How to Create a Perfect Logo – 5 Simple Step Process

steps to make a logo

Step-by-step Process to Make a Logo

A logo plays a key role in defining the identity of a brand. In simple terms, the logo is a visual representation of the whole company! Now that is thought-provoking, right? A small picture can really say a lot about the brand. Think of all the logos of famous brands. You can certainly identify many brands by just seeing the logo. This is a clear indication of the impact a logo can make in people’s minds. Haven’t you had the experience of staring at some logo because it’s so interesting? Designers, when they make a logo apply lots of principles to make it attractive. Even if you may have no interest in the products or services that company offers, you may still be familiar with that brand because you are attracted to their logo.Yes! that’s the magical power that logos have.

Now you know how important a logo is to a brand. If you think designing a logo is a walk in the park, think again. You have to understand that it’s really a responsibility to define a brand in a small picture. Anyone can make a logo, but coming up with a good logo needs some thinking. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to be an experienced designer to make a logo that stands out. If you follow some simple steps and take care of few important things, you certainly can make a logo that looks attractive. Today, let’s take a look at a few simple steps that can help your logo design process.

1. Understand what makes a good logo

What makes a good logo? It’s a hard question to answer. A good logo is a result when so many things fall into place correctly. But for simplicity, few points are there to be remembered so that when you make a logo, you can check whether you are on the right track.

Initially, a good logo must be simple. That’s right. Designing a complex logo is not a good idea. After all, you are trying to represent a brand visually. It should be simple enough to convey the message. Filling up all the space and making the logo look crowded is not wise. Express the message that the logo must carry in the most simple manner if possible. If you have a misconception that you need a lot of illustration skills to make a logo, you may be wrong. If you aren’t that good at creating complex illustrations or typos, don’t worry; some of the best logos ever created have very simple designs. But they express the brand exceptionally well.

Consider the iconic Apple logo, it’s quite a simple design. But do you know that the ‘bite’ in the apple symbolises ‘byte’ in the world of computers? Fascinating, right? There are many theories regarding what the apple symbolises. Some say that it represents the fruit of knowledge that Adam and Eve ate according to the Bible. Well, that topic is debatable. What I’m suggesting is that some of the best logos you can find conveys a meaning using the simplest of designs.

make a logo apple

You can check out this link to see some hidden meanings behind logos.

Similarly, the logo must be easy to recall or identify. As mentioned earlier, you can easily identify the brands if I show you some the best logos. This is because it’s simple enough to be in our memory. In addition, the logo may have something catchy that we notice easily. It may also be the correlation the logo has with the brand. In conclusion, when you make a logo, make sure that people can easily remember the logo.

Next, the logo should be specific to the brand. The whole point of designing the logo is to represent the brand. So, it’s really important that the logo is related to the brand in some way. Choose the colours and symbolism that suit the brand (I will explain that in depth later on in this article). If there is a good correlation between the logo you designed and the what the brand is all about, then the chances that people will remember the logo are high. In simple words, the logo should be attractive to the target audience.

If you are still confused, you can check out this link to see some examples of good logo design and some badly designed logos.

2. Understand the brand and target audience

When you make a logo, you should understand the brand well before hand. Similarly, it’s important to do some research about your target audience as well so that you can make a logo that is appealing to them. If the logo is not appealing to the people specifically intended, it might turn out to be bad for the brand. If we study the logos of famous brands, we can learn how they have effectively used this principle. Lots of examples can be found to understand this.

See the logo used for Barbie products. Who are the target audience? Kids, especially girls. Don’t you think this logo is perfectly appealing to them? Mattel has effectively made use of the logo for Barbie to attract children. The way the logo is designed perfectly suits the kind of products sold and the targeted audience.

make a logo barbie

So as mentioned above, it’s vital to study the target audience before you make a logo. Similarly, the type of products or services the brand offers is also important to consider. Suppose you are designing a logo for a restaurant, consider what kind of a logo would specifically suit this individual brand and also how a restaurant can generally be represented graphically. For this, you need effective communication with your client. Ask them about their company’s policies, visions etc so that you may derive some inspiration from it.

In conclusion, ask yourself some questions before you make a logo. Will the target audience be driven towards it? Does the logo have something that provokes a thought in them? Does the logo represent the brand well and suits the type of services offered? Keep these questions in mind, they can come in very handy to guide you through the right path when you make a logo.

3. Conceptualisation: choose the right elements, colours and font

One of the most important steps, when you make a logo is a conceptualisation. Do some brainstorming and think what all to include in the logo. Think of all the elements that are appropriate in your logo. Once you have a basic concept formed in your, you can do some doodling. Try different combinations of elements and play around with the concept you have in mind. Possibly, you will come up with better concepts while you are doodling. You may even get some ideas that you haven’t thought of yet to make a logo.

Once you have a basic concept in mind, it’s time to choose the colours and font.  Make a list of colours that will be suitable for the logo and think of what fonts to use. When you make a logo, there are few things to keep in mind while choosing colours and the font.


Think about what colours would effectively communicate the brand to the public. It’s necessary that the colours you use signify a particular meaning. You ought to know that each colour has a meaning or symbolism associated with it. Colours can communicate through an invisible language! Similarly, each colour can invoke specific emotions in the human mind. So choose the colours wisely. Make sure that you choose the colours which symbolise things associated with the brand and can invoke the right emotions to attract the right people.

For instance, banking or finance firms generally tend to use blue colour in their logo. This is because blue colour symbolises trust, loyalty and truth. Additionally, the blue colour is known to invoke a sense of serenity in our minds. Banking or finance firms use this to express the idea that their firm is trustworthy and the customers can rest in a peaceful state of mind because of the security they offer.

make a logo barclays


make a logo sbi


make a logo federal bank

You can check this guide to know more about the meaning of colours.


Choosing the right font is yet another important step when you make a logo. The font must be appropriate for the brand. You don’t often see banks using a curly font for their logo, right? You can choose between bold and clean fonts or curly and playful ones depending on the type of the brand.

This can be illustrated using the example of the following logos.

make a logo disney

Disney uses a ‘curly’ font which symbolises playfulness and innocence. This font is exceptionally suitable for the brand it represents. You can’t really imagine a better font for a brand like Disney who is the ‘kids favourite’.

make a logo rolex

On the other hand, the font used by Rolex is clean, classy and bold. This font symbolizes class which is very typical of the brand. Again, we can clearly see the intelligent use of font to represent the brand’s identity in the best manner.

Another important point to consider when you make a log is the number of fonts to use. It’s always best to minimise the number of fonts to one or two. The best logos you can find typically uses just a single font.

To get a better perspective, fonts can be classified as:

  • Serif: These fonts have small lines at each letter. They are used to symbolize tradition, trust, and reverence. The Times New Roman is a typical example.
  • Sans serif: ‘Sans’ means ‘without’ and Sans-serif fonts do not have the small lines as in Serif fonts. Sans serif fonts symbolize aspiration, neatness etc. and neatness. Franklin Gothic is an example of this type.
  • Script: Script fonts are typically curvy and look similar to handwriting. These fonts symbolize elegance and creativity. French Script font is an example of this kind.

You can use a computer to just type the name of the brand to see which kind of font are suitable and how the logo would look using that font. Check out the fonts used by famous brands.

4. Sketch out the concept and make the first draft

Once you are done with some doodling and have made some decision about the colours and fonts to use, you can now get into the serious business. It’s now time to make some basic samples. Observe the doodles you have made and choose 2-3 concepts that you think are the best. Next, make somewhat detailed sketches of these ideas. In these sketches, you can use the colours you have chosen and write the of the brand resembling the fonts you have chosen to make a logo. Once you have made a detailed sketch, you can make a digital version of the logo. Make use of any vector graphics software to do this. You can use these digital versions of the sketches you made as a first draft. When you make a logo, it’s important to get client feedbacks before you finalize a design. You use these well-designed drafts and to seek the feedback of your client. It’s best to let the client choose the concept to finalize from the drafts you made or you can do it according to your own perspective. The client may also have some suggestions and may ask you to make some revisions according to his or her ideas. Make the revisions that are necessary and you can start making the final design.

5. Make the final delivery

After all the hard work, now it’s the moment of truth! Make the final logo in a clean and clear manner. Once you are satisfied with making the final design, you can submit it to your client. The final delivery of your design needs some care. You may produce the final output in different file formats according to the client’s requirements. Always make sure that the final work you are going to deliver is free of mistakes and it looks really appealing. When you make a logo, by adhering to professional standards, you can make your clients really impressed.

Final note

Designing a logo is a challenging yet fulfilling task. It’s actually a great responsibility to effectively make a graphical representation of a brand. If you are starting out, it may feel like a really difficult task to make a logo. But be rest assured, you can produce stunning logos if you unleash your creativity while adhering to some basic guidelines. Initially, study logos of other brands and understand the peculiarities of good and bad logos. This helps you understand what makes good and bad logos. Similarly, important to understand the brand and target audience well. Always make a logo that’s appealing to the target audience. Similarly, make good use of colours and font. If you follow some basic principles, it’s possible to do some wonderful work. The simple steps mentioned above can hopefully guide you to make a logo that’s attractive.

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