How to SEO your Website to Rank Top in Google?

how to do seo for website

How to do SEO for Website?

When you search for something on the internet, you would probably click on the results that appear on top. This general tendency has paved way for a great deal of competition in the world of internet. Millions of websites compete among themselves for the top positions for a particular search result. Some websites win the race and come on top while others don’t. The successful websites can attribute their good results to SEO or Search Engine Optimisation so you should be aware of how to do SEO for website. SEO is typically techniques used to increase the traffic to your websites. Generally, search engines rank each website for different search results. The main focus of SEO is to improve the rankings of the website and make it easier to find among millions of other websites.

So how to do SEO for the website? Well, there are some simple steps you can follow to optimize your website for search engines. Effectively applying SEO can help to naturally increase the quantity and quality of the traffic to your website. In times like these where search engines used by everyone to know about almost everything, the search rankings of your website is vitally important. You might already know about SEO and it benefits but if you are confused about how to do SEO for website, follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1: Write high-quality content

The quality of content is essential for the best search engine results. Some website owners wonder how to do SEO for website efficiently while they keep posting badly written content. Firstly, high-quality content helps to gain the trust of readers on your website. Once they understand that your website offers well-written content, they will eventually come back to see your newest posts. Undoubtedly, this will contribute to increasing the traffic to your website and would give you more backlinks.

When you write content for your website, always focus on the readers. You are writing for a specific audience and not the search engine. If the content has a natural flow with optimum keyword usage, the chances of getting a higher ranking are great. Also, make sure the content is engaging enough to attract traffic. Possibly, if your content is good enough to make some reader share it on social media, you will have your content spread to a large mass of readers free of cost.

Ultimately, the quality of your content counts a lot. Make sure you always post well-written content on your website for better SEO results.

how to do seo for website content

Step 2: Add links and provide anchor text

Adding links to relevant web pages or websites in the content can help improve the search rankings. These clickable links that take a user to another web page are termed as anchor links. Always make sure that you check the authority of the anchor links before using them. Using anchor links of low authority can result in the decrease of your keyword ranking. Similarly, don’t give anchor links on focus keywords. Make sure you set the option as ‘open in new tab’ for anchor links click action. And above all, the links you provide must be relevant to the content.

Anchor text is the text in which the link may be embedded or in simple words the text marked in a different color on which you can click to go to another page. It’s necessary that the anchor text used is relevant and is aligned to the content. Propper linking is one of the best tips to have in mind if you wonder how to do SEO for website.

how to do seo for website add link

how to do seo for website link adding

Step 3: Insert images and fill up the image attributes

If you are thinking how to do SEO for website by adding images, the answer is simple. Images simply enhance the vividness of your website. Images make the website more engaging and contribute to better search results. Without a doubt, images help the readers to understand the written content better. A better understanding of content consequently would bring in more people to visit your website. Just make sure that the images are relevant to the content.

While you add images, make sure you fill in all fields of image attributes. This is essential for the search engines to know how to deal with the image. You need to fill in details like title, caption, alt text, description etc. Sometimes users may search for images and may end up visiting your website if your images stand out.

how to do seo for website

Step 4: Use Branded Keywords

In your SEO campaign, it’s essential to use branded keywords. Branded keywords are specific to a company or brand. It’s better for SEO to use branded keywords as anchor text rather than using non-branded keywords.

how to do seo for website with keywords

Step 5: Get rid of duplicate content

Search engines nowadays are intelligent and can spot duplications easily. Duplicate content will result in the downfall of your SEO score. Make sure your content is original and well written. You can use tools such as SmallSEO, quetext, plagscan etc to spot duplicate content and avoid plagiarism.

Step: 6 Use a well-constructed title tag

Your page title is key when it comes to SEO. Always include the keyword in the title and make sure that the title is less than 65 characters with no stop words. Similarly, limit the use of alphanumeric characters and symbols in the title. It’s essential to keep in mind how to do SEO for the website by the effective use of a well-constructed title tag.

Step 7: Use of header tags

Header tags such as h1, h2, h3, h4. h5, h6 are available to be used. Make sure that you include the focus keyword in the h1 tag. This is vital because h1 tags play a key role in determining the search ranks. Having the keyword in the h1 tag increases the possibility of people finding the page when the are searching for that keyword.

Step 8: Include keywords in the content

The keywords should appear in the content several times. This is key for getting good search scores. Make sure that you use the keywords in optimum number and only where it makes sense.

Step 9: Meta tags

Meta tags are code which doesn’t appear on the page. It’s the description of the contents of the page. It helps to understand the content description in a short from the snippet portion in the search engines. Mainly there are 4 types of meta tags:

Meta Keyword attribute: list of keywords related to the page content. But according to the latest SEO updations, meta keywords make no sense as a ranking factor.

Meta Title: It is the title of the page for search engines. The suggested character limit of the title tag is 50-60.

Meta Description: a brief description of the page in shorter than 160 characters.

Meta Robots: This attribute helps search engine bots to crawl the page.

how to do seo for website with meta tags

Final Note

Many people seek how to do SEO for website efficiently while forgetting to take care of simple things. As seen above, make sure you follow these simple steps and take care of few important things to get better SEO results.

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