20 Advantages of Using Facebook for Marketing

benefits of facebook marketing for online business

Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Business

Facebook is an American social networking service based in California, United States of America. Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, a computer programmer developed this social media platform on 4th February 2004. Reports suggest, more than 2 billion profiles were active on Facebook back in June 2017. Moreover, Facebook announced recently there are millions of businesses using its platform to advertise their business services. This report can prove it an ever-growing community of Facebook marketing for most business services effectively. Business corporates accepted the fact that “Outbound marketing is going dead & Inbound marketing is thriving”.

The reason behind outbound marketing fades away is because people are tired of older marketing strategies. The days where we haven’t heard of the internet where the days outbound marketing was popular. Back then, companies were marketed their products using direct mail services, trade shows, TV and radio commercials to reach out to the potential customers. Hubspot suggested that more than 86 % people don’t watch TV ads since the arrival of internet and millions around the work are registering on the DO NOT CALL list and the list is growing on a daily basis. However, Internet transformed the marketing strategies and the buying habits of every customer around the world.

Studies found digital marketing companies are taking over every business and the giant platforms like Facebook are already in the lead. Creating a Facebook page is a vital decision for any businesses, as it is the most popular and widely used social networking platform. Some of the features and benefits you get from a Facebook page is comparatively more than the benefits you may get from your website. Even if you maintain a Facebook business page, ensure you learn more about the factors we have listed below. Follow these 20 steps to understand the importance of creating and maintaining a Facebook page for your business to compete others in the era of digital marketing.

1. Relationship With Customers

Create your own business page to express your new offers and deals to attract more people to find your premises. This practice will help you gain more business and develop an open relationship with your customers.

2. Business Activity

No matter what business you manage, there will be always a competitor trying to win over. Either you develop a trend with your creative ideas or follow a popular one to furnish your business. Make sure you analyze your competitor to begin a strategical move.

3. Quick Response

When you publish about the latest products on Facebook, the people who follow your brand gets instant update of your posts. Make sure your Facebook page contains relevant contents about your products. Therefore, when you publish towards the targeted audience, Facebook helps you spread the word with those who matter the most.

4. Easy Access

Grandpa to the child, Millennials to Military depends on Facebook for various activities. In fact, we use Facebook to learn more about a specific product, page, country, activities and much more. Once you start your Facebook page regarding your business, people can easily track you down with its online presence than searching with its address on the street.

5. Share For free

Usually, corporates spend millions on facebook ad-campaigns and attract people towards their products to gain more publicity. We are all aware that big brands are wooing on millennials to get more business. However, studies claim that modern millennials are not keen to watch TV’s, instead, they go online. Corporates online presence is never the less and they take Facebook marketing into account. Businesses can share their relevant contents for free and sometimes the best advertisement is the free advertisement. This marketing technique can cost you nothing.

6. Room For Chat

Facebook provide chat rooms for people to get engaged and share their concerns without depending the telephone network. Business profiles take advantage of this feature and communicate with their potential clients to sort out their grievances. Businesses use this feature to build up loyalty and trust among their customers. This feature perhaps a big advantage for you to get most out of Facebook marketing.

7. Promotions

It is time to think why there are some marketers always succeed and some always struggle. It purely depends on the stages that you take to promote a business. When it comes to Facebook marketing, post works and promotions play an important role as they are the vital keys to spread the word. If they like your post or promotion, they are likely to share it with their friends and families. Therefore, it benefits you to promote your business widely to the public.

8. Social Presence

When your Facebook pages receive reviews, likes and shares then it indicates your business is getting familiar around. People express what they feel about the content on your profile by commenting or sharing features.

9. Targeted People

The people who make a move on business pages considered as the targeted people. When some people comment or like on your Facebook content, you can priorities them to offer special promotions. This tactic will make them feel prioritizing and in return, they are more likely to spread your word. Moreover, they will be the one who stirs in with your launching posts and becomes your potential customers.

10. Being Sympathetic

Getting engaged with your customers is the most important thing when you consider Facebook marketing for your business. Understanding the way they react towards your product is most likely an important task. Consider prioritizing the specific posts or related products which people are most engaged with, or which time are they being around to comment or like your posts. Once you tracked, prepare the next posts which should be more attractive than the previous ones.

11. Insight Data

The Facebook team developed a data insight functionality to analyze your marketing efforts and tracking the inward traffic. Data insights help you create a strategy for the current situation and you will get the insight matter and work according to for a better traffic.

12. Excel For Facebook

The advantages of Microsoft Excel and its pivot table helps you to summarize your marketing figures and obtain a clear report. There you will be able to export your Facebook business page into the excel sheet for analyzing your marketing effort. Therefore make sure you marketing techies are fully aware of exceptional advantages from Microsoft Excel.

13. Support Your Customers

Businesses can use the Facebook platform as their customer support center as well. As you are already promoting your products on your business page, you can help all their queries and be a very intelligent customer supporter.

14. Exceptional Services

Facebook creates an opportunity for your business to grow on a rapid basis. It’s unique features boost up the overview of your business and spread the word like no other. You can be connected to your business profile on a 24*7 basis. There you can follow up the feedback from your readers, clients, subscribers and the potential customers as well.

15. Facebook URL

If you are a business owner, you possibly have a website with all your products and cart facilities for serving the customers. Likewise, you get another web property when you create a business profile on the Facebook platform. This is a unique code of URL to direct your customers to your business social profile such as Facebook. For example, our Facebook profile URL is https://www.facebook.com/dotzwebtechnologies/

16. Maintain Relationship

Once you have created your Facebook business page, where you can send your new URL to your customers to direct them towards your business profile. Once they visit your profile, you can apply some methods to maintain a close relationship with them and it helps you become popular and familiar. If you can shortlist one-time buyers, and assign their contact information with your marketing team. They can develop some tactics to maintain the relationship and attract the customer to try on your latest products.

17. Renovate to a Reliable Brand

Every business profiles representing different industries. If your brand shares relevant contents and it attracts most people, then that indicates your followers are trusting on your behalf of your reliable products and services. This will encourage them to stay on active and share their reviews about your products. That only helps you to understand that they are trusting on your brand. Meanwhile, in return, you can encourage them to keep staying on your profile for the upcoming launches.

18. Expose Business Stories

We all have a story to share. All the businesses have a story to share. When you share your business story on your profile page, you are literally showcasing who you are, what’s your business status, how did your business grow, where are you aiming to reach and what are you planning to do next. The customers who are following up your Facebook activities would always be fascinated to know about your next product or next project.

19. Advantage of Competitors

Since it’s an open platform, you can share your launching with your competitors as well. It will make them become your franchiser or the reason for you to get more business deals. Once you are there providing an extraordinary customer service, there you are being on the hearts of your customers.

20. Exploring Your Customer

This is one of the important facts about maintaining a business profile on Facebook. This Facebook marketing method explains that you can explore your customer’s background within a few clicks. There are so many significant benefits you can gain from exploring who are your customers and what they do for the living, what their profile talk about them, things they post, things they like and things they share. Once you have explored what kind of people are following your business page, then you can create an attractive post works accordingly. When you customize your Facebook marketing methods in a creative way, you are expanding your business roots to a whole new level.

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20 Benefits of Using Facebook for Marketing
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20 Benefits of Using Facebook for Marketing
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