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E-commerce web development is the key to your door of a successful business. Online shopping! We all have done it. Is it related to e-commerce web development? The hassle-free shopping experience has enticed many buyers to try it and it is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. In fact, our Indian e-commerce market is expected to be the fastest growing e-commerce web development market in the world. According to a joint ASSOCHAM-Forrester study paper, the Indian e-commerce we development market is about to establish an annual growth rate of 51%. This growth is due to the expectation of hike of Indian e-commerce from $30 billion in 2016 to $120 billion in 2020. This will be the highest in the world. With these figures in the limelight, let’s talk about the importance of e-commerce web development in India.

Glance through idea of e-commerce

As mentioned in our previous blogs, a website is the best window for any business to reach out to their customers. For a potential customer, surfing through a well-laid out website of a company while lounging in their own homes is a pretty sweet deal. They do not need to physically go somewhere to see the stuff on offer. They also do not need to deal with nagging salesmen as well. That’s a well-packed offer. Isn’t it? On the other side of the spectrum, the seller can showcase his products or services to a huge number of people. With a website, the range is limitless. So having a website, as we all have figured out, is a win-win situation for all. Let’s know more about e-commerce web development.

What is e-commerce?

Let’s just imagine, what if your website could do more than just showcasing your products? This must be the thought that initiated the trend of e-commerce and e-commerce web development. An e-commerce web development is website development which deals with trading of products/services via computer networks. It takes the abilities and the reach of a website to higher levels and utilizes it for more productive needs. This includes online shopping, online fund transfers, mobile commerce, online ticketing and the list goes on and on. This mode of commerce has gained huge popularity in recent times. In future, it is only expected to increase.

Types of e-commerce

E-commerce does not include just the online shopping sites that we regularly use. It is vast than that. Of course, the online shopping websites are definitely a part of it but there are other types of e-commerce websites that require our attention.

E-commerce includes

1. Online shopping sites which deal directly with customers.

2. Websites which facilitates the sale of commodities from vendors to customers. These sites act just as an arena for the sale to happen. Think of a market in real life. That’s what these kind of e-commerce sites are.

3. Online wallets that help to store money and use it later for paying bills and purchasing items.

4. Online banking websites that execute fund transfers and payments.

5. Marketing via websites, emails, and social networks.

6. Online currency exchanges and a lot more.

The list is practically endless. The scope of E-commerce web development is huge by all standards. There are a wide array of choices to choose from if someone is interested in entering this market.

Need for e-commerce web development

Many websites along with mobile applications have started e-commerce ventures recently and most have flourished. It’s an impressive market to set foot into if selling your product to a large number of people is one of your top priorities. An e-commerce web development company can boost your business like nothing else can. With smartphones being more faster, more people are going online. A large percentage of internet users currently use e-commerce websites to conduct online transactions or purchases.

India’s e-commerce market is still in its infancy, but the rate of its growth is staggering. As mentioned earlier, it is currently the fastest growing e-commerce market in the world. As per the previously mentioned study paper, Indian e-commerce market is expected to achieve a growth of 67% in 2016. So a few years down the line, India is going to be one of the biggest e-commerce markets in the world. If we apply some basic business knowledge, it will be clear to us that there is no better to time to enter a market than its initial stages. Especially for a fast-growing market like Indian e-commerce, now is the best time.

How to get a proper e-commerce website?

E-commerce web development has grown a lot since its inception as e-commerce is a fast growing market. Most companies now rely on e-commerce web development companies to tailor make websites for their business. E-commerce web development companies can help you build an e-commerce website from the scratch.

An e-commerce web development company is not just helping you build a website but they are also forging a new window for you which you can utilize to grab more customers. This is the major thing to keep in mind. If you approach a good experienced e-commerce web development company, the end product will be nothing short of stunning. And the advantages that a well-built e-commerce website will bring to your table are immense. This will give you a proper boost that you and your company deserve. It is the ultimate way to be seen, heard and get in touch with your customers.

How much does their experience matter ?

Approaching an experienced e-commerce web development company will ensure peace of mind for you. Experience is really important here, as newbies to web development will find it really hard to deal with the complexities associated with building an e-commerce website. An experienced e-commerce web development company will also have tons of tried and tested ideas that you can adopt. It’s not just existing ideas that you can use, you can have your own as well because web development is all about new ideas.  If you wish to incorporate your own innovative ideas into your website, only an experienced e-commerce web development company will have the knowledge to implement that in a seamless way.

An e-commerce web development company must deal with a lot of challenges when they build e-commerce websites. An e-commerce website should handle a lot more traffic compared to a static website. It also should be very secure as it handles financial transactions. This is just another reason for opting for an experienced company to build your website.

Importance of social media in e-commerce marketing

Social media plays a huge role in finding the right customers for your company via your e-commerce website. More and more people sign up on social networks, which widen the opportunity for marketing. The time people spend on them is on the rise as well. In India, an average millennial (age 16-30 years) is found to be spending about 3.2 hours a day on the phone. Half of this time is spent on social media. Add that to the number of hours a person spends on the social media via a computer. That’s going to be a lot.

So as far as marketing is concerned, targeting social media is a great move . E-commerce web development companies will assist you in keeping up with the activity that is required. Being active on all social medias will increase the traffic to your website. Being regular with updates and responses will go a long way in strengthening the trust that a follower has in you.

Most social networks also provide paid promotional services which will grab you a lot more reach. This will extend the information to a larger number of people. Advertising via Social media is also an effective move adopted by e-commerce web development companies. This will advertise your company to people who haven’t started following your company yet. E-commerce web development companies will assist you to go far and wide in the arena of social media. Just like the case of website development, their tried and tested ideas will aid you to gain the following you need.

Responsive design in e-commerce web development.

As we figured out, access to social media through a mobile device is high. If we are advertising on social media, it is highly likely that they will open our site via their mobile browser. Thus an e-commerce website must be optimized for all devices. So our e-commerce website must be a responsive type. In short, a responsive website is a type of website built in a way that it works flawlessly across all devices. No matter what the resolution of the screen is, there will be no clipping or any reading issues.

An experienced e-commerce web development company can build a proper responsive website. This will ensure proper aesthetics as well as flawless browsing of your site on any device. People tend to move away from a site if they experience any kind of issues with it. Most will never return to the site again if it is sluggish. So always opt for an experienced e-commerce company to build a responsive website for your business.

Security is paramount.

E-commerce sites have to deal with a ton of personal info ranging from names and addresses of the customers to credit/debit card details.  So it requires a secure server to keep this info protected. Customers expect an e-commerce website to keep this information protected. If a single niggle comes up in this system, the trust they have in a site will crumble to bits. All e-commerce websites thus should support SSL to encrypt all personal information. The security of an e-commerce website that deals with credit cards must meet PCI compliance as well. These are not optional attributes but mandatory additions to any e-commerce websites. An e-commerce web development company will have the experience required to make your website as secure as possible.

E-commerce web development is a highly rewarding process if done properly. A well-developed e-commerce website can boost your business in a highly effective way. But on the other pole, it is also an intricate process which can fail badly, if not undertaken properly. Selecting an experienced e-commerce web development company is the prime move. If that’s what you want, Dotz Web Technologies LLP is here to help you. Contact us if you want assistance on the building of an e-commerce website.

E-commerce Web Development : Enhance your Business Growth
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E-commerce Web Development : Enhance your Business Growth
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