How Google Intelligent Bots Are The Future Of Artificial Intelligence?

How Google Intelligent Bots Are The Future Of Artificial Intelligence?

Google Intelligent Bots Vs Artificial Intelligence

Google Intelligent Bots

Google Intelligent bots are computer programs that leverage artificial intelligence to enable natural conversations with people. The latest advancements in machine learning, the convergence of computing power are bringing artificial intelligence into the mainstream. Intelligent bots will transform the industry and would improve the customer experience.

Intelligent bots are offering users to utilize a messaging app to type in simple English requests to services like Uber. It should be noted that Google spent almost 20 years in perfecting how to respond to a text query. Intelligent bots have to learn a lot from Google’s lessons in natural language interpretation, artificial intelligence, user interface.

How Google led the way with less text

Google has been the master of returning the most relevant research to a textual query. Around seven years ago, it began interpreting the intent of queries and giving answers to queries above search results. Over the years, Google’s cards have evolved into highly interactive apps covering from weather to music, lyrics, and flights.

Google understands shorthand English like “flights from SF to LA” and returns interactive cards in the search results. An interactive card is a much more efficient user interface than messaging back and forth with a bot.

Google interactive card apps

Intelligent Bots will soon move to this methodology of using a full-screen micro-app for more complex interactions. To drive the point home that text-only interaction sucks, a few years ago Google killed its SMS search product after its interactive cards and micro apps became fully entrenched in smartphones.

Choosing the right medium for the message

People would wait until they are using a computer to write a document rather than attempting to do it on a phone. While the natural language intelligent bots are suited to different tasks in different contexts. When using a voice-only interface, interactions are limited to simple questions and answers. When typing into a Smartphone, a more complex query can return a more interactive card or micro-app.

Emerging intelligent bot platforms need to become micro-app platforms

So what does this all mean for messaging platforms such as Slack and Facebook Messenger that are supporting intelligent bots? Intelligent bots would soon need to augment their APIs so that card apps, micro apps can flourish with in platforms.

Supporting card apps and micro apps will require a new generation of lightweight HTML APIs like Google’s card API.  Google also responds to simple queries before they are even complete. It is yet another feature that messaging platforms will likely soon add.

Google’s search now answers some queries while you’re typing

With some queries, Intelligent bots should answer your question before you even submit it. As Google is now doing in Google Chrome for some queries like the weather and stock quotes.

Intelligent bots should message you when something of particular interest to you happens. Presently, intelligent bots are quite verbose and spit out everything that happens in a source system.

Google Now proactively sends you to push notifications and interactive cards apps based on your context and interests.

An emerging platform war for developers

In the enterprise, users could expect that all of their enterprise tools are queryable and offer proactive, interactive cards and micro apps.

The value of Google’s Intelligent Bots for the enterprise user is becoming clear. Google Intelligent Bots will augment intelligence in the context of conversations, push relevant information to employees and optimize workflows.

Artificial intelligence is a concept everyone is familiar with.  Even if your only experience of AI is from watching films, there is no trouble understanding bots.

Intelligent bots are computer assistants. They will appear in your favorite messaging app including Facebook Messenger and Skype. You can use them for booking flights, hotels, ordering takeaway etc.

The bots are essentially virtual assistants, much like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana, but they communicate through text rather than speech.

Could bots replace apps?

Bots let you use natural language to get tasks done. As bots increase in their capabilities, we would start to use apps less. If you want to buy something locally, you search for a product and then get directions in Google maps. Bots can do all this for you: no need to search Google, no need to launch Uber app.

Are Bots the future?

Yes, it is true that bots will be limited by the platforms on which they run. Using Facebook Messenger or Skype on an iPhone, it will be limited by what iOS can do. But Google is also busy building bots, and it will be fascinating to see what appears on both Android N and iOS 10.

In the next few months, we can expect bots to start appearing in the big messaging apps.

Google Intelligent Bots are a set of algorithms that are designed to perform tasks automated with least manual intervention. They can perform redundant tasks with high speed, better efficiency, and expertise. They are majorly used for labor-intensive and error-prone tasks. Bots are basically an extension of machines interacting with the human beings.

Google Intelligent Bots are used for running scripts on the net or investigating huge volume of data on the internet. Bots find maximum usage as web crawlers for analyzing, saving information from a large number of web servers at high speed.

Bots are utilized in healthcare for maintaining a database of medical information. It also provides answers to users’ queries according to the symptoms automatically.

In the retail sector, many brands use bots for automated customer assistance. Bots use AI to do things uniquely like humans do. They can help you schedule your travel, guide you, manage your office, do instant messages, check weather etc.

How Bots Trained to Acquire Human Personality

 Bots are being trained to acquire human personality as accurately as possible. They observe how humans behave, perform tasks, react to situations, follow the way they speak and imitate them as well. But the companies are still working on polishing these bots and admit that they still have a long way ahead.

Not all bots are good; some are also used by cyber criminals for carrying out cyber-attacks like phishing, DDoS and promoting malware.

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How Google Intelligent Bots Are The Future Of Artificial Intelligence?
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How Google Intelligent Bots Are The Future Of Artificial Intelligence?
Google Intelligent bots are computer programs that leverage artificial intelligence to enable natural conversations with people
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