Stock Photos Tricks Every Designer Must Know | Web Design

stock photos

Stock Photos Tricks Every Designer Must Know

stock photos

Sample images or pictures you utilize could make or break your designs. So selecting stock photos that really match the overall theme of the designs is important. When you’re designing visuals for a client because their perception of the design depends on the photos you use too.

Finding great photos that compliment your design is very easier. So, while choosing it next time these stock photos tricks will help you find the best photos and use them effectively.

1. Search for Tags:

Top stock photos websites provide advanced search featureto help designers find the photos they need. Please remember that search functionality is not designed to search for the content of photos. It is geared more towards titles, descriptions and other text-based elements added to stock photos. To be master in searching great photos to use, search for tags. Think about tags that people might add to their photos and tailor your search to those potential tags. Altering your approach can help you discover more great photos to use in your designs.

2. Know Where to Look:

There are a lot of websites that offer free stock photos for various usages. Some photos are even available for free. You can find resources such as the thousands of free images available from Shopify. More you browse through different sources of stock photos, the more you will notice some interesting characteristics. Some websites are known for their landscape, nature photos. Other websites offer urban-themed photos that were edited to match a more modern style. After you know where to look, find the right type of photos you need more effectively. This saves time, money and also maintains a consistent mood or theme throughout your designs.

3.Use Samples:

Use samples of premium stock photos when creating mockups or drafting designs for clients. Sample photos have watermarks on them, but you do not have to pay to use them. Once the client approves your design, you can purchase the photos you use. Samples are also used for testing ideas. Using samples is a simple trick that will also save you a lot of money. Free stock photos websites have download limits that you must adhere to. Do not download photos that you cannot use when you can test your ideas using samples instead.

4. Harness Libraries’ Powerful Search Tools:

Stock image libraries save time compared to crafting your own illustration or designing a new set of icons. Stock image libraries allow honing your search according to a range of technical and creative criteria. You might want to search for images with or without people or within a particular color spectrum. Keywords are also a great tool for finding what you’re looking for. So try words that both specifically describe what you are looking for.

5. Take Help from Library Images:

Stock libraries have lots of images, including photography, illustrations, 4K videos and other graphical elements such as patterns, textures, icons. These are great inspirations for your own creative vision. With powerful search functionality, find ideas that relate to the subjects you are looking for.

6. Test your Images:

If you are using your stock photos in a web design project, then check whether they are resonating with your audience. A/B testing also known as split testing involves setting up two versions of the same web page and seeing which performs better. By creating versions with alternative images, you can see whether a particular image or crop of that image gets more clicks.

These stock photos tricks are easy to implement, but they are useful for designers who use stock photos frequently. Next time you need stock photos for your design, you know how to search the right stock photo sites effectively.

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Stock Photos Tricks Every Designer Must Know | Web Design
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Stock Photos Tricks Every Designer Must Know | Web Design
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