Google RankBrain Algorithm: What is it and how will it affect SEO?

rankbrain algorithm

Google’s Rankbrain Algorithm

rankbrain algorithm

When technology is changing at a very fast pace, there should be methods to optimize websites for search engines. While many principles and tactics stay equal in optimizing search engines, we cannot deny the fact of current technological breakthroughs like the introduction of complex machine learning systems like Google’s rankbrain algorithm.

RankBrain infers to an artificial intelligence program that is used to help the process of Google search queries. RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to embed large amounts of written language to mathematical entities that are called as vectors and only the computer can understand.

If there is a word or phrase that RankBrain does not know about, then the machine could make a guess as to what words or phrases might have a similar meaning. And filter the result in order to make it more effective at handling never-before-seen search queries. RankBrain algorithm learns new patterns, recognizes and search engine results page based are revised on the new knowledge. RankBrain is responsible for 15% of all the online searches.

The RankBrain enhances the Google’s ability to understand the semantic meaning of complex search queries. It makes Google smarter at understanding the human’s phrase questions and types them into a search box. RankBrain decides whether a site is good or bad by its SEO standards such as site architecture, keyword etc. And afterward uses this data as a guideline to rank other websites. RankBrain is a subsystem of Google that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to get the search results for the queries that are complex.

This system converts the search made by the users in form of mathematical patterns further processed by the search engines. RankBrain will learn by itself in future and the search engine would be able to understand natural and unique queries.

Why RankBrain Algorithm created by Google?

rankbrain algorithm

1.Managing Complex Searches:

Around 15% of the searches done by the Google would be big, complex and new searches. But due to mishandling new searches in history, Google requires a method to relate them to the previous searches so that more accurate results can be received.

2.Managing Ambiguity:

The searches that are made by Google consists of a number of keywords whose meaning differ according to the different context. So, RankBrain will process out the previous searches that help Google in finding out the meaning of the keyword more efficiently.

3.Increasing Accuracy:

After the context of a keyword is understood, RankBrain creates accuracy than matching the exact keyword with variants of the keywords. This principle would be applicable to misspellings, abbreviations and singular or plural.

4.Effect of RankBrain on SEO:

  • The first step towards developing the SEO campaign would be defining your keywords. You will look on for more appropriate keywords to your business which is searched by customers. This establishment of the SEO process is what RankBrain would affect mostly. RankBrain is learning and constantly changing, so the SEO campaign must be more adaptable to changes in search engine rankings landscape.
  • The main objective of RankBrain is to understand the search queries and provide their meaning by identifying the real user intent. And returning the best and most fitting results to the user. RankBrain is useful for learning from the searches and drawing it from offline phrases in order to figure out more complex and long-tail keywords.
  • The RankBrain not only creates pages that are focused on a single keyword but it also helps in creating content that targets the main keyword or phrase with related keywords, synonyms.
  • RankBrain focuses on analyzing natural, speech-like language in searches so that accurate results could be given to the users. RankBrain understands the sites that are optimized for long-tailed keyword searches.
  • Every day, Rankbrain learns more about how and why people search and then later it applies this knowledge to future cases. RankBrain creates the link amidst searches, content on pages that do not consist of the exact term that was searched.
  • RankBrain sees patterns amidst unconnected and complex searches. So, from this method, RankBrain would understand how the search is similar and would then. Later on, provide the searcher the best possible results.
  • RankBrain utilizes what was learned from the past searches and thus provides the search results that users like the most and which are highly effective. In addition, RankBrain does not stop at any written queries but also assess and analyze oral queries.

RankBrain And SEO

The updates in RankBrain takes place automatically as it refines its own algorithm. RankBrain learns, analyzes the new jargon that is created by the industry experts. RankBrain would take a look at the context in order to learn about each new word and would give you the best results that you are looking for.

When it comes to RankBrain and SEO, just make sure that you focus mainly on producing great content. RankBrain algorithm is made particularly for long and ambiguous sentences.

RankBrain takes new information and tends to learn from it. Rather of having programmed by humans, RankBrain learns on its own. RankBrain would not replace the present algorithm but it would add uniqueness to the search process. When a word is typed into the search bar, then the algorithm’s bot crawled pages to look for that specific word.

RankBrain takes that search query and then not only finds the exact meaning but also additional meanings. The main feature of RankBrain’s technology is that it continues to learn. While RankBrain translates queries, it starts to track similarities and note down new informations. In order to guess correctly what you are looking for. This algorithm was developed to perform a job that no human could easily do. RankBrain can very easily handle complex searches for new terms with more accuracy than what a human can do.

How will RankBrain affect us?

Increase resistance to long-tail keywords:

Earlier, users would think about the keywords that they use in searches so that they could get the right results. So, by refining long searches, RankBrain allows users to type their queries.


The voice search assistants like Siri, Google Now, Cortana etc. are more being used by users. RankBrain algorithm plays an important role in aiding voice search assistants to give a more accurate result out of voice searches.

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Google RankBrain Algorithm: What is it and how will it affect SEO?
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Google RankBrain Algorithm: What is it and how will it affect SEO?
Google introduces a new algorithm called RankBrain. This article show how rankbrain algorithm affect SEO.

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