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7 Ways To Optimize Your WordPress Website


WordPress is considered an excellent platform for budding entrepreneurs to create websites for their startup or small business. This content management service is used by millions of business owners. Over 400 million websites worldwide are powered by WordPress. Most of the top one million websites in the world are powered by WordPress and related to business. So,  WordPress as a content management service plays an important role for businesses of all sizes.

Social media integration, a large number of theme options available is key reasons why startups and small businesses prefer WordPressWordPress, as a platform, is well coded. Some people mess their WordPress installations by installing low-quality plugins, choosing an awful web host, filling their site with garbage. Even if you don’t do something stupid with your site, there’s improvement when it comes to speeding up your WordPress site.

Mostly people would not like visiting your website it takes more than four seconds to load. As you know that optimizing your WordPress website is very much important. Improving your WordPress website speed would get more visibility on the search after you implemented them. In order to improve the speed of your WordPress website follow the following methods:

1. Choose a good hosting provider:

This is the most basic step as it plays a huge role when it comes to improving the speed of your WordPress website. If you are running an online business, then you should invest in a good web hosting provider. If you want your website to load quickly, use premium WordPress hosting providers like SiteGround or MediaTemple.

2. Use a Premium Cache Plugin:

WP-Rocket: You may know about free caching plugins like W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache. But most of them do not know about this plugin – WP-Rocket. This is the first premium plugin that was released in the market. Now, it is the dominating cache plugin. This plugin can improve the speed of your website in a number of ways:

  • Page caching
  • Gzip compression
  • Image optimization
  • HTML & CSS Minification
  • Caching for mobile devices
  • DNS prefetching
  • White label

WP-Rocket is super easy to use and only takes few minutes to install and configure the plugin to your website.

3. Use CSS Sprites:

A sprite is one image that contains all of your images. If you have a dozen of images, pack them into one big image via SpriteMeor any other similar tool. Using CSS, you can hide everything except for one image that you need, by specifying a set of coordinates. If you have a large website with several images attached to your every blog post, use SpriteMe to pack all images. It would increase your WordPress site speed.

4. Optimize Your Database:

WordPress adds a lot of unnecessary information. That results in inflating the size of your database by retaining spam comments, post revisions, trash items and deactivated plugins.

WP-Optimize is a fantastic free plugin that optimizes your site and deletes all jink that is cluttering up your database. Set your site to delete after 2 days (by default, it is set to 30 days) or disable post revision option. To limit the number of post revisions that are saved, add a line of code in your wp-config.php file. If you want to disable the post revisions completely, set the value in the below code to “0” or “false”.

define( ‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 3 );

Automatically remove the trash items after 2 days, add the below code in your wp-config.php file.

define(‘EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS’, 7);

5. Use P3 Profiler Plugin:

P3 Profiler is a great plugin, created by Godaddy. This shows the plugins that need to be removed from your site. WordPress sites load slowly because of poorly configured plugins. By using this plugin, you can easily spot which plugins are slowing down your website.

Most of the time, it is a social sharing plugin that negatively impacts the website speed. Replace with a plugin such as Floating Social Bar, Digg Digg, which doesn’t bloat loading time of your site.This change is only possible if you can see which plugins are making your website load slower.

6. Use a CDN:

A CDN is a group of networked servers located around the world. These servers store your site files and will deliver them to your visitors. CDN can give you up to 50% reduction in bandwidth usage. Setting up a CDN can take a few minutes but can have a huge impact on your site speed if implemented appropriately.

Some of the most popular Content Delivery Networks are as follows:

  • MaxCDN – This CDN is the industry standard when it comes to WordPress CDN services.
  • Amazon CloudFront – This is the service that is used by sites like IMDB and 9Gag.
  • CloudFare – It is a free content delivery solution, used by hundreds of thousands of bloggers. It also enhances the security of the site.
  • Photon in JetPack –It will upload all your images to WordPress.com’s servers (which run on the EdgeCast network).

7. Optimize the Images:

If you have been blogging for a while, then you know how important is to have images for a site that relies heavily on content. Putting visual graphics such as images and infographics to your website helps you attract more traffic (particularly search traffic on images).

This should not just end with including images because you also have to properly optimize them for search engines. WordPress plugins like Smush.it, desktop based application like Shrink-O-Matic can optimize your images, making internal pages load faster.

I believe that this article has helped you with the information on 7 ways to optimize your WordPress website. If you have any doubt regarding this topic, please make sure to comment, the professional techies at Dotz Web Technologies are always happy to help you. Dotz Web Technologies is one of the topmost Digital marketing and App Development company. We offer high-quality service in Web Design and development, SEO, Web Hosting, App Development and Social Media Marketing. We are one of the top Web Design Company in India.

7 Ways To Optimize Your WordPress Website| SEO Tips
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7 Ways To Optimize Your WordPress Website| SEO Tips
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