How does 301 and 302 Redirection affect SEO of a website ?

301 and 302 Redirection

301 and 302 Redirection of a website | SEO

301 and 302 Redirection

301 and 302 Redirection of a webpage is an important task. The Redirection in the website should be done systematically to know Google where to be migrate. Redirection to a website could have the huge impact on if not done in a proper way.

The redirection in a website may be simple but the main cause of poor SEO. Redirect infers to the procedure where your website sends your search engine crawler to a different URL. The most commonly used redirection in a website is 301 and 302, hence affecting SEO.

The basic difference between both of them is how to redirect your website URL. 301 redirect helps to permanently move your website URL. On the other hand, 302 redirects would only move your URL temporarily.

You would utilize HTTP status codes to exhibit an alternative web page from the browser where you want to redirect your site visitor. These redirect codes should be utilized in a proper way or else could affect SEO negatively.

301 Redirect- Better SEO Option

The 301 redirection is highly suggested to withhold your SEO ranking, Authority from your old web pages to new web pages. 301 redirection in a website would provide information to the search engine that your old page moved to a new URL. As a result, the search engine would start indexing your new web page.

If one webpage changes the address, 301 redirection takes incoming requests for old address and redirects to a new website. Permanent redirection in a website would include your website traffic value, web page authority, page rank. Your new website URL would grab your old web pages. This redirect is better for SEO as it would automatically transfer all credibility, links that you accumulated over time. Web developers could update the redirect any time to bring visitors to a new location.

302 Redirect- Less SEO Benefits

302 redirection would tell the search engine to continue indexing the old web page. It is useful when you want to take your website visitors back to your old web page. Website rank, authority, traffic would not pass new as it retains index to old web pages.

This redirection in a website would negatively affect your SEO. 302 redirection in the website should be used less frequently than 301 redirection. It is so as there are few situations when you redirect visitors from one site to next. This redirection in the website would shift the users to another page and you need to get back visitors after some time.

302 redirect does not provide the same SEO benefits as 301 redirects. In addition, it can cause duplicate content in search engine results. It is so because Google would read as a temporary effect and would retain old content and new content.

Why  301 and 302 Redirection In Website

There must be apprehensions as why you need to implement redirections on the website. Mostly, a website owner would prefer redirecting his web pages due to following reasons.

  1. If The website URL is broken or not working.
  2. There should be a need to redirect the old website to its new domain.
  3. A web page or website is not active.
  4. A website is shifted to an old domain that already has links.
  5. The website design changes are ongoing.
  6. Your website CMS platform changed to a new URL structure.
  7. Blending of two existing websites into one website.

Advantages of 301 and 302 redirection to SEO

Doing 301 and 302 Redirection in a website in a right way would not interfere with your website visitor’s navigation. According to SEO needs, you could limit redirection of your URL from Google organic, traffic referral from your old site. Redirection in a website would aid in saving your valuable SEO authority, preserve your current website ranking on the search engine.

Impact Of Redirects To Your SEO Campaign

The 301 and 302 redirects could affect your website search engine ranking, you should closely monitor your website performance on search.  Using advanced search engine ranking tools like the SE Ranking could help you to determine the extent of redirection. These tools you are in control embarking towards a more profitable search engine optimization process.

The redirected page would still hold on its PageRank, Page Authority and Traffic Value. It is not safe to use a 302 redirect by mistake as it could affect your site’s search engine visibility. Mostly, the SEO specialists do not prefer to use 302 redirects when fixing the on-site qualities of a website. This redirection in a website is used when needed to test new page for client feedback.

Redirection follows a search engine friendly rule if your Domain name or page changed to a new domain. This way you could redirect traffic to your new page and would not affect your site SEO. Unless you make any other redirect that could affect your site SEO.

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How does 301 and 302 Redirection affect SEO of a website ?
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How does 301 and 302 Redirection affect SEO of a website ?
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