25 Essential WordPress Plugins for 2017

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Top 25 Popular WordPress Plugin

WordPress is an ultimate platform for developing large and small websites. Since they have launched on may 27th 2003, professionals were developing a tremendous amount of WordPress plugin to make it strong and effective. Now, there are more than 40,000 plugins available on their WordPress directory and the number keeps growing.

Most of the website owners are concerned about their website security and its speed performance. However, if their website has been built on WordPress framework, then most of their concerns won’t last forever. Because WordPress directory has got thousands of plugins to host a website effectively. When you have enabled every required plugin to function your website, then you already on the next level of your business. Here we will discuss 25 most popular plugins, which can flourish your website.

1. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one among the popular plugins developed by WordPress to manage multiple contact forms on a website. The one that hosts a website not required to learn additional coding languages to create a customer feedback forms. Once this WordPress plugin integrated with your website, all your consumers can reach you through the contact form. Contact Form 7 supports CAPTCHA, Akismet Filtering and Ajax-powered submitting to discover the spams.

wordpress plugin contact form7

2. Akismet

In general, Akismet is a filtering plugin that plays its role in an effective way. Every comments and message you receive through your website’s contact form, Akismet automatically scan through its content to detect and filter spams and trashes. This ensures no one spamming your commentary box with unrelated subjects. Akismet always keeps a record of its spam detection and highlight the removed ones from its history.

wordpress plugin akismet

3. Yoast SEO

One of the important plugins for your WordPress website is Yoast SEO. It was previously known as WordPress SEO by Yoast. Once you have configured your website with attractive and relevant contents, Yoast SEO will optimize your whole website for search giants such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It can create a meta tag which will showcase your content on the search result page of these giants.


4. JetPack

As the name suggests, Jetpack is a very powerful plugin with plenty of features to furnish your website to have a professional layout. It’s best-known features are visitor engagement ratio, content tools, spam free comments, Social networking and much more. It enhances the security and performance of your website, which then improves the visitor’s traffic.

5. Google Analytics

Every web owners look for an opportunity to improve their website functionalities and its services. One of the main factors for improving your website is tracking a record of inbound traffic on your website. Here comes the Google Analytics plugin where it gathers all the information and delivers it on your WordPress dashboard. This can help you analyze your website ratio and implement several tactics to boost up your productivity.

wordpress plugin google analytics

6. Google XML Sitemaps

As the name suggests, it is literally a map developer for your website. Google XML Sitemaps develop an index for your web contents. Every time you rewrite or add on more relevant contents onto your website, this WordPress plugin will alert major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It showcases your website structure to the visitors and that improves the efficiency of your website.

wordpress plugin xml sitemap

7. Hummingbird

Hummingbird is also one of the most useful WordPress plugin. It can generate a report of your website’s overall performance. Reports suggest that more than 80% of web browsers will close a particular website if it won’t fully load in less than 3 seconds. Hummingbird is being an angel for this situation and it does cache to boost up the speed of any WordPress website. Once that done, search engines will analyze your website and rank according to that.

wordpress plugin hummingbird

8. W3 Total Cache

W3 total cache is a must-have plugin for improving your website with plenty of advantages. Giant websites with huge inbound traffic make use of this tool and they have an efficient result. This plugin is designed for improving the speed of a WordPress website which then boosts up the site performance and this can attract more and more traffic.

wordpress plugin w3 total cache

9. iThemes Security

Security is one of the most concerned factors for all the web owners and developers. The report suggests more than 18 million malware attacks have occurred in 2016. Here comes the iThemes security plugin to protect your website from any kind of malware attacks and it literally fix a whole on the WordPress website. If you are not aware of the cyber attacks that occur on a day to day basis, then you are making yourself an easy target. However, you can surely depend on this iThemes security and protect your web property from certain malware.

wordpress plugin ithemes security

10. Defender

Implementing a secured platform requires a constant attention against all malware. Therefore staying on top of the security concern is one among the most priority of any businesses. The WordPress plugin defender can scan through your website on a regular basis and if it detects a malware activity, then there you can get rid of it within a few clicks. Ensure you have enabled this WordPress plugin on your dashboard to protect yourself from all the hackers around the world.

wordpress plugin defender

11. Ultimate Branding

If you have small or large business enterprises, then you require a WordPress website to reach the next level of your business. All you need is the Ultimate branding plugin for furnish your website to have a professional layout. This plugin allows you to modify all corners of your website to make it more attractive. That includes changing the logo, labeling your website with quotes, tags, and much more. Make sure to integrate this one on your website.

wordpress plugin ultimate branding

12. Snapshot

Snapshot is common that everyone backs up their website contents into the servers. If anything wrong occurs on your platform, that backup will help resort all the content without starting from the scratch. However, there is nothing to do if that backup also gets corrupted. There comes the snapshot role, as it normally backs up all your contents on various cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazing S3. It can do all its job without any effort from you, except integrating this potential WordPress plugin onto your website dashboard.

13. Smartcrawl

SEO particles and phenomenal contents attract and boost your website traffic, However, the smartcrawl plugin does it better and It improves the visibility of your meta tag on the search result page of Google and Yahoo and other search engines. It helps you customize your meta tag which usually appears on the result pages. It can create your sitemap and improves automated keyword linking function to attract more inbound traffic for your website.

14. Membership 2

There are plugins to keep a track on how many visitors you get on a day to day basis. But, managing and maintaining their activities is not always that simple. Here comes the Membership 2  plugin to help you sort out things. You will serve both paid and unpaid customers differently. Therefore, keeping a track on the offers and discounts you provide to a particular customer is very important. Membership plugin will help you categories each customer for further marketing purposes.

wordpress plugin memberships 2

15. Appointments

If your business is about to run an event and you need to categories your respected customers for a consultation or meeting, Appointments plugin can help you sort things out without much effort. It can handle your clients easier than ever before. The social media add-on is an added advantage for appointments plugin. There it benefits the customer without writing all their information, instead, they can log in from one of the social media platforms and Appointments plugin will gather all the needful information from their online profiles.

16. WP Smush Pro

WP Smush pro is one of the most reliable image compressing plugin that is available in the WordPress plugin directory. Beautiful images will outstand you content boost up the inbound traffic, however, your website will become heavier and starts lagging in loading time. So there you can depend on this plugin, where it will automatically compress and optimize all the images you upload without risking the quality.

17. MarketPress eCommerce

If you are maintaining e-commerce website for your business, this is a must-have plugin for a great success. MarketPress plugin can handle any sort of accounting tasks and keep a track on daily activities. With this plugin you can manage your product requirements, shipping requirements, inventory, sales and also manage a network of e-commerce. It comes with 16 built-in payment gateways which can help you and your customers a delightful shopping experience on your e-commerce website.

18. BJ Lazy Load

Like we have discussed above, lazy websites are boring websites. It doesn’t matter if your website has any beautiful product if it takes more than 4 or 5 seconds to load, then good luck for your online survival. Most of the browsers will close a website if it won’t load in 2 or 3 seconds time. Therefore, it is a must to ensure your website can strike faster than 3 seconds. BJ Lazy Load plugin is always there to help you out.

19. Duplicator

We have discussed backup, double backup and now it’s time for an entire transfer. The duplicator plugin can literally back up and move the website to another location. It does whole a lot of process including the transfer, backup, duplicate and much more. If you come up to any testing process, this WordPress plugin can help you clone your entire website.

wordpress plugin duplicator


YARPP plugin refers to ‘Yet Another Related Posts Plugin’ which helps you to demonstrate related contents to your website visitors. That means, once a reader read through your website article, this plugin helps to showcase other related articles. Moreover, your website can display sponsored ad works with the use of YARPP plugin for making an extra revenue.

21. Social Media Flying Icons

Floating social media/social media flying icons is a topmost social networking plugin that is available on the WordPress directory. There you can use the code programming language to place it in your favorite position on the website. Otherwise, you can just configure the plugin where it will automatically appear on your website. This plugin provides 30 different icon styles and a detailed documentation is already there to guide you through the configuration. It has highest download rate and featured on so many different developer portals.

22. Disable Comments

Disable Comments is one of the useful plugins for you to disable all the commenting options on your entire website. In particular, you can integrate this plugin to disable commenting option on any of your post page, product page and on other aspects of your website. Generally, it does what it says on its name.

wordpress plugin disable comments

23. Relevanssi

Your website visitors can search on a specific subject on your entire website. Relevanssi plugin helps to find the relevant content they are searching for, instead of just displaying contents updated recently. Therefore, it is necessary to have the plugin on your WordPress website. This free plugin can work well on your platform but if it’s a pro version then you will have more benefits from its various features which can support multiple websites.

24. Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery is one of the most effective WordPress plugins with plenty of advanced functionalities. It is considered as the most responsive gallery plugin from WordPress with the verity of displaying views such as Thumbnails, Masonry, mosaic, compact etc. If you own a website to sell image portfolios, then this plugin is mostly recommended to deliver professional functionalities on your website. This plugin has got plenty of functionalities that you were looking for your e-commerce and photography websites.

wordpress plugin photo gallery

25. Optimize Database

Optimize database plugin helps you remove contents permanently, which then helps your website to run smooth and faster. WordPress keeps a copy of your pages, comments, spam comments, tags and deleted posts, and it will just stick around to slow your website. Therefore optimize database plugin helps you to particularly select and remove the mentioned contents from your dashboard. Make sure you will try this plugin for boosting up your website.


So here we have discussed the most popular and important WordPress plugin from its directory. All these plugins can help you save extra money and time which benefits you to stay away from frustrations of maintaining your website. Here you might notice multiple plugins for similar purposes, however, make sure you choose the best ones for your business platform.

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