Top SEO Tricks of 2016

top seo tricks of 2016

Top SEO Tricks of 2016. How to make your website SEO-Friendly

Creating a website with the perfect SEO score is a dream that keeps most web developers awake at night. Most of them try innovative techniques to reach the top position in search engine results. Of course, many developers have succeeded in getting their website to that right position. But in the ever changing world of Technology, nothing is constant. Trends on the internet change drastically according to time and keeping a good SEO score is quite a hefty task. Here, the top SEO tricks of 2016 take center stage.
It requires a lot of attention and effort to hold on to the first position in a search result page. But all the effort put in will be worthwhile if we consider the massive advantages that it comes with. Getting a better rank in a search will benefit a website by attracting more traffic to it. If your website is primarily used to publicize your business, it will also fetch you more sales. Sounds interesting enough? Read on!

Why is SEO important?

As we just wound up our intro, the logic of search engine optimization and rankings must be a bit more familiar to you. The process of developing SEO of a website is a direct application of that logic but on a wider scale. As we pointed out, every website out there aspires for that numero uno spot in a Google search or any other search for that matter. The first result in a Google search is always favored by everybody who uses that search engine. When was the last time anyone of us opened Google’s second page of results? For some of us, some desperate pursuits in our past made to find a certain bit of info might spring into mind. But for most users out there, the second page is an unexplored land. So being on the first page and in the first spot makes a lot of sense, this makes you surely try the top SEO tricks of 2016.

Developing SEO of a website – How does it work?

We have learned that SEO is pretty important for a website. In fact, a slight increase in the SEO rank of a website can translate to a humungous increase in the business it attracts. Developing SEO for my website requires expertise and proper understanding of how search engines work. It requires a clear picture of different criteria search engines use to rank websites. An experienced SEO company will definitely use the top SEO tricks of 2016 which helps to find all the required pieces of this puzzle that you aspire to complete.
According to The Guardian, search engines like Google uses a tool called spider to analyze and categorize the content of all the websites in the world. The spider scans for text based pointers instead of pictures and media. It follows an automated pattern to scan content. The attribute of a media file that a spider will scan is the alt text. So when you write content, adding keywords in a natural way must be your primary concern. Try out the top SEO tricks of 2016, it will lead to a rush of traffic to your site.
So what are those pieces that we want? Let us find out by having a look at all the attributes a search engine looks for in a website.


We have talked tons about keywords. These are concise words that specify a result. They might not be grammatically correct or meaningful as a set. But the importance of these words in SEO is immense. The top SEO tricks of 2016 mostly revolve around keywords.
Let us talk about an example, shall we? Imagine a person searching for web development company in Cochin on the internet. The words that he/she types into the search box may or may not be grammatically correct. Most people are not going to type in the exact description of the item he/she wants instead hints/short words will be used. These are called keywords. In this case, most people will not bother typing all his exact web development requirements into the search box. Instead, the most probable keyword is going to be “web development company cochin”. He types that convenient piece of hint into the search box and hopes that Google will sort out the rest for him. And that is exactly what Google loves to do. Google looks for text based keywords and brings up the best information according to it.

The way keywords work

In our example, Google is going to use the “web development company” part to find out websites that feature that word. For those companies which keep a healthy bit of relevant information, this is going to help a lot. All content on a website will be scanned for this keyword and the most relevant results will pop up first. The rest of the query “Cochin” will be used as a keyword as well as a location constraint. This will fine tune the search to display the exact result that the person wanted.

But it is not as simple as it seems to be. It is plainly not just the number of times a keyword is used on a website that governs its rank. Over-optimizing a website by bombarding the content with all possible relevant keywords will hurt its rank badly. The top SEO tricks of 2016 will help you build a strong bond with search engines. This bond is developed using keywords. Keywords are an important piece of information scanned by the search engines to rank a website. But several other attributes of a website are taken into account while it is being ranked.

Crawlable Link structures

In order to find a keyword in a website, the spider or the crawler robots that search engines employ will require a properly laid out path to reach all the pages of a website. These are called crawlable links. While developing SEO, links to all the pages of a website must be made in a crawlable nature. This ensures easy navigation for the bots when they crawl over your website. Structuring the navigation in an ineffective way can hide some pages from these bots. So even if the content is optimized with an adequate number of keywords, it won’t help with SEO if the pages remain hidden to these bots.
There are several mistakes that people make when they structure a website. These can lead to uncrawlable pages.

Submission forms

If a page lies beyond an online form that needs filling up, the bots probably won’t bother. This might range from a simple login page to a full-size contact form. Typing information into forms is not something these crawlers are programmed to do. So any page that opens up only after completing a form is more likely to be ignored by them.

A large number of links in a single page

On a given page, the bots will only crawl over a certain number of links. The number of links is restricted to counter spamming. But if your page contains hundreds of links, it might affect your website as well. The crawlers might stop after going through a certain number of links. This will leave the rest of the links unexplored.

Relying on search forms

Do not expect the crawler bots to access all the pages in your site if they are not linked to any crawlable page. The crawler bots will not use the search box, contrary to the common tongue. This will leave a ton of pages on their site. This will affect us badly if we are developing a website for SEO.

Using complex JavaScript links

Crawlers just don’t like JavaScript links. So if you want them to find the links, replace them with standard HTML.

Creating a responsive website

Responsive websites are the kind of websites that adapt their layout according to the resolution of the screen it is opened in. It uses scalable layouts and images that re-aligns themselves to provide a proper experience. As the name suggests, these pages respond to the device they are opened in. While you are developing a website for SEO, a responsive website must be your pick. We’ll explain why.
A large percentage of internet users have migrated from desktop PCs to other mobile devices like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Each of these devices features a specific resolution for their screen. Developing separate designs for each of these resolutions can be a hassle. Gone are the days in which a separate mobile site was created. Throw the new-age mobile devices like the Apple Watch and the Google Glass into the mix; the things are bound to get even tighter. Responsive websites are always favored by Google the most as they provide users with a fluid experience with their website. In this aspect, nothing can beat a website that responds to your device’s resolution. Ask an experienced web development company to create one for you.

Use genuine content

Using copied content from the same website or any other website can hit your website rankings adversely. While developing SEO, usage of genuine content must be given prime importance. We assure your content will be the quality one if you use the top SEO tricks of 2016.
If you use the same content on different pages, the search engines will get confused. When different URLs contain the same information, the search engines will simply pick one up according to their algorithms and show it to the person who typed in the search. This may leave other URLs with the same information hidden behind this page.  This can be a headache if you use a content management system that creates a separate page for the printable version. Instead of having separate URLs for the same information, create a single page to display the information. Every single piece of unique content must have only one URL corresponding to it. This will strengthen up your SEO rankings. This is called Canonicalization.
If it is required to use separate pages that display the same info, 301-redirect them to the strongest and the most relevant link.

Internal and External links

This is one of the most important attributes of a website that a search engine will look for when they evaluate its SEO ranking. The links that they look for are normally embedded in the content or a media file when the content is being written. These links redirect the reader to a different page which contains more info regarding the part of the content it was linked to. Certain content with adequate links ensures availability of ample information to the reader. If you use the top SEO tricks of 2016, it will help the website rank better.

Internal Links

These are the sort of links that redirect the user to another page in the same website. It might be another blog on the website or the home page of the website or the contact page of the business.

Outbound/ External links.

These are the sort of links that direct the reader to an external website which contains relevant information. An adequate number of external links can be a healthy boost to your SEO rankings. But while developing a website for SEO, always take care not to plague the content with external links. This may be considered to be a spam and the search engines will easily ignore it.
The search engines also look for certain attributes when they evaluate external links in a content.
They are,
• The trustworthiness of the page linked
• The relevance of the content in the linked page.
• The popularity of the target page.
• No of links that direct to the target page.
• The relationship between the source and target page.

Which type of links is more important?
SEO for my website


The external links are ranked more by search engines in terms of SEO. These will fetch more traffic into our website. If any other website links to your website, well, that’s a better story. It can fetch a lot more traffic than the links in your website.
Internal links are also valued by the search engines but not as much. They serve another important purpose of providing a reader a bunch of relevant information. This will keep him glued to your site.

Developing SEO for my website – How can you do it?

Developing SEO for my website is a complex affair better handled by an experienced professional. Top SEO company in Cochin employs experienced professionals with tons of information on the process of search engine optimization. Approaching them will the best choice as they will help you through the whole process.
Dotz Web Technologies LLP is a leading web development and web design company which deals with developing a website for SEO. We give prime importance to your website’s SEO ranking by utilizing the top SEO tricks of 2016. The trust we gained from all our customers is a testament to this fact. Dotz Web Technologies LLP is located in a convenient location in Cochin, one of the fastest growing IT markets in India. If you want your website to have boosted SEO ratings, give us a call or leave us a message.

Top SEO Tricks of 2016
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