How to Incorporate Video into Content Strategy

video content marketing

Video Content Marketing: Things to Consider

Content marketing has become the soul of most marketing strategies used today. The general perception one has about content marketing is limited to blogs, articles and all the textual content alone. Well, that’s not the full picture! Videos too can play a key role in content marketing; especially now. Video content marketing is getting more and more popular these days because it has major advantages over traditional content marketing strategies. Read along to gain an insight on the advantages of video content marketing and the ways in which you can incorporate it into your content strategy.

What is video content marketing?

Video content marketing is not at all complex to understand. As the name goes, it simply implies the use of video contents to attract the target audience. Research shows that by 2021, video traffic will be 82% of all internet traffic. This clearly indicates that people are more interested in spending time on videos than anything else on the internet. Video content marketing makes effective use of this trend and focuses on creating rich video content that can drive users. In other words, the same contents which were once expressed as the text are explained or expressed as much more understandable content in the form of videos. Video content marketing has the capability to bring in much more audience and make them know about your business.

Why video content marketing?

The main reason why people have started using video content marketing strategies is obvious; videos simply seem more attractive to users! The general idea behind content marketing is giving the reader the content he or she is searching for at the same time letting them know about your business or convey any other message, indirectly. Supplying personalized content or giving the readers what they can relate to is the primary strategy used in content marketing. For instance, if a person is struggling to create infographics using high-end graphic software and finds a blog about online tools for infographic tools, he or she is likely to be trusted and be attracted to your brand. The reader may even share the content because it’s relatable to them. Therefore, personalisation is the key factor used for effective content marketing.

When it comes to video content marketing, this personalisation factor is multiplied many folds! Generally, most modern marketing techniques are aimed at creating meaningful conversations with users. Out of all other methods, videos have a special power to make instant connections with the user and build their trust. Presumably, this might be because of the ease with which things are conveyed in videos. The combination of visuals, audio, and text in video content make information much easier to digest for the user. Video content marketing helps build more trust and loyalty compared to other methods.

Video content marketing opens the possibilities to get your content to reach millions in a very short span of time. Videos have the potential to be shared rapidly unlike text. If viewers like your content and find it relatable, they may share it on a different platform so that it becomes useful for other people like them.

Ways to use video content marketing

When you hear video content marketing, you may feel a bit confused on how to make use of it or what type of videos should you make. Well, you can make videos just about anything you intend to share with your audience. But generally, most businesses use the following types of video content for effective marketing.

  • Tutorial/ Instructional Videos
  • Brand Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • FAQ Videos
  • Video Documentaries
  • Product/Service Videos

Examples of brilliant video content marketing

Volvo Trucks – The Hamster Stunt

This exceptionally brilliant brand video from Volvo Trucks features a hamster driving a truck through a rough quarry! This was set up to demonstrate the dynamic Volvo steering. This video got millions of views on youtube and was shared immensely across different social networking platforms. The fact that makes this video outstanding from competitors is the use of thrilling, funny and interesting content that hooks the audience, to convey their message.

What is Artificial Intelligence? – Hubspot

This educational video from Hubspot impressively makes use of creative animation and a beautiful narration to educate viewers about artificial intelligence. The way the content is presented in this video gives Hubspot an outright advantage over its competitors in winning the interest of users.

What is Pinterest? An animated video

This simple video from Pinterest explains their service in the most creative fashion. Compare this video with long lines of text trying to explain what their service is all about. Which would be more convincing to the audience? Without a doubt, video content marketing wins hands down, here.

Final Note

As people are increasingly getting busier, they are getting less interested in going through long textual content. Generally, we can see a massive dip in the attention levels of users. On the other hand, we see an increase in video traffic, which clearly suggests that people are more interested in consuming videos than chunks of text which takes them a long time to understand. Videos have a special power to get the attention of the user and gain their trust. Similarly, videos are likely to be shared more, which certainly would boost your marketing campaign. The current scenario and statistics available calls forth a need to incorporate videos into your content marketing strategy. Undoubtedly, video content marketing has great prospects in the days to come. If your business is seeking ways to improve its results, it’s high time that you try out a video content marketing strategy.

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How to Incorporate Video into Content Strategy
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How to Incorporate Video into Content Strategy
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