How to Create Monthly Report For SEO Clients?

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Tips For Creating an SEO Monthly Report

SEO specialists have a daunting task of preparing the SEO monthly report for their clients. An SEO monthly report is a document that clearly depicts the progress of the SEO services that is done for a client. This report is simply a document that makes a client understand what impact your SEO campaign had on their business.  SEO monthly report also provides clients with an overview of what actions and plans you have made in the last month, the evidence that your work is meeting the client’s expectation. This could be understandable representations in infographics that show what you have achieved so far.

An SEO monthly report is of significant importance and should not be overlooked. Not giving proper attention to these reports can have negative impacts that you may not anticipate and may even lead you to loose your clients. Even after working so hard, if you fail to clearly show the impact of your work on their business, chances are that the clients would feel that your service is of no value.

As far as a client is concerned, the key points that he/ she will be expecting from your report are details such as how many people visit their web page for a particular keyword, the ranking of the page, details about links and the progress that have been made in a month’s time. As mentioned earlier, the whole idea is making the client aware that your efforts are worth their money.

Creating a good SEO monthly report may look challenging. Here, let’s take a look at how to create a good SEO monthly report that will serve its purpose properly.

What to Include in an SEO Monthly Report

a. Project Overview

To start with, clearly, mention the main objectives and goal of the current project. This is a simple way to remind the clients about the objectives of the project and why they are spending money on your services. Don’t forget to use the key phrases in the objective which are the main targets to achieve in the project.

b. Keyword Rankings

Keyword rankings are of great significance on an SEO monthly report. Properly tracking the movement of keyword rankings and their competence provides an insight whether the strategies you are following are working or not. If your rankings are going down, you can be sure that there needs to be a reconsideration in the strategies that you employ. Including keyword rankings in SEO monthly report serves the purpose of depicting the improvements that have been made in a month’s time. Usually, only the keyword data from major search engines such as Google and Bing are included.

c. Accomplished Work

As an SEO expert, you should clearly showcase the work that you did in the month to convince your client. This section in the SEO monthly report is what the client probes into to assess the work you did.

Present neatly the specifics of the work such as backlinks acquired, optimized pages, sitemap creation, changes made in the pages and the issues that you have resolved. If you have received a number of backlinks, include the most important ones that you feel would impress the client.

Keep this section simple without going into many technical details; especially if the client lacks technical knowledge. Present the details in a simple manner that is understandable to clients.

d. Traffic

Always include details on the website traffic generated compared to the last month. This data will be a supporting element to other keyword and search engine ranking that you may include. The client expects your to show the change in the traffic to their website according to the changes in search rankings, link bait and as a result of all the strategies you have employed. It won’t take you long to get this information as Google Analytics easily provides you with the required details.

Web traffic is a key factor that the client will take note of. You must not overlook properly presenting this information at any cost. An increase in web traffic clearly suggests that your work is paying off. If you have done a good job in increasing the web traffic, be wise enough to present it neatly to the client emphasizing the improvements that your work has brought in.

e. Achieved Goals

This part of the SEO monthly report depicts the progress of your work. If any of the goals that were set at the beginning have been achieved, don’t hesitate to include details on those. If you are on early stages of your work or haven’t reached the targets yet, better not include anything. You can add these details once good results become evident.

Key Points To Remember While Making An SEO Monthly Report

  • Simple and brief:

Keep the SEO monthly report short and simple. Only include the details that are relevant. Remember to present the information in a simple manner that is understandable for clients. Most clients prefer simple reports over the ones with complex figures and numbers.

  • Emphasis on the achievements and work done:

Make sure that the client notices the amount of work you have put in. Give key importance in highlighting the targets you achieved so far. This should be the main goal of the SEO monthly report that you are presenting.

  • Make use of infographics:

As you know, a picture speaks a thousand words. It’s easier to convey complex data in the form of infographics so that the client can analyze them with ease. Make use of charts, pie diagrams, and graphs to show your progress. The better the client understands your work, higher the chance of impressing the client.

Tools That Will Help You Create A SEO Monthly Report

There are various tools that can help you create professional looking SEO reports easily. Making use of tools help you reduce the time required to create the report and also allows you to make the report clean and informative. These tools also provide you with very important data that you can add to the report.

Using these tools will help you arrange information in a more understandable and attractive manner. If the layout of the report is good, it would be more pleasing to the client.  Let’s take a look at the various tools that are available that you can use to prepare impressive SEO monthly reports.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics will provide you with all statistical analysis that you will need to prepare your SEO monthly report. Get the Google Analytics login credentials of your client so that you can access this information.

2. Google Webmaster Tools

This tool allows you to efficiently track the website’s search performance with Google Search Console. Now, it’s possible to view the search query information from Webmaster Tools in Google Analytics directly.

It also helps you fix issues with your website using the support documentation and testing tools provided.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a tool that helps you to track your keyword ranking and backlinks. It also provides accurate rankings daily. The information that can be obtained from this tool can be of great use in your report. Also, Aherfs can also generate various reports related to the website that can be useful for you.

4. Shuffle Point

Shufflepoint is a useful application on the web that can help you make professional  SEO monthly reports. This application integrates into Google Analytics and gives you reports straight to office applications like Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel etc. Shuffle point provides you with templates that you can use to make your report visually pleasing.

The way these application works is that you can use a drag and drop tool to import all the needed data from Google Analytics to your office software. After importing the data, you can add all the descriptions that are needed. You simply have to provide textual descriptions of the data that have been imported from Google Analytics.

5. Analytics Canvas

Analytics Canvas provides you with the provision to bring together and manage multiple Google Analytics accounts together and manage your SEO campaigns together. It’s common for some websites to have more than one analytics accounts for different areas of the website. It can be difficult to switch between accounts when you have to create the SEO monthly report. You can analyze, combine, filter and manage all the data that you need so that you can do your analysis more clearly. You can also export these data to Excel and add infographics that represent the data clearly. This tool can help you save a lot of time and also helps to present your report in a better way.

6. Linkdex

This tool offers you with details on link building, keyword ranking, task management etc. Linkdex is mainly used by SEO specialists for link building and processing.  Linkdex offers you many tools that help to use only relevant links and remove links that seem unnecessary. Also, there are options to check whether a particular link currently exists or not. To represent the link building progress that you have achieved through your work, you can make use of the graphs and charts that can be obtained from Linkdex. It allows you to get information on the overall progress of your link building including the number of links created. Adding this information to your report will help the client understand how your link building have contributed to their website. You can also use Linkdex to get site type reports. This report will classify your links based on the platform. This data can be helpful while you need to identify where you are lacking compared to your competitors.

Overall, this tool lets you do comprehensive analysis on link building and show it to your client. Make use of this tool to give a professional analysis on link building on your report.

7. Authority Labs

Authority Labs offers a tool that provides useful services such as tracking search engine ranking, keyword insights, and even competitor activity. Authority Labs have an option to automatically generate an SEO report from the data collected. You can also easily share the report with your client. If your client demands daily SEO updates, then this tool is the right one for you as it has features like daily data checking and reporting.

8. UpCity

UpCity can help you make interactive SEO monthly report within a short period of time. It has the ability to automatically generate a clean report with the data you have given including keyword rankings, backlinks, search engine analytics, and web traffic.

Using UpCity you can make a white label SEO monthly report and add the logo and other details of the company. UpCity also has options that let you provide real-time data and updates to your clients.

9. DashThis

As mentioned earlier, it’s always better to simplify complex data into graphical representations so that the client can understand them better. DashThis is a tool that helps you turn complex data with large numbers into graphical representations that can be understood with ease. Using DashThis can help you significantly save time for creating a report. It provides you with easy to use templates that can help you create the report.

10. Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is another tool that lets you add good infographics on your SEO monthly report. You can graphically represent all the complex data as beautiful images that are easier to understand.

While using Advance Web Ranking, you can add sections that needs to be displayed to the client, edit them if needed and add infographics. You can also schedule the report to be sent to any e-mail addresses at a time you specify. It also provides options to add summaries on each section so that you can add descriptions about the facts, findings, and suggestions about those sections.

11. Raven Tools

If you are looking for tools that generate SEO reports in an automated manner, then Raven Tools is one you should check out. Raven Tools is one of the easiest methods available for creating SEO monthly report. It can generate and automated report in accordance with the details that you have provided. Like many other SEO tools, this tool also can generate easily understandable reports with infographics. You can also make the report giving importance to some particular details that need to be emphasized in front of the client.

To create an SEO monthly report using Raven, first supply all the data sources and then specify the customizations that you need on your report. You can choose the color scheme and design of the report to make is visually pleasing.

12. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a very powerful tool that can help you make a neat and professional SEO monthly report. It can help you customize the report by using your company’s logo and also use color schemes matching your company colors. SEO Powersuite gives you the ability to edit, add or remove any data on your reports freely with ease. You can export the finished report in HTML or PDF. SEO Power suite has also got options that allow you for scheduling when to automatically send the report to your client.

13. Bright Local

Bright Local allows you to create white labeled SEO reports within minutes.  This tool sorts all the data you have provided into a report in PDF format. You can also add the logo of your company on the report to give it a professional look.

Final Note

It is to be understood that an SEO monthly report is of great significance and can influence a lot in how the client assesses your work. If you don’t give proper attention, it can cost you a lot even if you have done a good job with your SEO campaign. As mentioned earlier, the trick lies in efficiently presenting the work you did to the client. Keep in mind that a well-presented report says a lot about you. Also, make sure that you present the data in a way that is easily understandable for the customers. Prefer to represent complex information visually rather that using them as they are. Keep the report as simple as possible so that the client doesn’t feel dissatisfied because he/ she didn’t understand the details in the report properly. Meanwhile, make sure to add emphasis on the targets that you have achieved in a months time. Remember, the main focus is to make the client understand the significance of your service to his business.

You don’t really have to spend long hours trying to create the report manually. If you make use of the various tools that are mentioned above, things will be much easier for you. These tools can provide you with useful and relevant data that needs to be included on the SEO monthly report. These tools also provide you with a platform to customize the report suiting your needs. By making use of the points mentioned here, you can create SEO reports that are quite impressive.

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