Mobile App Testing Tools

App Testing Tools

Mobile App Testing Tools: Intro

Creating a mobile app with all its perfection is a holy grail for app developers. Something every mobile app developer dreams of but very difficult to achieve. Here comes the significance of the mobile app testing tools in achieving that one goal every app developer yearns for. It is useful, especially if you have a finished mobile app and wants to take it to the next level. With the help of various mobile app testing tools, the task has become much simplified and one can be confident in launching their app without any turmoil.

So What Really is App Testing?

App testing mainly comprises of these, major categories:

Mobile App Testing Tools

App Testing or Application testing is the procedure in which the applications designed and developed for mobile devices are tested for its functionality, compatibility, consistency, usability and interruptions.

List Of Best App Testing Tools

1. Appium for Android and iOS 

Appium is an open source tool that can test apps from both the android and apple world. It is suitable for native as well as hybrid app testing. It supports Safari on iOS and the built in browser apps of the android. There is really no need to modify any app code for testing. It will run on Android or iOS using the device or emulator. By now it is quite clear why Appium is one among the finest app testing tools out there.

2. Selendroid for Android

Like the Appium, Selendroid too is an app testing tool that doesn’t require any app code modification. The test code of Selendroid is built on Selenium 2 and WebDriver API. It’s framework interacts with multiple devices and device emulators concurrently. Another notable feature is that it supports device hot – swapping. It is steered by the UI of native as well as hybrid apps and also mobile web. It is one of the app testing tools for the android.

3. iPhoney for iOS

As the name suggests, iPhoney is one of the app testing tools for the apple phones. iPhoney favors pixel sharp web browsing ambiance. It enables one to test images and code in 320 by 480-pixel sharp form backed by Apple Safari. Aspects such as portrait, landscape modes, full screen, and zoom are tested.

4. Robotium for Android

Robotium is an Open Source library built explicitly for Android UI testing. It enables automated black box testing for the web, native or hybrid mobile apps with its TestDroid Recorder. Test scripts are prepared with the assistance of JavaScript. With the test scripts, it also concedes to write function, system and user acceptance test plots. This also falls under the app testing tools for android.

5. Testdroid for Android and iOS

Testdroid helps to test android and iOS apps on devices along with attributes such as automation and manual testing. Testdroid renders API through open-source software which is gettable on GitHub.

6. Calabash for Android and iOS

Calabash consists of two open source libraries, one for iOS and another for Android. It is suitable for native as well as hybrid app testing like most of the ones above. A common language is used to write test cases. It executes great with Ruby, Java, NET, Flex and a lot of other programming languages. It falls under the category of app testing tools for both the android and the iOS.

7. Frank

Frank is an iOS-only test framework with the fusion Cucumber and JSON elements. Although it offers the convenience of not requiring app code alterations, it is troublesome to run directly on devices. Emulators and web-based apps are much more suitable for it.  Symbiote app inspector has incorporated along with this and it is one of the best app testing tools for the iOS.

8. MonkeyTalk for Android and iOS

First of all, it consists of three cores: an IDE, an Agent, and scripts. In Addition, testers can employ this functional app test platform for iOS and Android app. The IDE generates test scripts using record and playback. While the agent is a test instrumentation library to which the app links. On the other hand, MonkeyTalk scripts use simple keyword syntax and Ant or Java execution engines.

9. UIAutomator for Android

Another one under the app testing tools for android is the UIAutomator. UI Automator allows testing the UI using automated functional test cases. It is able to run on one or more devices. JavaScripts ensures the writing of scripts.

10. UI Automation for iOS

Javascript helps in operating the device UI. It does not run great with other tools, methodology, and framework as it is a proprietary tool. Furthermore,  it does not support managing test cases and suites as other frameworks do. It is also one of the app testing tools for the apple alone.

11. Ranorex for Android and iOS

Ranorex falls under the category of app testing tools for both the android and apple versions. It is used for functional testing to test native iOS apps, native mobile apps, Mobile Web Testing for iOS, Mono touch etc. Apart from these, Ranorex backs Acceptance Testing, Automation Testing, GUI Testing, Web Testing, Mobile Testing, Data-Driven Testing, Cross-Device Testing etc.

12. KIF for iOS

KIF also falls under the app testing tools for apple alone category. Keep It Functional is the expansion of KIF.  It makes use of the Accessibility APIs built into iOS so as to fabricate real user interactions. Objective-C is used to write tests, which is already practised by iOS developers, but not the test teams. In addition to that, Apple’s switch to Swift makes the use of Objective-C a disadvantage in the long run.

13. SOASTA TouchTest for Android and iOS

SOASTA  launched the automated function testing tool called the TouchTest. It comes in handy while concurrently testing the native, hybrid apps thus effects the mobile app developmentSOASTA TouchTest is one of the app testing tools for both the android and the apple.

14. pCloudy for Android

One of the unique features of pCoudy is that it backs cloud automation service and location based application testing. The pcloudy framework is free and also available commercially. It inspects performance, CPU usage, memory consumptions and network usage.

15. UX Recorder for iOS 

UX Recorder tool is used for website usability testing on iOS devices. Foraker Labs is behind the making of it. As the name suggests, UX Recorder records user’s interaction. But it does not support other native apps on iOS. Another advantage of UX Recorder is that it is free to use under all the iOS devices.

Now it is quite clear that what all app testing tools are out there. If you need one for your applications or websites do not hesitate to make the most of them. As it can play a pivotal role for your company. Are you having a problem to choose one from the list? Get in touch with the best web design company in Cochin. With over 10 years of experience, a team of devoted members made Dotz Web Technologies LLP a key player in the web development and web design arena. Contact us for more details.

Mobile App Testing Tools
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