huge impact on the revenue as you will get more inquiries from the traffic on your website. As you all know that ‘ the first impression is the best impression’, make sure to prepare your website with full of graphic contents that can attract more customers to your business. However, slower website loading time is a big failure for the online industries as the Google analytics suggested that people will abandon your website if it won’t load in 3 seconds time. Faster websites will load in just between 3-5 seconds and the slower ones take around 15-19 seconds.

Website loading time really matters and one-second delay leads to cost a lot. Thus, roughly around 12% fewer page views, 20% customers are dissatisfied & around 8% loss in the conversion rate. These figures are not just estimated because Amazon found this to be true. Amazon reported that their revenue has increased by 1% when they decreased their website loading time by just 1 second. One of the world’s famous retail group, Walmart reported the same as their revenue has increased by 2% when they have improved their website loading time by just 1 second. Almost 45% of people suggested that they will close a website if it won’t load in just 3 seconds of time and 58% of online shoppers claim that a website’s loyalty is depending on its loading time. So, let’s check how to reduce the website loading time which matters the most at the end of the day. Have a read through these 8 important elements to decrease your website loading time effectively.

1. Reduce Components

A website is a platform with plenty of components such as scripts, flashes, images etc. Hypertexts are requesting on each element to showcase the web page that you see on the screen. Therefore, restructure your website by simplifying the number of elements on your backend to improve the website performance.

2. Application Monitoring

When you maintain a website, you must focus on its responsiveness and act accordingly. There is an intelligent web application monitoring tool which can bring out the proactive performance on your website. Once you have implemented this tool on your website, it helps to reduce your website loading time precisely to around 2 milliseconds.

3. Lighter Coding

Code optimization is quite important to reduce your website loading time. Therefore, try to compress your programming languages such as HTML, CSS & JavaScript. When a website has 10 or more JavaScript files, its HTTP has to request the same amount of times to render them perfect for our displays. Therefore, reorganize the number of files to simplify the streamline.

4. Caches

As you already know that, caches are the short term storage place on the server which is inaccessible or hidden. When a person visits your website for the first time, his browser downloads around 30 components (JavaScript files, Images, Stylesheets, HTML etc.) from your website in the loading seconds, before displaying the final layout. Hence, some of these components are being saved on the visitor’s hard drive cache. So the next time he comes back on your web page, the hypertexts (HTTP) won’t have to send a request to the server for the saved components which then subsequently boost up your website loading time. Enable your browser cache and set it’s expiring date to a week, a month or up to a year which is the maximum time limit.

5. Image Optimization

Images are one of the most important components on your website. The pictures on your website must optimize to reduce the website loading time. Their ‘sizes, formats and src attributes’ are all matters when it comes to the image optimization. Make sure you crop the images appropriately and reduce the color depth to the lowest without losing its attraction. Preferable formats for images are the JPEG & PNG but try not to use BMP or TIFF format images on your website. The last part is the attributes where you must ensure the image coding is on the right tag. The WordPress plugin called WP Smush.itcan be very helpful to optimize the images without sacrificing its qualities.

6. Compression

Software called Gzip can help you get your contents compressed right before it displays on the website. Yahoo claims that compression tool Gzip helped to reduce the web pages load time by around 70%. The major web browsers have enabled the Gzip plugin and almost all the internet traffics are passing through these browsers. It’s one of the most productive software to boost up your website loading time.

7. Home Page

Home and landing web pages are the ones that you see when you visit a website for the first time. When you decide to boost up your website loading time, consider the ‘top fold web pages’ first because that’s what it comes up on the screen when you go into a website. Websites are built with a single CSS stylesheet and there you must consider splitting those parts and add on the second part which is ‘Inline CSS’ that helps to boost up your website’s “Above the Fold”.

8. Less Plugins

Everyone tries to make such a responsive website with relevant advanced features. Often they apply the severe amount of plugins to make it more sensible. However, this mode of the act can only increase instead of decreasing the website loading time. Go to your website server and try to deactivate such a plugins that cause delays in a website loading time and make use of multiple task plugins to boost it up


Website traffic is vital for any businesses and all should try something to speed up their website to compete with others. However, you might require some help from a developer who can precisely make it accurate. Moreover, if you are tech savvy, share your tips with us in the comment section below.

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8 Steps to Reduce Your Website Loading Time
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8 Steps to Reduce Your Website Loading Time
Let's have a look at the tips to reduce the website loading time.
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