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The Key Steps for Mobile App Launch

Commercial traders around the world are offering plausible products by the new realm of mobile app launch. Google Play previously called as Android Market was officially launched on October 22nd, 2008. It is developed by Google for operating Digital Distribution Service for Mobile Apps. The latest report from Google stated, currently there are around 2 billion android mobile users in the world. These users depend on the Google Play Store for obtaining their favorite apps, themes and much more.

Hence, the mobile app launches cross more than 200,000 per year. Giant techs like Google, YouTube and Twitter spend so much effort to create such a unique app and further upgrades. Only those who use new marketing techniques survive. Others, who struggle to meet the required targets, simply fade away. Developers sometimes struggle with the limited resources and they realize that it’s too late for an assumption.

The Initial Marketing

You might be thinking that you don’t require a mobile app to boost up your business. Wherefore, you might not be aware of “Outbound marketing is going out of style and Inbound marketing is thriving”. When you explore this marketing portion by launching a new mobile app for business. Then this article will fertilize you with more ideas on how you can reach your goals.


mobile app launch initial marketing

Companies who successfully experienced a mobile app launch clarify a real-time statement. People are nowadays using a mobile application for finding their needful product which can also be delivered at home. As a result, companies are offering big discounts and home deliveries at free of cost through their mobile app. This marketing technique will drive in more customers. The fact is that people literally don’t have or don’t want to spend time for shopping. They are now depending on mobile applications to get the job done. Therefore, a mobile app will outstand your companies revenue. Then that would be a remarkable step for your business enterprises. Let’s discuss 8 steps which you require for a successful mobile app launch.

Step 1: Ambition

When we aim for something, we always set goals to achieve them. Therefore, you must set up measurable targets in order to launch a new mobile application. We always recommend our consumers to focus on the active installation rate as well as the retention rate. Particularly, both means to sustain the statists of download rate and usage traffic rate. Above all, you can retain revenue from your application which generates through paid services. However, prioritizing on a free mobile application will help you gain a higher amount of downloads from the distribution platform. Moreover, this rate can stabilize later.  They indicate that you must target on a much higher ratio of revenue through maintaining active downloads.

Step 2: Promotion

You need to assure that, potential customers are being notified when you launch your application. We are living in an advanced world with more than 2/3rd of its population currently depending on mobile apps to meet their intentions. Giant tech like Facebook reported a mind-blowing figure of more than 2 billion active users in June 2017. Other giants like Twitter who claims 500 million tweets are being tweeted every month & YouTube with 1.3 billion active users who watch 5 billion videos every single day. So then, now you know where you need to scrutinize opportunities for marketing your products. Spread the word for launching your attractive mobile application.

Step 3: Content

Dedicate yourself to creating such a content, that clearly clarifies the overview of your application and its products. The potential comments and questions you get through online platforms will thrive you with more ideas in order to serve effective responses. Therefore since your mobile app launch, give prior attention to these social media marketing technique with advanced and attractive contents.

Step 4: Distribution

Generally, we suggest our clients choose a single digital distribution service provider such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This will help the developers to focus more on increasing traffic and reviews. Once your app gets familiar among mobile users, then expand your mobile app launch to users from other distribution platforms. BlackBerry World & Windows App Stores also can help you boost your new mobile app launch.

Step 5: Pitch

Bloggers and online marketing specialists can help you spread the word and boost up the launching. But you can make initiatives well before your mobile app launch. Because no matter whom you choose to market your new mobile application, it will give them enough time to complete an eye-catching story for people. In addition to, publishing demo videos for your potential customers will reward you back with huge shares and more downloads. This demo can help them learn about the products and functionalities of your mobile application.

Step 6: Paid Publicity

We can develop online advertisements in a number of formats. Ordinarily, text ads and banner ads and then the rich content based video ads. Ad conversion rates were always higher. Google and Facebook run paid ad services to help business enterprises to boost up their revenue.

Step 7: Links

Links must be generated prior to your mobile app launch. Depending on social medias to promote your application will only benefit you in an effective way. However, make sure you connect your links with paid ad services to make a smooth landing procedure for your respected customers.

Step 8: Comments & Reviews

When your apps receive the desired reviews, there it increases the visibility and downloads. Thus, your customers can share their concerns about your products. You must be ready to sort out the issues (bugs) compelling by your mobile app users. If your response is quick then your revenue will hike. Make sure you complete the A/B test for improving your application to compete with others.

When you decide for mobile app launch, you are actually deciding a big moment in your life. Mobile app launch safe case your company’s growth within it. More than 90% of the companies around the world investing in mobile application developments. There are some companies which will not accept any of these facts. However, there is more chance for your company to be left behind against the competitors.

I believe this article helped you with the critical steps that required for launching your mobile app. This will lead to highlighting your business avenue. At Dotz Web Technologies, we have helped businesses for launching their mobile application to increase their abilities and revenue. If you have any queries regarding this topic or to avail any of our services, feel free to contact our team of skilled professionals at Dotz Web Technologies, one of the top App development company in Kerala. We offer high-quality service in Web Design and Development, SEO and Content Writing, Web Hosting, App Development etc. We are one of the top Web Design Company in India.

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