Is Content really the King of SEO?

importance of content in SEO

What is the importance of content in SEO?

If we belong to the bunch that uses the internet, we must have come across articles in many different websites. We are inclined to read some of them while some do not interest us. There are many reasons to read an article. But just as many reasons exist for not being interested in another. Search engines work in the same way. Content is the meat of the website which is used by the search engines to analyze its relevance. This makes the importance of content in SEO very high. Let us give it a thought and see how content becomes the most important part of a website’s SEO.

Gone are the days in which we had to cram in as many keywords as possible into a content to optimize SEO. Google and other search engines have grown a lot since then. Now they have complex algorithms that rate a piece of content on the basis of a lot of factors, not just keywords.
Google determines the importance of content in SEO by analyzing,

• The quality of the content

In order to determine the importance of content in SEO, quality of the specific content must be considered. Google and other search engines employ a bunch of experienced content reviewers to teach their programs the attributes of the top quality content. The language used to write the content will be checked for all kinds of faults. The ones with more mistakes will be given lower ranks. If the Google’s program find the language used to write the content exemplary, the site will have more chances of popping up in the first page of Google.

• The relevance of the Content

The second aspect to consider while we determine the importance of content in SEO is the relevance of the content being posted. If a person searches for a specific word, Google scans every content there is to find those keywords. If our content is all about what they search for, it is completely relevant. But, Google analyses the content even further to fine tune the results. This ensures the availability of proper results to the people who search for an item.

• The uniqueness of the content

This is a highly important factor that many sites overlook. Keeping our content unique will go a long way in giving us that dignified identity, instead of being a site that plagiarizes content written by someone else.
Creating content can be a hassle, especially for the ones who haven’t been exposed to SEO before. The content must be optimized for SEO but at the same time, be pleasing enough for human eyes to read. A ton of creativity is required to write out content for SEO. If the content is packed to the brim with keywords, it will be tasteless for a human reader. If the content is too softened out to appeal to the human readers, the search engines may not be able to find it. A proper content is something that strikes a balance between these two important characteristics.

How can great content help a website?

The importance of content in SEO can only be understood by knowing how a content helps is getting great SEO ranks. There are several ways in which content helps to attain that top spot. Let us have a look at a few of them.

1. Appeal to more people

A properly written content will appeal to a huge number of individuals if it is simple and straightforward. If the content is written in a high-level incomprehensible language, people will tend to look elsewhere. Keeping it simple will keep readers interested in what you have to say.
Keeping content straightforward will be of great help as well. If our content beats around the bush too much initially, we will lose the interest of our readers. People like their facts straight at them and don’t like losing time on the internet. Our content should serve them what they want when they want it.

2. Lower bounce rate

Bounce rate is plainly the number of people who `bounce` away from a website after reading one story. Google rates the sites that have high bounce rates with a low rank. These sites are considered to be uninteresting as a large number of visitors move on after reading one or two articles. So keeping the bounce rate low is important for a website.
A properly written content will help a lot in keeping bounce rates low as people will be more inclined to read other stories on our site as the content is worth the time. Giving internal links to other stories will also make the task easier for the readers. In order to get the information they need, they will tend to stick to the same website. As someone wise once said, “The first impression is the best impression”. Any story on our website might be the one that is visited by a reader for the first time. Keep that in mind when it’s being written.

3. More trust from the readers

The nature of the content speaks volumes about your company. If a shoddily written content with lots of typos and grammatical errors come across a prospective customer, he’ll take your institution to be an unprofessional one. This bad impression can lose you a ton of business. Professionally written content will fetch you the trust you need from your customers. This will keep them coming back to your company whenever they want a service that you have on offer.

4. More social media fame

Want to know more about the importance of content in SEO? Social Media is the answer. Content that gets shared profusely on social media is bound to get a large number of readers. Tailoring the content to make people read it is one thing, getting them to share the story is a whole another. If the person finds the content interesting and helpful to his friends, he will share it via his social media profiles. This can gain you terrific momentum as Google values social media popularity heavily for SEO rankings. Tailor your content to entice users to read it and then to share it.

How do you create great content?

To hike the importance of content in SEO, give it few qualities. Here are some of those desirable traits.

• Keep it original

Creating unique content can help in getting that originality that a site should have. This is really important as Google’s algorithm rates a site low if it contains duplicate content. Uniquely crafted content will also have your signature written all over it. This will attract the attention of your prospective customers as they browse through the site.

• Give a great headline

The Internet is a busy place. People searching for something are eager to have it as fast as possible. They will skim through the search results for the answer. They will mostly read just the headline and let the rest go. If you have a catchy headline, more people will show interest in reading the content that you have.

• Answer a question

Most of the searches made in Google are questions. These users as they look for answers will lose interest in reading stories that don’t give them those. Make sure the content in your site does not beat around the bush too much. Give them the answers directly in an interesting fashion. Including possible questions into the story will also help. If the readers can find the question that was bothering them directly with all the solutions, they will be more than happy to visit your site again.

• Be a friend

Unless you intend to be a super professional website that keeps a serious tone at all times, be a bit friendly to the readers. Making them feel the bond through the content you post will help gain their trust. Give them a buddy’s advice if they are looking for Do-It-Yourself guide instead of going ultra-serious with the advice.

• Be specific and accurate

Do not, under any circumstances, add incorrect information to your site. This will impair your reputation as a trustworthy location for genuine information. Always list out correct facts and figures to back up the info you provide. Add links to trusted websites and relevant stories in your article. This will boost your SEO as well. But don’t go overboard with the links. The SEO rating will take a hit if there are too many links or too many irrelevant links.

• Add a lot of media

Pictures and videos get a lot more attention than simple text. They communicate more effectively with the reader. Adding illustrative images with properly designed graphics will also make your article look a lot more professional. But do not simply copy and paste images from other websites. If you intend to do so, provide proper links to the respective websites. If interested, start a Youtube channel parallel to the web site. Creating videos which explain your content will be more informative to your customers. This will help those who deal with how-to-do stories especially. Embedding these videos to your site will make them accessible.

• Update your blog continuously

The importance of content in SEO can be understood in its purest sense if we give it a lot of care. The frequency in which the website’s content gets updated is of prime importance. The regular readers of your site need something to keep them entertained at all times. Consider uploading fresh content at least once or twice a week.

These are the few qualities that are supposed to exist in every story that you upload. These will keep the story interesting and pleasing to read. The importance of content in SEO can be understood if we give these qualities a final thought. As told by a ton of sites, “Content is King”. Yes, content is king, nothing less. The importance of content in SEO is simply unfathomable. The content of a site lets you go wild with your creativity and crowd-pleasing writing style. Making use of the content alone can determine the success of a website.

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Is Content really the King of SEO?
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