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nativescript mobile applications

NativeScript mobile applications : future of technology

As we discussed before, hybrid apps have grown highly popular in recent times as they possess cross-platform usability. This enabled developers to code just a single program and to run it on several platforms. But there always were an elephant in the room. The conventional hybrid apps used the WebView of an OS for user interaction. This made hybrid apps much slower and less responsive than native apps. But in the fast-moving technology age, things take a turn really fast. A cross-platform framework has been recently unveiled which allows cross-platform apps to run with responsive native UI. Welcome, the NativeScript mobile applications.

What is NativeScript?

NativeScript is an open-source framework by Telerik used to develop apps for Android and iOS. It lets a user have a fluid app experience which is usually denied in the case of conventional hybrid apps. NativeScript mobile applications use familiar programming languages like Javascript and TypeScript. The familiarity of these languages ensures easy usability. NativeScript uses type conversion module to convert data from JavaScript to native types and vice-versa while the app is being run on a device.

NativeScript app Vs Hybrid app

This enables the application to access all the native APIs with no restriction whatsoever. This trumps the limited API access that a hybrid app has, by a mile. This adds up to an almost native feel to the NativeScript made application as the commands are being converted to native formats. When pitted against Hybrid apps which get displayed on the WebView, which is basically a full-screen only browser, NativeScript made apps have tremendously improved usability.
NativeScript applications differ from hybrid applications as it does not compile the program written in JavaScript through WebView. Instead, it interprets the written program in order to enable the native system to run it. NativeScript does not feature any native wrappers like the ones in hybrid applications. This enables access to all the system APIs with no restrictions.

Advantages of NativeScript

NativeScript, as claimed, combines the best of both worlds when it comes to app development. Let us list out and see how NativeScript towers over the other app development methods.

1. It is almost as responsive as a native app.

A NativeScript-made app is almost as fast as a native app in responding to commands or executing an action. The responsiveness is the most noteworthy trait as it is much better than that of a hybrid app. This eliminates the main disadvantage a hybrid app had.

2. It’s a cross-platform system.

As mentioned earlier, NativeScript is a cross-platform system that enables usage of applications across different platforms. This is a highly favored trait of hybrid applications. This enables a developer to roll out an app written in JavaScript and to run it on various platforms.

3. It is more cost-effective than a native app.

Developing an application for each platform is a financial burden for the developer as it takes a lot of effort to pull off. This requires coding in each of the native languages. Rolling out updates for each platform is also a hefty task. NativeScript eliminates this hassle by providing a one-code solution to the problem. Of course, the hybrid apps have already done that but NativeScript polishes it further.

4. It is time-saving

As a sidekick to the financial savings, developers can also save a lot of time with NativeScript due to its cross-platform usability.

5. It uses existing technology.

It is highly advantageous as it uses programming languages like JavaScript ,CSS, and XML to code the applications. These are existing technologies that are quite popular. So this way, the need to learn a new language to access the technology is non-existent. This makes the introduction to this technology less intimidating to developers.

6. Use existing plug-ins.

It supports the usage of existing plugins from npm, CocoaPods, and Gradle while it offers new ones via npm. Direct usage of these plugins into a NativeScript project is supported. Hundreds of NativeScript specific plugins on npm can also be used directly in the NativeScript projects.

7. It is an open-source framework

Free for all! Need to say more? NativeScript mobile applications offer an unlimited supply of applications fro everyone which increases its accessibility even further. The source code is available on GitHub repo. It is also Apache License based. It also offers you the chance to contribute to it if you like.

How does NativeScript work?

Let’s just have a deeper understanding of the image above.

• The program code is written in JavaScript and these commands are interpreted and executed by the JavaScript Virtual Machine.

• The metadata is employed to make all the required calls to the native APIs like camera, memory etc. This will be a pre-developed set that contains the details of all the available APIs.

• The Type Conversion Module deals with the conversion of data from JavaScript to native types and vice-versa. This will enable the native system to understand the codes written in JavaScript.

• The call dispatcher is delegated with the duty of calling native APIs when required and then returning the results back to the JavaScript function.

Is NativeScript the future of app development?

The answer is maybe. There is no certainty in the world of technology. The cross-platform usability of the hybrid application was revered by many but the slow response times remained a niggle. NativeScript promises to change that while keeping the cross-platform trait alive. So for now,NativeScript seems to be the king, at least until a better technology is innovated.

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NativeScript mobile applications : future of technology
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NativeScript mobile applications : future of technology
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