A Beginner’s Guide to Boost the Local SEO Rankings

how local seo services help business

How Can Local SEO Services Help Your Business?

We are now living in a century where every business enterprises require internet to survive. Perhaps, the Internet has got a new phrase to share, the “Experience Age”. We are all experiencing the new era of inbound marketing through ‘SEO’ (Search Engine Optimization). SEO plays a key role to increase website traffic which then hikes your business revenue. This potential marketing tool is so essential to expand your business roots. Some techs are highly skilled in local SEO services where they work on behalf of your website to improve the credibility to be ranked on top of the search list.

What is Local SEO

We always look for opportunities to expand our heritage businesses. When it comes to local SEO services, they play an important role to market your business title and services. This promotional service plays hard to promote your company name to the local consumers when they search for a corporate same as yours. There are several tactics that local SEO services use to do their job. They are mainly focused on search engines like Google and business directories such as Google-my business listing, Bing-places for business page, Content on your website, Content reviews, Yelp, Foursquare, Superpages, and Yellowbook.

Local SEO services approach online marketing in an effective way. Therefore, you can assuredly depend on local SEO services to be found by potential customers. Because Google now processes well over 40,000 requests in every single second, and guess how many of them are from your hometown. Millions of people are searching online every day for content and services. So there you need local SEO services to attract potential ones to your outlet.

When it comes to marketing, techniques and methods are always evolving. Therefore, it is significant to bring new ideas which have an effective impact on your business growth. Moreover, your initial marketing intention should be winning the hearts of your local dwellers. As an example, when you use a keyword such as “Best Web Development Company in Kochi”  you would prefer to choose the one that comes up on the first page of search result. As a matter of fact, people are depending on the internet to find more about local businesses. So make sure your local business title is also there on top of the search engines and directories. If you are just a beginner and looking for an opportunity, then this article will help you learn more about local SEO services.

Why Local SEO & What are the Elements of Local SEO?

Google has been working on analytical tools for helping the browser with customised search results. Since then, more search requests made by locals favor the local service providers. Therefore it is important to build-up your own SEO strategy based on your area. Besides, these search tactics can be very helpful for promoting your business affairs with local residents. Furthermore, local SEO service providers are focused on the capabilities to boost up your business title online. Check out these 9 major elements of local SEO services.

1. Local Market

Google prefers AMP configured websites (lighter & faster) to showcase a mobile categorized search result. So make sure to configure your website with mobile-friendly AMP version, which boosts up your inbound traffic gradually. If you think your website doesn’t require SEO services, you must not be aware of the current marketing issues. Digital marketers quoted that “Outbound marketing became useless but Inbound marketing is thriving”. Once you are aware of this transformation, you will do everything to bring up your business to not to miss out any potential clients and store-in customers. Be aware that local SEO services are targeting the people who live in the area where that business is established. That happens to be the reason for incorporating your website with local SEO services. These service providers work on behalf of your website to maximize relevant information on the search result to be ranked on top.

2. Local NAP

Nap refers to Name, Address and Phone Numbers of your businesses. When you contain contact information on your website, make sure they are all the same on other platforms. According to Google, search engines analyze Geo-targeting methods to determine which website has better content and gain more traffics based on visitors location. Moreover, they take into account on how many times your NAP appears on the search result. Retaining a consistent NAP is essential for any businesses to be ranked well on organic search results.

3. Local Metadata

Metadata refers to a data that appears on the search result for a certain query. It is the titled meta description about your website content. Your website must contain a detailed metadata which links to the keyword (Topic) of a browser’s search requests. This element plays a key role in maximizing the CTR (Click-Trough-Rate) rate. When you gain a higher CTR rate, it helps to increase your website rank well within the local search result pages. The meta description offers potential clients an insight to your web page. Therefore, place your metadata into the search engines with the help of local SEO services.

4. Local Advertising

Nowadays, businesses are surviving through advertisement campaigns. This promotion work was the only vital key for attracting more customers into their outlets. So far, they used to spend a lot for its execution & promotions. However, trends are always changing for good and companies are doing everything they can to compete with this transformation.

Online marketing is where they are focused onto insist their brand name to the public. There are several online directories which can be dependable to showcase your ad works. Big names are facebook, google, yelp, yahoo, bing, super pages & yellow pages. Whatsoever, local businesses depend on local SEO services for this duty. Thereby, it will be much more effective than directories. Local SEO services marketing tactics proved to be higher conversion rate than any other normal advertising campaigns.

5. Local Map & Citations

People these days search for specific addresses on Google maps. Like we discussed earlier, it is important to show up your business presence on mapping resolution. If people have a quick access to your company through the online map, then you are more likely to witness 4 out 5 turnovers. Local SEO services ensure your business optimization on the Google maps. They will be maintaining your business promotion activities on search engines, social medias and also local online magazines. If you are new to inbound marketing, then local SEO services can be dependable for a great start. They help you maintain your name tag on these online market competitors.

6. Local Link Building

When it comes to the local SEO services, one of the important factors is building up the links between web platforms. Link building is the core point between a relationship with customers and vendors. However, links cannot be the same as the ones that we market on social media platforms. Because search engines treat the links differently when we share them on social medias. There are several debates between professionals on how exactly these search engines analyze specific links into Google’s algorithm.

Competitors will do everything they can to pull out more customers from you.  Therefore, you must generate new tactics to overcome. Thus, it requires a good research and knowledge about the local backlinking process to sustain among your competitors. You can do promotions on several directories without any professional help. But if it won’t strike when it should be, then what is the point for placing the name on board. Therefore local SEO services are the vital key to success. Make sure you check out the rotary clubs situated in your area. Sometimes they can be good as great to land on a nice quality backlink. Moreover, they spread the word about your business presence in the local community. When it comes to business and local SEO services, relationships play a bond role in between.

7. Local Consumers

Traditional news papers are drowning nowadays. According to a recent survey, newspaper readership is going way over down for the past 20 years. More than 80% readership has been withdrawn from newspapers in the last decade. There are only a less than 20% adults around the world requires printed newspapers. Nobody has got time for searching the newspaper for specific news when they can get it just within few clicks. This indicates that people are depending on the internet for conceiving latest and accurate information.

In the meanwhile, newspaper industries are cutting down almost 6 billion trees from the face of planet earth. Wood pulp is a must-have essential for creating a paper. They are knocking down billions of trees to create newspapers and quote it with saving trees so we can save the earth. Nature loving person doesn’t need any other reasons to quit on these newspapers and go online. Establishing several SEO strategies will help you plant your address on google maps.

8. Local Reviews

As you are already aware that Google’s algorithm is very sensitive. Therefore you need to pay attention towards the reviews you get from your respected customers. One of the important local marketing tools is the reviews you gain. People are literally searching for everything online. Once they start using your product, at least half of them will tend to spend time on creating effective reviews regarding your product features, quality, and conditions etc.  You need to consider their reviews and improve the quality of your products or services. Because a positive review will result in more and more businesses.

However, negative reviews can cause you everything. Its impact is way more effective than positive ones. More than 90% visitors immediately close a web-tab when they notice bad ratings and negative reviews are outnumbered the positive ones. When a business receives an average rating from its consumers, it is still quite a prominent for Google’s search result.

It is important to monitor your company reviews from various web platforms. Instead of deleting the bad reviews from your feedback form, you can respond to your customer with a helping hand.
The response is important as well as the reviews. Perhaps, you can identify the specific product which gets more bad reviews and improves them. How can you improve the reviews! It is just based on your dealings with the consumers. When you treat every customer with a positive vibe, there you get an exciting review. It does not matter whether you are selling, replacing, repairing your product for your customer. When you are always there to serve with latest technologies and all, then there you gain more positive ratings and reviews.

9. High-Quality Web Content

We always want more inward traffic on our website. But what makes them more attractive to stay on your website for a longer period. If they spend more time on your website, the reason behind must be an impressive content reflects on it. Websites with a beautiful layout will attract more people. However, if the content is not relevant and not worth reading or watching, then you or I will definitely close the tab and look for another one. There is nothing a visitor can do about it. Therefore if you own a website with effective contents then the story will be different. Despite competitors, you need to include more stunning and colorful contents based on your locality. When people are searching for what you have on your website, then there you are making them stay online for more.

As an example, a motorcycle store with a blog post illustrates exciting photos and videos about their upcoming events or activities they have done in the past. Otherwise, a restaurant talks about their latest domestic and international food collections. Besides, a bookstore launches their new website with attractive collections and offers for local readers. These websites are using some interesting contents with natural keywords for boosting the traffic. It is very useful for local SEO services to point out landmarks and pros of your business enterprises.

Explore the Local SEO Ranking Factors

1. Google My Business Page

Google provides this free and user-friendly tool for corporate and small businesses to maintain their presence across Google search engine and Maps. My business page helps to express your business story towards the consumers who seek your services online. While on the process of developing your own Google my business page, make sure you use all of Google’s pre-set categories. It is quite necessary for set-up a new Google+ Local page in order to boost up your ranking. When people enter a keyword that includes a city name same as you are located. Google+ local page will play its role to appear on that pack of the local search result. However, you must go through a verification to confirm ownership and a letter with a code of PIN will be sent to you in two weeks time.

2. Citations

Search engines like Google & Bing contain a key component such as Citations for the ranking algorithm. The citation refers to your business title that appears on other web sources. However, they are not linked in-between and you will have to search for the reference accordingly. For example, someone searches for something on a directory and discovered your company details on their listing. Subsequently, browsers will reach your website from the source they discovered on the directory.

3. Domain Level Factors & Landing Page

The landing page is also known as destination page for the online consumers. When they click through a link or an online advertising ad, they are being redirected to a certain website’s landing page. These inbound links are important for your domain to be ranked for local SEO services. Whether you depend on a professional developer or not, ensure your website coded perfectly and it contains relevant links with great contents.

4. Other Factors

No matter where you are, Google knows your location. When someone searches for a particular content based on their locality, Google analyzes it and showcase related proximate metadata serves around the area.  You must apply some tactics to encourage your consumers to write a review about your services. Even if they write reviews on a third party website like directories, Google analyzes it and settle your business website ranking level.


There are many strategies to consider when it comes to market your business locally. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small business or a corporate one; if you don’t have an online presence then it will be hard for your businesses to survive in the decades to come. Search trends are quite stable now but in the near future, it will only become stronger than ever before.

We believe this article helped you learn about ‘Local SEO Services” & its fortunate advantages which will reward your long-term revenue. If you have any doubts regarding this topic or to avail any of our services, feel free to contact our team of skilled professionals at Dotz Web Technologies, one of the top SEO company in KeralaWe offer high-quality service in Web Design and Development, SEO and Content Writing, Web Hosting, App Development etc. Dotz Web Technologies is one among the top Web Design Company in India.

A Beginner's Guide to Boost the Local SEO Rankings
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A Beginner's Guide to Boost the Local SEO Rankings
How important is Local SEO services to your business?
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