9 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Building A Mobile App

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Mistakes To Avoid While Building A Mobile App | Tips

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Planning to start a new business or expanding your present business? Then, you have thought about developing a mobile app and it is a good idea.

Presently, the mobile app has become very popular and it makes a way for new and creative business ideas. But, the main problem is especially for the smaller-sized businesses as they are trying to figure out the right approach to mobile app development.

So, while building a mobile app be careful about the mistakes that should be avoided. Here  few of the mistakes that should be avoided while building a mobile app:

1.Not making enough platform considerations:

It is important to take a decision on what could be the best platform for your app beforehand whether it is iOS, Android or Windows. Some developers build their app for iOS as they believe that making money would be very easy in the App Store. Yes, this fact is true in some cases, but it is not the common fact. There are various factors that should be taken into consideration while selecting a platform.

Although, iOS is very popular in the United States, Android rules globally. So, If you are planning to publish your mobile app in multiple countries, then Android is a better option. While deciding which platform to use to build your mobile app, You must think of every chance and its alternative also. If you fail to do so, Then it will result in limiting your audience.

2.Providing too many features:

First, decide what you want your app to do, Its unique features and in what way you need it to give it to your users. Just by building your mobile app that adds the benefit of multiple functions would not help your app in any way. The first version of your app should aim to meet the immediate needs of the user or the company that you are developing the app for. Focus sharply on your target audience while initially creating your app. Think of adding more features in the upcoming versions of your app. Doing that will also make it look like you are constantly updating your app. This would make it more popular with your users.

3.Ugly UI:

Less is more, Prefer quality over quantity. Instead of 10 features that somewhat work, have 2 that work perfectly. Because users have do not see the code, all they have is the UI to judge. A beautiful UI is associated with the large and trustworthy corporation and this is the quality association you want.

4.Developing for several platforms at once:

The huge cost and effort involved in building and marketing an app, it is advisable to build an app for one platform at a time and avoid developing for two platforms at once. When you focus on the single product, your time to market with the minimum variable product gets minimised. By building for platforms, You need to engage with both versions of the app at the same time.

5.Using web pages as reference:

Do you think a mobile app is an extended version of a webpage? Many developers and businesses still consider so, and this is one of the misconceptions leading to failed apps. An app should create specific value for the user. This value offering should not be the same as which is offered by websites.

6.Too many features:

Actually, too many features make an app clumsy and heavier without really adding any major value to the user experience as such. Whereas, fewer and most effective features that users find helpful for the purposive use of their apps often make an app great. Do you want to know the negative outcome of too many features? Well, here are they.

  • Too many features including that are seldom required make the user experience cumbersome and confusing.
  • Many features make the app heavier and thus actually make the loading speed slower.
  • Too many features mean additional resources in terms of development time and investment. This leads to drainage of resources and lingers the time to market for the respective app.

7.Not doing pre-launch marketing:

The mobile app marketing should be started as early as the app is in development. Widely dubbed as pre-launch marketing, it should be started way before the app is actually launched. Pre-launch marketing is crucial because you need to create buzz around your app before it hits the marketplace and only then, you can start your post-launch campaign with a decent following. What are the key things to do as a part of the pre-launch marketing of your app? Just watch out the following tips.

  • As soon as the basics of your app including the app concept, name, logo, And basic design elements are decided, build a small website for your app and publish contents on the app idea. Target keywords to come on to search ranks.
  • Create social profiles and business pages in the name of your app and publish regular posts on your upcoming app. You can also use adverts, promotional campaigns and feedback gathering drives engaging your social audience.
  • If you have an established business and website, try to reach your loyal audience first by email marketing, direct messaging and banner ads.
  • Try to contact influencers in your industry and niche and take them in the loop about the upcoming app idea.
  • Try to make your launch as big as possible by colliding it with a big event related to your niche. Publish press release, run media ads and gather your loyal audience at the launch event.

8.Keeping analytics out:

Analytics gives you relevant insights about your users and their in-app behavior. These insights further help an app to mend its faults and make the user experience better. This is why any digital interface these days come invariably with an analytics tool inside.

From websites to mobile apps to social media platforms, every digital interface uses analytics to give valuable insights about the users. The key metrics of app analytics that app developers and publishers should focus on are as follows:

  • Daily active users (DAU).
  • Monthly active users (MAU).
  • Average session length.
  • Retention rate.
  • App crashes.
  • User engagement.

9.Not giving importance to testing:

As a user smooth and glitch-free performance of an app is what we expect mostly. Especially, when beginning to use an app, any performance issue just takes out the good impression about the app from the user’s mind. The only way to ensure a glitch-free user experience is to test the app as much as possible across the platforms and devices.

I believe that this article has helped you with the information on the biggest mistakes to avoid while building a mobile app. If you have any doubt regarding this topic, please make sure to comment, the professional techies at  Dotz Web Technologies are always happy to help you. Dotz Web Technologies is one of the topmost Digital marketing and App Development company. We offer high-quality service in Web Design and development, SEO, Web Hosting, App Development and Social Media Marketing. We are one of the top Web Design Company in India.

9 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Building A Mobile App
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9 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Building A Mobile App
Mistakes To Avoid While Building A Mobile Application
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