How to Run a Successful Facebook PPC Campaign?

how to setup facebook campaign

The World of Internet

We are now living in a digital planet where we are surviving through the so-called network of networks “The Internet”. The first ever internet communication message was “Login” transferred between two computers in 1969. The Internet has a big role in the venture of any businesses to reach where they are aiming to reach. Therefore, you need to generate and compel more marketing tactics to showcase amazing revenue at the end of the month. Moreover, studies claim that more than 80% of world businesses are depending on the internet and its technologies. When someone starts a new business the first thing is that how do you spread the word to the right people. The Internet lets us reach out to millions of natives and that can lead you to the billions from around the world. So how do you do it! Steps to create a website for your business is very important to survive in this era of digital planet.

Why Social Media?

The most popular and widely used social networking platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest etc. It is very important to maintain a business profile on these platforms to share your stories, and product information on the native people to sustain the competitive edge. Social Media helps you to understand your customer and you can formulate marketing tactics based on the stories that they share on these platforms. There are so many benefits you can gain through the online advertisements. They are very effective and help you gain a long-term strategy. Businesses use the local SEO service method to have a fruitful online presence in their native locality. There are plenty of marketing opportunities on Facebook which you can get a long-term benefit from your business accounts.

Facebook Campaign: Step-by-Step Guide

Once you have understood the fundamental benefits of Facebook marketing and its advertising benefits, it can help you save a lot of money and time. Let’s see how to increase traffic on website mainly through Facebook, and that help you not miss any leads generated from your online presence. There are millions of businesses taking advantage of the Facebook platform to advertise and generate leads from 2 billion people that maintains a Facebook account. Well, the number is growing because almost 5 new accounts are being created on a single second. However, Zephoria shares a thought that the Facebook contains around 83 million fake accounts too.

PPC Campaigns

Marketing techniques are always evolving and internet advertising has a new way of getting more leads from online marketing tactics and it’s called PPC is also known as CPC. PPC refers to pay-per-click and CPC described as the cost-per-click, both have the same purpose to generate the inbound traffic for your website.

PPC campaign means

“When you make an advertisement and publish it on your website and social media platforms, it will eventually attract more people to visit your product or services. Magazine and Newsletter website owners make money through implementing third-party advertisements on their website and when a visitor clicks on that ad, it will direct them to the third party website. Once that done, the third party website will pay the magazine website or any publishing website from a fixed price system”.

Search giants like Google and Yahoo developed and implemented the system of pay per click campaigns and that encouraged Microsoft to launch their own search engine which is called officially as Bing nowadays. These search techs are using these PPC tactics to make revenue for themselves and attract corporates to advertise with them, in return, they get more benefits of new leads that have been generated by these campaigns. Studies claim that Google made their 96% of revenues from AdWords and PPC campaigns back in 2011. Social Medias are always looking for more opportunities to market and generate more income and they have adopted the same method to their advertising models. In fact, Facebook & Twitter are the most popular platforms that win the hearts of corporates around the world because they happen to bring more effective results.

If you are in doubt about where do you start your online marketing? Don’t look further and start creating attractive advertisements with the Facebook campaign. The following chart is a big example to confirm that Facebook is dominating the social networking platforms.

facebook campaign ppc campaign

Courtesy; SmartInsights

If you have gone through the 20 benefits of Facebook marketing blog, then you are already aware how Facebook helps you to market your products so effectively. The Facebook campaign helps you to determine your target audience to implement your advertisement with their most effective PPC campaigns. The reason behind the effectiveness of the Facebook campaign is the “Targeting Section” of its adword forms and that’s what it makes your investment worth. Facebook campaign forms can give you all the guidelines, especially in their “Design Your Ad Portion” which explains the basic methods of how you can set up your advertisement.

Steps of Facebook Campaign

There are 6 important aspects of a Facebook campaign which you have to follow them through to create and run an effective PPC campaign.

  1. Advertisement Subject
  2. Targeting Audience
  3. Placement
  4. Budget
  5. Create Advertisement
  6. Placing
  7. Publishing

1. Advertisement Subject

This element of Facebook campaign describes the action that a person takes when they click on your advertisement. There are three important levels and they are “campaign, advert set & advert”. The first level of the Facebook campaign is the one that you choose as the basis of your advertisement. The campaign level helps you to choose your objectives whereas the Facebook campaign is the only online marketing source that provides multiple objective targets.

  • Product launching, Brand Awareness, New Leads, Installation of Mobile Application etc.

The subject of any advertisement is the prime content in the online marketing. If you make an advertisement that has no relevant content and information, you are just wasting your money using ineffective marketing methods. Therefore, you must spend more time on deciding on the advertisement object which attracts a stranger to become your customer. When you open the first stage of the Facebook ad campaign, there will be three categories and they are Awareness, Consideration & Conversation. The following image explains the objective category.

facebook campaign advertisement object

One of the topmost consideration objects is the Engagement tool which helps you get more likes on your business page. Hence, it is important to get more page likes for your business profile, because when a visitor goes into your business profile and finds out a huge volume of subscribers, then that means you are likely to get one more like from that visitor. The below picture showcase what it would look like when you click on the engagement option.

facebook campaign engagement

Once the engagement page comes up, there you can see the campaign name as Engagement. There you can improve the campaign name with any relevant details. For example, if your company name is “Elliot Fashion Store” then you can alter the campaign name as “Elliot’s Engagement”. Once the alteration has been done, you can click on the “Create Ad Account” option to move to the next stage. The next page looks just like the one below

facebook campaign account

Here you can choose the country where your business is located and its currency as well as the time zone. Once that done, click on the continue option to complete the task.

2. Targeting Audience

Targeting audience is on the Advert Set level and you choose the Audience option from the list. See the picture below;

facebook campaign targeting audience

Targeting is one of the major parts of the Facebook ad campaign and it is the trickiest among others. As the name suggests, targeting audience is about finalizing the number of people, their location, gender differences and their languages. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right number of audience to carefully complete the task. Targeting audience can be defined in three different way and they are “Target, Demographics, and Interest”. It can be helpful to target the people who have not done any business deals with your company.

Here comes the part where you will have to fill the details of you audience location, gender, age, and language.

facebook campaign audience details

Companies will always go specifically when they choose their audience. Targeting section will help you choose from hundreds of behaviors, demographics, and interest etc. See the sample below

facebook campaign targeting

When you are a business owner, the main aspect of your company depends on its marketing session. As you are already aware, marketing is the vital key for any business to survive in this competitive world. Therefore, we will choose the marketing option from the browsing task of detailed targeting. Thus, you choose the “Interests” option – then “Business & Industry” – finally the “Marketing”.

facebook campaign detailed targeting

The next step is choosing the “Connections” which you can see just under the “Detailed Targeting” option and there you can choose the connection types. There you select the connection type based upon the people who like your Facebook page & the friends of your current audience. You can choose many as you want but be specific about it, once you are done then save this targeting audience task.

3. Placement

There you will get two placement options to showcase advertisement to the right people which is your future potential customers. The options you get are the “Automatic Placements” and “Edit Placements”. Furthermore, if you haven’t used the Facebook campaign before then it is highly recommended to go with the “Automatic Placements”. Once you have completed this Facebook campaign process, wait for the results of your PPC revenue based on your marketing content. Thereafter, once you start making revenues but not happy with the result, you can always come back here and change the placement option to “Edit Placements” where you can do the placements yourself. However, be sure to develop your advertisement very attractive to the relevant customers. See the sample picture below.
facebook campaign placement

4. Budget

The budget has two options to serve and they are the “Daily Budget” and “Lifetime Budget”.

Daily Budget: – You may choose this option to run your advertisement consistently on Facebook all over the day. The minimum you spend on your PPC campaign must be 1 US dollar and no matter if you spend 2, 5 or 10 US dollars, it must be at least 2x of you concerned CPC.

Lifetime Budget: – This option is best for a long run. Sometimes, it can be necessary to run an advertisement on the Facebook campaign for a longer period.

Digital marketers suggest that it is better to start with the lowest spend on the daily budget option. This will help you understand how this all works and based on the result you can decide to increase your marketing spending budget and the length of its advertisement on the Facebook campaign. However, if you are already aware of running marketing campaigns online, then go for the long-term run. It is done with a bigger budget so that you can gain more CPC and spread the word of your business. Otherwise, start with the lower and go for the big one in the near future.

Moreover, you will have an option to run your advertisement between certain periods of time. On the schedule option, there you can choose the “Set a Start & End Date” where it helps you to choose the dates and time that you want to run in between. This can be helpful when you market in the festive seasons. Every country has their own cultures and some parts have their own unique festivals. Therefore, you can create an attractive advertisement with a content of greetings for their festivals. Assure a discount offer to attract more people towards your product. See the example of schedule advertisement below,
facebook campaign budget

5. Create Advertisement

The second last stage of PPC Facebook campaign is the creation of advertisement itself. It will have two choices for you, known as “Existing Post” & “Create New Ad”. The existing post explains about the previous adworks that you have done in the Facebook ad campaign. If you want to rerun that previous advertisement, choose the existing post and publish it again. Meanwhile, if are you doing it for the first time, then choose to create new ad option and proceed further. The page you would be visualizing at the first is shown below.
facebook campaign create ad

There you can choose to go with a video or image format to showcase your Facebook campaign. Below this section, you can see the “Images” with its specification ratio that is based on Facebook recommendations. See the sample here

facebook campaign image upload

Either you can select a picture from your computer or from the Facebook image library. It is officially called “Facebook Free Stock Images” which has thousands of professionally photographed pictures. These are high-quality resolution ones to improve your advertisement.

facebook campaign preview

There is a preview option to see what your adwork will look like when you publish it on the Facebook campaign. When you write an attractive text for your advertisement, make sure you short it down. It should be clean and inspiring text to fascinate your target audience. Because if you write too much, people will get an idea of your advertisement and they might save it to check out later. However, if it’s short and appealing, then there you have more chance to make them click.

When people log into Facebook, they are just likely to spend hours and maybe just minutes on this social platform. Some of them might the one who needs your product but because of your un-attractive advertisement, you are more likely to miss those essential leads. Therefore create an advertisement which entices someone to click on your adwork.

6. Placing

Once you are ready with PPC advertisement, it is time to place that onto the different forms of Facebook application. Here you can place your ad on someone’s desktop news feed or on their Facebook mobile application news feed. It is hard to claim which placement is going to benefit you more. Choose a platform where your insight propose as the result will make you understand how to play it more effectively on your second Facebook campaign. See the sample shot below

facebook campaign placing

7. Publishing

Here you are on the last step of your first PPC Facebook campaign. If you got satisfaction with all the steps you have an encounter, there you can go forward to publish your online advertisement. Click on the “Place Order” option that rests on the basement of your screen.

Thereafter, Facebook will carry on the revision of your advertisement. Once after they complete the review, your advertisement will go on live. You will get a confirmation email from the Facebook. This email is to state that advertisement published online.

Final Thoughts

Now you have learned all the steps to develop and run an effective Facebook PPC campaign. Make sure to consider such a lower CPC’s at the first and concentrate more on the click-through rate. Thus, you can determine how many people are being responsive to your ad campaign. Even though you are unfamiliar with online marketing, you can run an effective PPC ad campaign all by yourself. That will help you reach a position just like others who run their astounding marketing campaigns on this most popular social platform.

If you have any doubt regarding the Facebook PPC Campaign, make sure to comment below. Our team of skilled professionals at Dotz Web Technologies can help solve your query. Dotz Web Technologies is one of the top SEO company in Kochi. We offer high-quality service in Web Design and Development, SEO and Content Writing, Web Hosting, App Development etc. We are one of the top Web Design Company in India.


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