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AMP WordPress – The Ultimate Guide 

21st century witnessed a dramatic change in the livelihood of human beings. Technology has evolved and we have seen its revolutions for the last few decades and one among them is AMP WordPress. Yet, we can’t be sure about the world these technologies leading us into. However, you can figure out something from all these fascinating sci-fi movies concerning the future of our planet earth. Nowadays, we can’t even imagine a life without some of these gadgets such as mobiles & laptops. Moreover, they are very loyal in terms of flowing the information that we desire in a quick and effective manner. Search giant Google developed and launched a mobile format call AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on February 24th, 2016.

AMP serves people visiting various online platforms such as Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest mobile apps. Let’s go through this research article and learn more about AMP’s, how does it work, what can you gain and come to a conclusion whether you or your mates need to enhance your WordPress website with Google’s.

About Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

Followed by Facebook, Google invented this format (AMP) to be a part of its open source ‘Instant Articles software development kit’. AMP structure is restricted to dynamic delivery models. It brought us a key to overrun the slow-loading pages that are presented by Java scripts. Likewise, users are benefiting from this format which can serve us clean and better tracker free pages with no ads. The intention was to throttle the articles which were well-designed and optimized especially for mobile websites.amp wordpress pages

AMP Acceleration

The initiative behind this move is to boost up the loading time of a website on cell phones. Technically, AMP is undertaking a stripped-down version of HTML which is altered & created to be lightweight. Google AMP Format contains an HTML without its certain tags and styling up with the use of a modernized version of CSS. However, slow websites bring disappointments for its owners.

Behind every request someone makes to get the content they want from online, there is a lot happening which we are quite unaware. Subsequently, a dozen of requests is being pinged on a second to bring you, your desired content with images. Google recognized more activities are being performed on mobile phones, which overage the same activity on any laptops and desktops in the entire world. Thereby, m-commerce expanded approximately three times quicker than e-commerce in 2015. Browsers search for their content and expect it to be delivered in a quick manner. Reports suggest, more than 40% visitors will disregard a website if it won’t load up in less than 3-seconds. As a result, e-commerce traders experience a massive loss of revenue due to the lazy websites.

Hence, Google invented this astonishing and effective solution, Accelerated Mobile Pages. Therefore, traders advanced their websites with Google’s AMP and it also helped them to progress their online web from mobile compatible to mobile optimized platforms. This transformation boosting the readability and the web pages take over the speed from 5 seconds to milliseconds. Big name publishers and tech companies like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Adobe, WordPress, The Guardian, The Washington Post and The New York Times etc. have implemented this change and Google rewarded them with right placement on their search result page.

Pros of AMP

  • It is a free plug-in
  • Improves the loading time of a WordPress website from seconds to milliseconds
  • Improves the website ranking
  • Potentially produces more visitors to your website. (More visitors for more revenue)
  • Automatically optimize images
  • AMP Lite for slow network connections

AMP on WordPress

Now the webmasters & digital marketers choose to upgrade their online platform to secure themselves from hype. AMP is important and it helps everyone with a website to gain control on their platform to load faster which can conceivably progress the usability that influences the browsers to stay much longer on your website.

In comparison with last year, setting-up Google AMP in WordPress is a lot easier. AMP had more progressions on the plug-ins of WordPress platforms. However, it is better to ensure your codes validate with Google and upgrade your website in SERP’s to AMP versions. Plug-ins plays a significant role converting your contents into an AMP version. Generally, AMP WordPress assign an altered URL with your original URL.

amp wordpress

Original URL AMP URL

The published content can be anything from news to magazines, photographs to gifs, vlogs to blogs etc. Administrators and Content Management System (CMS) providers create incorporation with their CMS to produce AMP content. declared that they will take part in Google’s AMP framework.

How visitors see your AMP content is the question that you are asking yourself now! Let’s look at some of these samples here;

  • A browser visits your website and shares one of your articles on Facebook. Thereby, the browser’s friend opens up the link and all of a sudden, he is redirected to your AMP article. This process will pass on to other social media websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.
  • A browser with a mobile device acts a search on Google for latest news and stories – then a handful of AMP articles will pop up on the first page based on the ranking of those websites gained through the high traffic they received using AMP format web pages.
  • When a new website integrates AMP Format, your AMP article will be served on their platform for visitors to follow your content in the identical AMP Format.

Ordinary to AMP

We are all conscious about that, it is not conceivable to reshape all your webpages to an AMP format one by one. Therefore, you can depend on a plug-in to generate another stripped-down version of AMP for your contents and webpages. However, if you control a simple platform repressed with one or two CSS files, few scripts, and an HTML file, then perhaps you can reformat your webpage to a single AMP-formatted document.

Now, you became conscious of this act may convert your content to duplication, which is correct. However, it is critical to link those AMP version and standard version appropriately. Besides, Google identifies these tags and it will not castigate your platform for publishing duplicate content. Giants associate their original and AMP version of platforms together and provide the AMP to the mobile users and their original platform for desktop & laptop users.

AMP WordPress Plug-ins

It is not necessary to learn all about AMP HTML & Formatted Documents in order to contrivance it to your website. AMP WordPress will help you with this process. AMP WordPress Plug-in Directory provides few plug-ins which you can try on converting your standard website to an AMP version.

AMP Project Plug-in

You can find this AMP Project plug in from Install the plug-in and proceed to activate your articles on AMP-format which transform automatically. In the meanwhile, AMP WordPress Project creates AMP contents for “Posts”. Hence, this AMP WordPress plug-in won’t support the “Page” content.

amp wordpress project plug in

AMP Custom Plug-in

After installing the AMP PROJECT Plug-in to your WordPress website, add this AMP WordPress custom plug-in to build a Custom AMP Panel to your WordPress admin interface. It offers you more options for customization such as import your company logos, images, comment display box, related posts, blogs, custom CSS, additional HTML, navigation menu, Google analytics tracking codes and finally integrates Woo-commerce plug-in. Make it usefully with this AMP Custom plug-in to generate your article into a fully AMP format. Your website should be able to pass over the validations like we discussed above in the ‘Ordinary to AMP session’. Therefore, ensure validating your contents on your website.

amp wordpress custom plug in

PageFrog Plug-in

Likewise, we won’t waste time to learn everything from the scratch. PageFrog plug-in helps you with elementary designs to publish your mobile content formats as a Google AMP pages in the quickest manner. It is packed with more components than you get from Custom AMP WordPress plug-in.

PageFrog integrates with several platforms and direct links with Google Ad sense and Facebook ads. PageFrog is not for you if you just look for a plug in with just some basic elements. However, this plug-in offers you control on your AMP contents and it supports with bond integration for analytics and promotional platforms.

amp wordpress pagefrog

AMP WordPress Analytics

It is better to have some knowledge about AMP WordPress Analytics. Generally, AMP WordPress uses JSON, meaning JAVASCRIPT OBJECT NOTATION instead of JAVASCRIPT which is an ANALYTICS JAVASCRIPT. The reason behind this, AMP JavaScript controls the depiction of an analytics data which is presented on the web page.

Analytic Points

  • User – Time zone & Client ID
  • Browser – User Agent, Screen Width & Screen Height
  • Browsing – Sole Page view ID
  • Page – Pathway, page title & domain
  • Event – Browsers collaboration with your platform contents (Watch your content videos, downloading content images etc)
  • Interaction – width & height of a page

AMP Installation Process

Google AMP is an open source and it collaborates with so many different partners. As we have read above that it is just another form of an HTML without the extra baggage. You can implement AMP on your WordPress website in two different ways.


Step 01:- Recommended way to implement AMP on your website is by installing the AMP Plug-In. So then, your website will create its own version of AMP format. You can confirm that it’s there by writing /amp/ at the end of your stand website URL. It will look similar to the picture below.

amp wordpress installation

Step 02:- Adding Google analytics plug-in will help to keep a track on your website, it is helpful it count on the number of traffics that come to your site on daily basis. It is a rewarding, plug-in for business, magazine, and any other commercial web owners. Hence, installing this plug-in into an AMP page is quiet difficult and tricky. As a rule, Google Analytics tracking code must be altered manually.

Google AMP Analytics count each traffic separately followed by the AMP webpage or Standard webpage they are visiting. It’s report categorized into different sessions for both traffics. If you require these results to count in a single session, the easiest way is to install the Google Analytics plug-in, MonsterInsights. This plug-in will benefit in a proper way to install Google Analytics to your AMP pages. This plug in supports Google optimization, E-commerce tracking, file download tracking, A/B testing & personalization etc.

Once you have installed the MonsterInsights, proceed to activate the Google AMP Add-on.


Log into your WordPress Admin panel – Click on the Plug-ins – Add New Plug-in – Then search for AMP – Click install & Click Activate. Have a look the pathway below.

 amp wordpress admin panel

After activating this plug-in, there will be a notification bar on the top that says this theme requires following plug-in; AMP. There you have to click Begin installing the plug-in. Then it will automatically install. See the steps in the screen shot below.


Google AMP WordPress articles are the newsmakers now. The reason behind this, their web pages load in a matter of a second and offers advanced readability to rank on the top of the search result. Giant techs like Google, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yahoo and much more currently using this plug-in. If you have followed me from the very beginning, you must have got a clear picture of Google AMP and the importance of its integration with your current website. AMP WordPress integrated website load 4 times faster than the standard websites. Therefore, implementing this plug-in on your WordPress website gains you more traffic and that hike your website rank to the top level (based on your content) & your page remains to stay on top in the search engines. Plug-ins from WordPress Plug-in Directory makes the process easier.

If you have any doubts regarding this topic or to avail any of our services, feel free to contact our team of skilled professionals at Dotz Web Technologies, one of the top Website development company in Cochin Kerala. We offer high-quality service in Web Design and Development, SEO and Content Writing, Web Hosting, App Development etc. Dotz Web Technologies is one among the top Web Design Company in India.


Things to Know About Accelerated Mobile Pages
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        • mastersstroke : August 29, 2017 at 7:46 pm

          The Idea of AMP is strip down the unnecessary css and js to give the best user experience to the viewers. do not recommend it for style heavy pages yet. Sure there will be a work around.

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