Freelance Web Designer or a Web Design Company: Whom to Choose?

freelance web designer vs web design company

Freelance web designer VS web development company

This is a question that has bugged everyone who has searched for a web development company to handle the building of their website.  The dilemma they had was in choosing between the cheap process offered by freelancers and the professional service offered by an established company. The freelance web designer vs web design company debate heats up when we factor in the different ways in which they handle after sales service. Here, we look to crack it with a simple stroll through the facts. Read on.

In a massively fast growing IT hub like Kochi, the number of choices available is simply unfathomable. No matter what sort of IT service you’re in the market for, you will be spoilt for choices in web development company, Cochin. The same stands true for web development as well. There are a ton of freelance web designers who are ready to offer their services at a cheaper price. This versatile city also has many established web design companies who offer their extraordinary services to their customers. These choices can put a prospective customer into a state of huge dilemma as choosing between these two can be a hassle on its own.

Considering the importance of a website, hiring some professional support makes a lot of sense. But the low prices offered by freelancer may entice a customer to take that route. So making a choice out of this can be a headache.

But before we delve deep into this subject, we should be clear about the contrast between both the sides. Let us know more about both these methods.

Who is a freelance web designer?

The first side we consider in the freelance web designer vs web design company debate is the cheaper option, the freelancer. There are hundreds of freelance web designers in and around the city of Cochin who are ready to help you with anything you need. From building a website to maintaining it and rectifying its problems, a freelancer will be able to lend you a hand in that. The word-of-mouth is that freelancers are the people who offer professional web development services at dirt cheap prices. But is it all glitter and sweets on this side? In one word, No!

The truth is there are a few disadvantages of hiring a freelancer that you can’t shrug at. Of course, smaller charges are guaranteed, but these disadvantages manage to overshadow that slight edge it has over an experienced web development company in Cochin. Let us have a look at the benefits of hiring a freelancer first.

Advantages of hiring a freelancer web designer.

1. As we told earlier, the prices charged by a freelance designer for a web development job will be a bit cheaper than what a web development company charges for the same job. This can be advantageous to a small company or a budding developer looking for some professional help. For anyone with a tight budget, hiring a freelance web designer vs web design company can be an obvious choice.

2. Having a direct person to person relationship with the freelancer can be advantageous but it also has its own risks. If the air is not clear between you both, the project is bound to roll downhill.

With the bright side covered, let us just turn our head over to the disadvantages of hiring a freelancer.

1. Less able to handle complex works.

As freelancers have no other officials to watch their back, their ability to handle complex works will depend entirely on their experience. A massive level of experience is not an easy find in the world of freelance web designing. Think about it, if they had some great level of experience, they will charge more for it and that kills off the only advantage that a freelance web designer has over a web development company. So what is the point in going for a freelancer if he charges as much as a web development company? While we pit freelance web designer vs web design company, we can see that the companies will have more staff with more experience who will collectively be able to crack a complex work effectively.

2.Reliability issues.

For an established web development company, running away from a half-done project is not an option. This ensures the reliability of the company as we can count on them to stay with us until the successful completion of the job. Unlike this, a freelancer can never be fully trusted unless we know him personally. A freelancer has the options to run away from a project mid-way through it. This will leave you stranded with a half-cooked website and with no help.

3. Poor customer support.

One of the problems faced by individuals or companies who hired a freelancer is their poor or non-existent customer support. Web development companies tend to have a dedicated team to provide ongoing customer support to their even after the completion of the project. Freelancers may or may not offer this, but the probability of them leaving you behind is quite high.

4. Prior experience will be poor.

This is another thing to take into consideration while we talk about the freelance web designer vs web design company debate. A well-settled web development company will have a ton of clients and an impressive portfolio. The exposure they had with the clients must have also given them the ability to adapt to any kind of projects. They will have more experience with many fields. A freelancer, on the other hand, will have limited exposure to the different kinds of projects. And most of these projects might belong to the same type as well. This will reduce his ability to flex according to versatile subjects.

5. Poor technological advancement.

The world of technology is fast-paced. Out of which, the web development is one of the fastest changing fields. In order to keep up with time, web developers are obliged to learn all about technological changes swiftly. This requires some investment into the field which most freelancer cannot afford. So on this front; a web development company will be faster in adopting a newly launched technology that will help you to build a state-of-the-art website.

6. Improper security assurance.

In the case of a freelancer, the payment will be sent to an email-id, which offers absolutely no clarity on its credibility. A simple email-id cannot be confirmed genuine. But financial dealings to a verified bank account of a registered company are a lot more trustworthy.

So what is the verdict?

So how does the freelance web designer vs web design company debate go? With all things factored in, we can see that a freelancer is not a great option for someone looking to get a website built for his/her company. But that doesn’t mean that freelancers are supposed to be ignored altogether. For example, if you are a developer looking to develop a website on your own, a freelancer might be able to help you to work around rough edges in the project. The low costs charged by these companies will help you a load there. Also for individuals or small companies planning to build a small static website on a tight budget, a freelancer might be able to cut the mustard for you.

While we speak of the budget, let me spread a bit more light on to the importance of a website in a business. It is an amazingly effective window that can bring international attention to your business on a very small budget. The investment made to build a website for your company is worth every penny as it will help in bringing a ton of business back into the company.

So the point in minimizing the budget to spend on such an important object is not clear at all. If possible by any means, shell more on it and do not settle for a dirt cheap offer. This can go a long way in ensuring the quality of your website. A shoddy website will only get you the opposite of what you want. Customers tend to stay away from a website and ultimately the company if their site is unprofessional or slow.


We are not ruling out freelancers from the picture, but unless you belong to the customers who will benefit from hiring a freelancer, then freelance web designer vs web design company become a hard option. If a professional web development company is your pick from the two, let us offer you our help. Dotz Web technologies LLP is an experienced web development company in Cochin that will help you with all your web development requirements. We have 10 years of experience in the field of web development that has prepped us to take any challenge head on. The dedicated staff has what it takes to produce a professional website from the scratch. Our trusted customers have fuelled us with the will to provide impeccable support to all our future clients. Give us a call or leave an email if you need to know more.

Freelance Web Designer or a Web Design Company: Whom to Choose?
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Freelance Web Designer or a Web Design Company: Whom to Choose?
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