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Best Image Search Engine

The Best Image Search Engine On Web

Best Image Search Engine

Most people use the web to search for images. People search images online and there are sites, search engines to chase down all sorts of images. But still, think which would be the best search engine for finding images. Images make the website even more interesting for the users to stick on. There are various options for searching image. But, how to know that which is the best image search engine?

So, here are few of the best search engines for finding images online:

  1. Google Image Search: Here, you would find the image on any topic that you can think of. This is one of the best search engine to use. It indexes millions of images and filters are available to narrow search by size, color, and resolution.
  2. Bing Images: Similar to Google Image Search, Bing Images can also filter photos by color, type, layout, image size Unlike Google, the filter options in Bing Images are available on search results pages. The only drawback to Bing’s image search is that you cannot search for images by voice.
  3. Yahoo Image Search: Yahoo is one of the best image search engine It has the ownership of image-sharing site Flick. It is one of the best search engine as its sleek and up to the mark. Like the Bing images, all image filters are available on the search results page.

Reverse Image Search

Confused about thinking that you want to find more about a picture of an object but not getting it. Then, it is a reverse image search. This search method is relatively new, it has become popular.  And it is really useful for webmasters and content creators. Some of the benefits of reverse image search:

  • Verifying source of an image: In this, the original sources of an image can be traced and how the image has changed over time. It is effective for authenticating people profiles, news stories and images of events.
  • Tracking of copyrighted images: Photographers, content creators can learn how their content is used on the internet. If you create your own images, you can keep track of who is using your images without attribution.
  • Finding identical images: By the help of reverse searching images, it can help to find better shots or options for an image.

TinEye Reverse Image Search

This is one of the best image search engine that was launched in 2008. It was launched three years before Google introduced the option for reverse search. In this, users can either upload an image to the site or provide image’s URL. So, the site would find identical images from its over 24 billion image repository. The file sizes are limited to 20MB and image should be in JPG, PNG or GIF formats.

TinEye Reverse Image Search has both free and premium versions. In the free version, users could do only about 150 searches per month. In order to get advanced features, Users have to pay for the premium version at $200/year.

Google reverse image search

 Google is a leader in reverse image search as it launched this feature in June 2011. There is no limit to the size of images that can be uploaded to Google. Google Chrome users can right click on an image and select “search the web for this image”. As a result of it, the search returns a “best guess for this image” description, pages that include matching images.

Pinterest Visual Search Tool

In order to use this tool, you need to have a Pinterest account. Users can crop a specific area of an image to search instead of searching for the entire image. Pinterest Visual Search Tool was launched in November 2015 and is pretty good for Pinterest users. After a user clicks on the image search button, results of similar images are shown immediately,

Many users have noticed that most of the images from the first two categories are normally subject to copyright. So, you could not take the image and use it on your own blog or website. There is a solution for it. The third category of image search engines is there that only search for free photos on the web. These photos are licensed under creative commons and are pulled in from several stock photo sites.

Note that big search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo allow users to search for free images via their license filter. After setting the license to Creative Commons, you can find free images on all three search sites.

Here are two of the best image search engine for finding Creative Commons licensed images:


It indexes 51 paid, free stock image sites including Shutterstock, Pixabay, Unsplash. The users can filter images by source, orientation, color and image type.


This allows users to search the best 47 free stock photo websites in one place. Librestock indexes only images licensed under the Creative Commons Zero. It means that users can use the photos freely without attribution for any legal purpose.

Creative Commons Search is not any search engine but an interface that allows users to search several free photo sites. Image sources include Flickr, Pixabay, Google Images and Wikimedia Commons. The site also includes options for finding media such as sound and video.

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Which Is The Best Image Search Engine On Web | Search Engine
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