10 Amazing Trends for the Future of App Development

mobile app development trends

Mobile App Development Trends of 2017

We are all living in a century where the technology plays a vital role in our daily life. There are around 7.5 billion people live on this planet earth. Out of that figure, there is 2.1 billion people depend on mobile phones to meet their needs. There are billions of mobile applications available on several online distribution platforms. An estimated figure of 253 billion free mobile application downloads occurred in 2017. However, the figure is way lower on paid mobile application downloads as it is only around 15 billion worldwide. When these figures meet the turnover revenue, revealed a figure of $ 70 Billion in the year 2015. Experts are predicting mobile application revenues will reach around almost $189 Billion by the year of 2020.

There we see a future, where almost all the big & small business groups hire a well established mobile application services to build up their own application. After a complete research on mobile app development trends, I have pin pointed several trends that are regularly used by its respected developers. Let’s explore 10 major development trends that have a nourishing future ahead.

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

On February 24th, 2016, search giant Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages for improving the loading time of a website on mobile devices. It is an open source project which has been introduced as a new search index for mobile platforms. AMP web pages are very effective and corporates around the world integrating their website with amp plug-in. When you search for content on your mobile, most of the results that come up on the first page would be an amp integrated web page. The overview of these pages delivers an experience of using a mobile application. This, in fact, attracts more customers than ever before. Read more about AMP WordPress mobile app development trends amp

2. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

Augmented reality is software from future, where it is in the experimental phase now. Both AR & VR applications are related to the gaming industry. There are several games that use these applications and those entries are Pokemon Go, SkySiege, iOnRoad, and myNav. Augmented reality is literally showcasing our present reality with additional artificial objects sneaking around. However, Virtual reality technology is purely artificial which is recreated based on a situation or true events. Perhaps, it takes us to a different imaginative world.

Moreover, it’s just not remaining in the gaming industry anymore but we are about to witness VR and AR application for the healthcare, manufacturing, travel, education, real estate and of cause the retail industry. For example, a real estate broker approaches you with their AR-VR application. Then you can just explore the whole properties on the list. See the sample video below.

3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The world of Information Technology witnessed a huge proportion of investment in artificial intelligence. AI will provide powerful insights to every business corporates around the world. Mobile application hardware is currently getting advanced with artificial intelligence and some of them are Apple Siri, Google Now and Prisma. This trend is expanding every day and improves predictive capabilities. We are about to experience their creativeness and intelligence which can predict our diet, movies that good for your mood, auto plays music similar to the one you were chosen and much more.
mobile app development trends ai

4. Cloud Services

Cisco, the networking hardware giant claims that more than 90% of cloud based apps will overrun the mobile traffic by 2019. Cloud technology delivers computing resources such as networking, applications, storage, servers, and services. It’s an on-demand computer service which you can avail by pay for use basis. However, there are few other applications where you can depend on online storage services for free, such as Google Drive & DropBox etc. Developers merging the cloud technology with mobile applications that can directly save its data to a particular cloud account. This can benefit you by minimizing internal space usage on your mobile devices.
mobile app development trends cloud services

5. Enterprise Apps & Micro-apps

Enterprise mobile application refers to a big business application yet very user-friendly. Investors are pretty much attracted to the advantages of enterprise applications. Enterprise applications help you manage your business roles at ease while micro applications are focused on a single and simple process. Micro apps are small in size as well as its priorities are concentrated on a single task. Mobile app development trends witnessing success for both applications. Experts predict that by the year 2021, there would be more than 400 billion enterprise applications available on the market.
mobile app development trends enterprise micro apps

6. App Security

When it comes to mobile app development trends, we cannot avoid the security concern among the industry. There are only a quarter of applications around the world are secured. Experts suggest that almost 70% of mobile applications are not secured at all and it has no ability to outstand any cyber attacks. Hewlett-Packard Software Company, simply known as HP studied the situation and their reports illustrate that more than 94% application requires log-in process whereas 70% of apps can have access to your external storages. Therefore, ensure your business mobile application is developed with JavaScript frameworks because they are somewhat secure than others.

mobile app development trends app security

7. Wearable Devices

Reports claim that there would be a growth in sales for wearable devices in the year 2017. They are expected to sell around 310 million devices by the end of the year. This ratio states the demand for the wearable devices across all age groups. Mobile app development trends are continuing to experience the growth rate of 20% which would be around 213 million devices are to be shipped across the globe by the year 2020. However, some companies are already conquering the market with astonishing devices such as Apple Watch, Google daydream viewer, Xiaomi Band 2, Pebble 2, Fitbit Flex 2 and much more.

mobile app development trends wearable devices

8. M-Commerce

M-commerce refers to Mobile-commerce and has been forecasting to reach its revenue of 700 billion us dollars by the end of this year. Almost half of its business transactions currently occurred in Asia. It is a selling and buying process through the electronic devices.
Giants like Apple, Samsung and Microsoft are all being unleashed by M-commerce. According to studies, debit and credit cards will be replaced by online wallets such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google and Microsoft wallets. Millennials around the world prefer these online wallets as they like to purchase things with them instead of using the liquid money. Make sure your mobile application is configured for these features.

mobile app development trends m commerce

9. Internet of Things

Internet of things refers to the network between several devices without a human to computer interaction. It can be connected between computing devices, digital machines, animals or objects. IoT adopts cloud based mobile applications which fascinated the developers in last year. As a result, they developed exciting IoT applications such as Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Smart Cars, Smart Healthcare, Transportation, and energy sectors too. A Recent survey predicts the growth of revenue from IoT application would come across around 660 billion us dollars by the year of 2021. The current annual rate of its growth comes around 30%. Most IoT solutions are backed up with additional mobile applications to over control its services. Even though, Android Market launched a developing package kit for IoT applications.

mobile app development trends iot

10. Apple’s Swift

Swift is a compiled programming language for IOS, WatchOS, MacOS, TvOs, and Linux. Swift codes work complied with other languages such as Objective-C, C, C++ to run an application. The codes launched by apple back in 2014 and considered as one of the latest mobile app development trends, because it’s going to stay for a long time. Apple’s native apps require advanced swift codes to program well for developing effective IOS applications. Swift explores a bright future with IOS developers. However, its advanced features sparked android market but it is not assured whether Android will accept this language or develop their own. Moreover, swift third version recently launched on April 21, 2017.

mobile app development trends apples swift


When it comes to mobile app development trends, these 10 aspects have an important role in a better aftermath. Likewise, the skilled developers are not able to depend on the outdated tools or trends because the technological world is evolving day by day. Above all developing exciting and effective applications are a bit challenging, but their outcomes are ground breaking. The future for mobile app development trends is looking so bright today.

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