Trending Augmented Reality Through Social Media App

augmented reality through social media

How Is Augmented Reality Trending Through Social Media Apps?

Augmented Reality through social media

In the digital era, People are addicted to mobile phones and prominent social media applications. The augmented reality technology transforms the world of mobile-phone users as social media applications are introduced. These social media applications come in with user-specified features that keep people connected to each other. So Augmented reality through social media is mostly trending from 2017.

Augmented Reality

It is the technique that uses digitally rendered images. It overlaps the images onto the elements of the real world. Overlapping of images that are rendered digitally would create a sense of illusion. The prominent examples of Augmented Reality apps are Pokémon Go and IKEA app for iPhone. It is really easy to overlap a digitally rendered image with the help of these applications.

In order to use this technology, the user should place the camera in front of the selected spot before placing images. These social media apps would show an overlay of virtual images in the selected real-world spot.

How Augmented Reality Works?

How Augmented Reality Works

The two main elements of Augmented Reality in smartphones are camera and applications. These social media applications evaluate different angles of the camera. This augmented reality technology measures distance amidst the marker and camera of the smartphone. This technology of augmented reality is a very complicated mechanism. Through social media apps, few smartphones that have advanced features offers features of augmented reality due to these requirements.

Augmented Reality Through Social Media

The social media apps try to enhance the engagement rate for the users with improved interactivity. The prominent social media networks utilize the features of Augmented Reality. The creators of social media apps would use augmented reality to guarantee satisfactory user-experience.

Steps To Create New Social Media Apps With Augmented Reality

  1. It is very important to build the simplest interface for the users. The users could use the interface to take photos, videos etc. inside the app with the use of phone’s camera.
  2. The social media app developers want to integrate accessible editing tools and allow users to add special effects to photos, videos etc.
  3. In the social media app, the programming of editing mode must accept the text columns and allow users to add captions.
  4. The social media app would let the users immediately share the videos, photos etc.
  5. In the social media app, the developer might code the app so that the time limit of the shared post is visible to a particular group.
  6. It is important to use the GPS technology of the phone. The social media app would become interactive due to this augmented reality technology.

How Augmented Reality Changed Social Media?

How Augmented Reality Changed Social Media

The changing technology that enabled users to view digital content spread on the real world, Google Glass was a failure. Due to the examination of its secret recording features, Google Glass and augmented reality technology became a failure.

But, augmented reality found new life in smartphones, social media apps. With the help of filters, effects augmented reality became a reality as users experimented and found new methods to use.

With augmented reality features in Snapchat, this technology was for everyone with a smartphone. Augmented reality went beyond Snapchat too. Social media apps like Pokémon Go the hit of 2016 proved it could turn your surroundings into a virtual playground.

Augmented Reality that is witnessed on our smartphone apps are interesting but not integrated. We still want to hold up smartphone or tablet and switch on camera view to see results. It does not go with the concept of augmented reality. It is a display of reality rather than the reality itself. So Augmented reality through social media is trending than reality

Augmented Reality- Paving The Way For Future

Augmented Reality is changing technologies of mobile devices, Because of their mobility and increasing technical capabilities. They comprise of important components like GPS receiver, camera, screen display, compass, the accelerometer to create augmented reality apps.

There is strong competition amidst mobile companies and are progressing specifications of devices for more advanced augmented reality apps. Faster internet connections, enhance mobile technology are striking us with information.

In today’s world, people check social networks, emails, sites etc. when they wake up from the bed. The second phase is to provide selective information for every individual and make it a part of their lives.

Information, experience, reality will blend together to become one as augmented reality is the next revolution in information technology. If that could influence our decisions, then augmented reality would change the way we experience reality.

Augmented reality through social media plays an important role in between peoples. It is getting integrated into social media and changing the way of marketing. Augmented Reality could also achieve success in marketing. Mixing social media marketing and augmented reality would take marketing strategies to a new level. This technology will be an important thing in social media in future as Facebook is planning to add it on a large scale. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced they are planning to make mobile camera their first augmented reality platform.

Augmented reality flourished as an innovative method of connecting with customers and audience. This technology could bring the changes in the field of social media marketing. Borderline amidst reality, fantasy is becoming non-existent as bringing more customers would be more challenging.

Augmented Reality and Digital world

Augmented reality is an integration of the digital information with the user’s environment in real time. This advanced technology would use the existing environment and overlays new information on top. Augmented reality would enhance the real world with media, digital information as images, 3D videos etc. This technology is growing in the market and would expand in the upcoming years. This technology would take new levels in the upcoming generations in our markets and would improve social media.

People are becoming more familiar with uses of Augmented Reality as Snapchat, Facebook, etc. They are utilizing these interactive technologies. How Augmented Reality changed social media?

When we think of augmented reality through social media, The filters that are in Snapchat is the first thing that comes to our mind. When augmented reality through social media was launched, there was shift in the features of augmented reality. Before the filters in Snapchat were launched, there was Google Glass.

Augmented reality through social media was a major drift in technology that allowed users to view digital content around them. However, The Google Glass was a good idea that became an utter failure. Due to the failure to prove its recording features, Google Glass and its AR technology never found a place in the mainstream.

But augmented reality through social media found a new life in smartphones and social media apps. With filters and effects, The augmented reality through social media became a reality and users found ways to use these features. Snapchat aided to push forward the technology.

Augmented reality through social media can turn our surroundings into a virtual playground. The Pokemon Go’s is one of the best examples of the augmented reality.

Future of augmented reality through social media

augmented reality through social media

Augmented reality through social media made several changes to the way we communicate, create and share through social media. Snapchat rebranded as camera company and Facebook is investing time, money into virtual reality and augmented reality. The fact is that we have just started grasping what augmented reality can do for us. In fact, we’ve just begun to grasp what AR can do for us.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, and Co-founder of Facebook said augmented reality features in-app and camera effects are phase one. Facebook wants to establish more augmented reality offerings and put the camera at the center of those features.

The speedy internet connections and enhanced mobile technology are bombarding us with information. We have become addicted to technology that we check social networks, emails, news, sites after we get up from the bed. The next phase of this information is to cater selective portions of information to each individual and make them a part of our lives.

Information, experience, and reality will become one as augmented reality develops and become the next revolution in information technology.

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Trending Augmented Reality Through Social Media App
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