Android O; Compelling Features To Look Forward To

android o features

Top 10 Android O Features

The much-awaited second developer preview of Android’s next iteration codenamed ‘Android O’ has been released. The beta quality preview released during Google I/O gives us a peek into the compelling features the latest OS holds for its users. From the look of it, it could be assumed that Google has mainly focused on fixing the drawbacks of previous versions. This indeed was vital from Google’s part if they want Android to remain on the top of the table. Google has scheduled the release of four developer previews. With the second developer preview released late on May 17, the third and fourth previews are set to be released in June and July. According to the sources, the official release is set to be by the third quarter of this year. Now, let’s take a look at the cool Android O features to look forward to.

1. Smarter Notifications

Notifications are integral in any operating system. Google have taken the effort to make notifications organized and easier to handle. Android O will have ‘notification dots’; which means that a dot will appear on the app icon whenever there is a notification from that app. If the user long presses the icon, a small pop-up window will appear and the notification can be viewed right there. You don’t have to drop down the notification shades to interact with notifications anymore.

android o features

Android O features options to customize notifications and group them into channels. This means that you can group all apps related to say, ‘weather’ and control notification settings for these apps together.

It has also got cool options that let you snooze notifications if you need some quiet time. You can just slide across a notification and then set a time to snooze it.

2. Picture in Picture

The Picture in Picture is another useful one among Android O features that lets you play a video in the background while you are doing any other activities. This is a much-awaited feature that should have come in much earlier. The way these feature works is that when you are playing a video, simply press the home button to make the video appear as a little window on the home screen. The video continues to play while you do other activities on the phone like texting or check e-mail etc. This feature allows you to move around the window and place it anywhere in a convenient manner.

android o features

3. Text Selection

The text selection has become smarter in Android O. It makes the daily activities that you do with your phone much easier. The new text selection feature can detect names, addresses, and phone numbers. Suppose if you double tap anywhere on an address, it will automatically select the whole address. Also, it makes it easier to use the selected information.You can just tap on a number to call it or tap on an address to search for it in Navigation.

android o features text selection

4. Autofill

We are all familiar with autofill feature in a web browser. Autofill enables you to use saved information to fill in fields that you often have to use. This one among the Android O features enables you to open up and navigate through apps quickly using the saved information say username, password etc.

5. Customizable App icons

Android O features interesting options for those who are keen on UI aesthetics. The main feature is the provision to customize the app icon shapes. You can use the ‘change icon shape’ from the settings to choose the shape you prefer. The shapes available include square, rounded corner, cylinder and the stock shape. Android O will provide a more fluidic user experience that may hopefully prevent many users from opting for third party la00uncher applications.

android o features customizable apps icons                   android o features customizable icons

6. Improved Connectivity

Audio Codecs including LDAC are supported by the upcoming Android iteration that will pave way for high-quality audio experience. Another one of Android O features is Wi-Fi Aware lets nearby devices communicate over Wi-Fi without the need of an internet access point.

7. Optimization and Improved Battery Life

Other much awaited Android O features are better optimization and improved battery performance. The tasks are well optimized paving way for faster and fluidic usage of the phone. The boot time is also reduced compared to previous versions. By the same token, Android O suits a better battery performance compared to previous iterations. There will be ample limitations for background activities that apps do. Overall, the activities will be well optimized preventing easy battery drain.

8. Redesigned Emoticons

Chatting would never be so satisfying without those adorable emoticons that we use! Android O brings in a new set of emoticons that are different from its previous counterparts. The blob emoticons are going to be replaced by round shaped ones. Also, new characters are added and changes have been made in their looks.

android o features redesigned emoticons

9. Shortcuts on Lock Screen

Android O will have provision to add essential shortcuts on the lock screen for easier and emergency access. These shortcuts can be managed according to the user’s needs.

10. Google Play Protect

Security is a major concern for Android users these days. Google have come up with a solution to improve security. Google Play Protect is a virus scanner that scans all your apps for safety. If you go to the apps and games screen, you can see a small card scanning all the apps installed.

Final Note

With the Android O features that are evident from its beta version, it’s certainly one to look forward to. Google has correctly identified where Android lacks and have put in the effort to improve it. We can hope that Android O features perform according to the user’s expectations when it’s officially released. From the look of it, it’s certainly the coolest iteration of Android till date.

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Android O; Compelling Features To Look Forward To
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Android O; Compelling Features To Look Forward To
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