Social Media Marketing : The advertising idea to die for

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Social media marketing: the short story

Social media is the biggest gathering ground for human beings in the cyber world. Facebook, for example, is the most active arena in the world with 1.79 billion active users. This is more than the population of India or China. This is a huge audience for any business. Using this gathering for advertising can actually launch a business into the best it can ever be. Appealing to this audience is no rocket science. Given some thought and planning, it will be the best advertising for your business. Social media advertisements is a trend now, due to its immense popularity. The procedure is known as Social Media Marketing.

The concept of Social Media Marketing is quite simple. It is all about showing off your product in front of an audience. In Social media, everything gets a discussion. Think of it as a display of your business in a huge gathering which is 1.79 billion strong.

Scope of Social Media Marketing

The scope of Social Media Marketing does not stop with Facebook. The prospect is even sweeter when we take other social medias into consideration. Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and a lot more are a part of this massive chain. Each of these social medias requires a specific method of Social Media Marketing as each of them has its own pattern of posts. Instagram for example, is a media sharing site that relies a lot on hashtags for publicizing the posts made users. Twitter, on the other hand, is a micro-blogging site. So it’s better to keep things simple and plain there. Each of these requires separate strategy when it comes to Social Media Marketing. Mixing these up can mess things in a bad way. Hiring an experienced Social Media Marketing company can help you to manage all of it effectively.

How is Social Media Marketing different from normal advertisements?

Social Media Marketing is highly advantageous when we compare it with the other forms of advertisements as it can be fine tuned to appear in front of a specific audience that you target. This helps a lot as it ensures proper direction of your advertisement’s appeal. Conventional methods of advertisements differ from Social Media Marketing in this respect. Let it be TV, radio, or even a hoarding, the advertisement appeal to the general public which may include people who might find your business irrelevant according to their way of life. This is a complete waste of money. Imagine spending money on advertising a lollipop to an 80-year old diabetic patient. That is not proper advertising.

Is Social Media Marketing target audience?

Social Media Marketing involves targeting a specific group of people who are more likely to be interested in a product. The conventional forms of advertisements will cater to the general public and this will be a huge waste of money. There will be a lot of people who are not interested in your product watching your advertisements. But you end up paying for that as well. Social Media Marketing can eliminate that situation by sorting the audience.

Another bright side of Social Media Marketing is that the advertising can be done free of cost as well. Keeping an active Facebook page, for example, can go a long way in achieving a huge following. The same stands true to almost all social networks as well. Social Media Marketing is thus an option to consider if you want to promote a small business. Paid advertisements are also a part of Social Media Marketing, but it is an option that you should consider only if you want more reach.

Social Media Marketing can eliminate this wastage of money and time by sorting their users on the basis of age, location, gender, education, income level, and personal interests and so on. This helps in directing a Social Media Marketing venture at the desired bunch of people. Instead of appealing to the wrong lot of people, the more right audience can be accessed via Social Media Marketing.

But handling a free fan page on social media also requires a certain level of professional approach as most people swerve away from poorly managed fan pages. This is highly important as a fan page or profile will go a long way in turning one-time customers into regular clients.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing


1. It’s simple to understand.

As I told earlier, it isn’t rocket science. A normal person who uses social media can manage or create ads for their business. So why do we need Social Media Marketing companies? Well, creating ads is one thing. Creating proper ads is another. Social media network consists of certain trends which are helpful for users. Follow the trends closely, to make your ads reach on the right track. The Social Media Marketing companies keep these trends under close surveillance at all times. They are more aware of the changes that might happen in these trends. So hiring a Social Media Marketing company can help you big time.

2. Cost-effective.

It is free. That is how cost effective it is. Creating a fan page or recommending it to others will come at no cost if you intend to do it yourself. But creating ads and propagating the same will incur some costs. This is also highly reasonable considering the kind of reach it will provide. It also ensures that the ad you paid for will reach exactly who you wanted to inform about your business. Remember, the lollipop ad to a diabetic patient in his 80’s? That will not happen unless we use proper Social Media Marketing techniques. So Social Media Marketing will make use of all the money you pay for it.

3. It’s interactive.

Have you ever wished your billboards had the ability to talk to the customers? The advertisers from 10 years ago must have done that. If their advertisements had the ability to interact with their customers they would’ve been in heaven. Back then it remained mostly a dream. But now, we have just that, one click away from where we sit. Social Media Marketing has given us advertisements that connect, interact and inform potential customers. A Facebook/ Instagram post, for example, will have a provision for commenting which is later used by the viewers. They can comment their doubts, queries, and complaints and we can respond in real time. This will increase the trust that they will bank on your business. Being active can also reward you with better reach as well.

4. SEO purposes.

Social Media Marketing can assist in hiking the SEO ranking of your website. This is possible by constantly updating the social media pages with all the stuff going on in the company. This will entice more people to visit the website and higher the activity in a web site is, higher will be its SEO ranking. Having an active blog in your website will provide you with material to share via social media.

5. Branding your company.

Let me take a test. Can you think of 10 international brands within 10 seconds?

Yes, I know you can.

If asked to name even a 100 brands simultaneously, almost all of us will get it done maybe within 10 minutes. It might look like a silly game, but there is an underlying truth that we overlooked. Why are these names embedded in our minds so deeply that they popped up within that limited time frame?

The answer is repetitive appearance. Our minds are more brilliant than we imagine. It soaks up everything that we see repeatedly and feeds them in our memory. Same goes for brand names. But how does this help in Social Media Marketing?

Let me tell you. About 16% increase in the number of daily Facebook users has been reported for the year of 2016. More and more people are logging into their social media profiles every day. For some, it’s the first thing they see in the morning.

If you own an active page that can post at least once a day, it is highly likely that you will get your brand name embedded in the minds of the people who follow your page. If done properly, your brand name will pop into their mind the moment they think about your business. This can increase followings as well as the trust your customers will have to you.

6. Personalized appeal.

We have mentioned it before. Social Media Marketing can eliminate the wastage of money and time as social media’s sort their users on the basis of age, location, gender, education, income level, and personal interests and so on. This helps in directing a Social Media Marketing venture at the desired bunch of people. Social Media Marketing access right audience instead of appealing to the wrong people.

Tips and Tricks for social media marketing.


  • Has tailor made plans for each network?

As mentioned earlier, each social media network functions in different ways. So before starting to post on social media, formulate effective plans for each media. While you do that, take the way that specific media works into consideration as well.

  • Be active.

Share a post at least once a day on Facebook, Instagram etc. The frequency can raise in the case of twitter. Being active can help with both SEO and building trust with your customers.

Don’t hide after sharing a post. People may ask you something. They may have some doubts that you can clear. Interacting can go a long way in building trust. After all, interacting builds a connection with your customers and that’s what you need for your business.

  • Share more images

    Social media marketing


The most viewed and shared posts on any social media network are images. Images receive more retweets on Twitter. Guess why picture sharing network Instagram has the most activity among all social networks?

  • Pay for it when it’s needed.

Social Media Marketing is not just about managing a free page. Over time, the reach of your page will decrease and then you will have to resort to paid advertisements to get your message across. So when a situation like that arises, don’t hesitate to pay for advertisements. This will keep your heads up and provide you with more customers. These social medias are programmed to selectively appeal to the bunch of people that might find your product relevant. This is highly helpful for your business to find the right customers.

  • Be a part of communities

Social media is a great platform to engage in community discussions and activities that are relevant to your business. Be active in that kind of groups and slip in some bits of your ads here and there. But don’t let a plague of ads loose into the group. That will reduce your appeal. If a specific community does not exist, roll your sleeves up and create one. It may take a while to get established but the wait will be worthwhile.

  • Value quality more than quantity.

Do not inundate your followers with posts every now and then. Have a constant quality control system established over the posts you share. Sharing a small number of quality posts will be much better than posting a large number of worthless posts every day. The increased activity might bring more traffic in at first, but the followers will slowly lose their interest if you continue to post many futile posts.

Social Media Marketing as we figured out is the most effective way of advertising in the modern world. Keeping it professional will reward you with a lot of traffic and obviously, more business.  Being professional and strategic, you need an experienced Social Media Marketing company to back you up. Their expertise will help you find more traction in the social media world.

Dotz Web Technologies LLP is one of the most experienced Social Media Marketing companies in Cochin, along with their web design and development services. With the help from our experienced team of social media experts, you will never run out of ideas and strategies. To keep up with your competition and to flaunt your business, our Social Media Marketing section is an effective choice to consider. Contact Dotz Web Technologies LLP for more details on sprucing up your social media presence.




Social Media Marketing : The advertising idea to die for.
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Social Media Marketing : The advertising idea to die for.
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