Design A Perfect Landing Page with Easy UX Tips

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Top-Performing Landing Page UX Tips  

A Landing page is basically a page that act as an entry point to a website. This page is distinct from the rest of the website and has a unique marketing purpose. When a user clicks on an ad of your business, the page that is displayed to the user will typically be a landing page. Landing pages are integral to ‘getting the customers see what they should see’. It’s a common misconception that a landing page is the home page. Landing pages are not the home page, but a standalone page specially designed for a purpose. Undoubtedly, landing pages are key in marketing your business. Hence, you should take good care of the User Experience of the landing page to make the most of it. Here are few cool landing page UX tips that you can follow.

1. Avoid Distractions

When designing a landing page, the best bet is to avoid all kinds of distractions. This includes the navigation bar and the footer. This helps to get the user focused and isolate his or her attention to the page. People are generally very curious and will click on links or navigate around if you don’t tie their attention to what you want them to see. If navigation bars and lots of distracting content are provided, chances are high that the user will click on other options and navigate out of the landing page.

See the landing page used by webprofits; the page has a fluidic flow and has minimal distractions so that the user gets to see only what’s essential. Hence, always keep in mind that avoiding distractions is an important factor while designing the landing page UX.

2. Clean Layout

Another important factor for good landing page UX is to have a clean layout. Make sure that the content you are posting on the landing page is harmonious. There should only be limited use of images and text so that the page doesn’t look confusing. Similarly, easily readable typography is preferable.

Remember to take care of the sequence that the landing page is following. Good landing page UX implies having a meaningful sequence without making all the information stacked up at one place.

3. Use easily understandable language

Another important step for improving the landing page UX is to convey the message in the simplest manner possible. While trying to improve the visual appearance of the page, the readable content should not be overlooked. Make sure that the message which you intend to convey clearly reaches the user.

4. Recognisable Call To Action

Some websites totally fail at providing good landing page UX just because their CTA (Call To Action) is not recognisable. When a user lands on a page, it should be clear that what the user should do next. Some websites make their landing page so complex that users get confused and they eventually leave the page. There should be a clear CTA like ‘Call now’, ‘find out more’,  ‘join now’ or ‘create an account’ which is linked properly. For the best landing page UX, primarily, the CTA buttons should be easy to spot and secondly, it should be clear to the user why he or she should click the button. Look at the landing page given below. This minimalist page uses a clear CTA which makes absolutely no confusion and clearly states to the user how to proceed.

landing page ux cta

For the best landing page UX, primarily, the CTA buttons should be easy to spot and secondly, it should be clear to the user why he or she should click the button.

5. Consistency

There should be consistency in the contents of the ad and the landing page. In simple words, the landing page should give what is promised in the ad. The contents in both should be matching and be coherent. For instance, if a user clicks an ad which says about a tutorial, the landing page should contain details about the tutorial and a link to the registration. If the contents of the landing page are not consistent with the ad the results is bad landing page UX.

6. Simple forms

If you are using forms on your landing page, make sure that the forms are easy to be filled. This is especially relevant if the user uses a mobile device. Make sure that only required fields are provided without making the user fill up long forms. Forms should be viewed as an important part of landing page UX.

landing page ux forms

Observe the simple forms this page has provided. Forms like these are the best bet to enhance landing page UX.

7. UX after the landing page

Good landing page UX should also be concerned about pleasing the user even after the user clicks the CTA. You can add a thank you page which will please the user. Thank you, pages also let you communicate with the user further and provide them with more information.  Simple steps like adding a thank you page can increase the landing page UX considerably.

landing page ux

8. Opt for Responsive pages

Make sure that you design your pages suiting all kinds of devices. The number of people regularly browsing through mobile phones is on the rise. There are greater chances of improving your conversion rate if your website can provide good UX to mobile users as well.

Final Note

Landing pages play an integral role in increasing your conversion rates. It’s essential that the landing page is intelligently designed so that it performs its purpose in the best manner. When it comes to designing a landing page, make sure to take good care of the UX. As mentioned above, good landing pages use a clean layout and understandable language. The landing page UX can be viewed as below par if the page is crowded with content and images. The main focus should be to take the users where you want and not at all confuse them.

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Design A Perfect Landing Page with Easy UX Tips
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Design A Perfect Landing Page with Easy UX Tips
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