Art of Freelancing

Growing up isn’t easy, but it’s worth the hassle

I have been working for several clients for the past 10 years and this gave me a portfolio that I proud of. I am happy to realize that now I stand at a position that is higher than the one I started out on. But I aspire to do better with the experience I gathered. For that, do I have a choice that I can depend on?

It’s a crowded world this. That’s what I found out as I tried to find work to keep me engaged. I had to work a lot to reach the position that I am right now and boy, I am glad. Housing a ton of skills won’t help until you find that stage you need to exhibit them. I found many of them along my way. It was quite a bitter-sweet journey to be honest. Finding a work was a hefty task at first, but receiving gratitude from the clients after I gave them exactly what they wanted when they wanted it, gave me priceless joy. And the best part is, none of these were transient relationships. Almost all of them still keep in touch with me and I am more than happy to help them with any queries that they have.

Freelancing for many firms gave me a lot of contact that kept us away from being an uninformed entity in this field. Working for these reputed clients has given me the exposure required in this field. But the best part of freelancing is that, it gave me a degree of flexibility and freedom. I didn’t have to follow orders or stringent rules. I had my own time frames, my own flexible schedules and I was able to make use of it in a very effective manner. This freedom enabled me to properly cater to the needs of my clients instead of cooking up some worthless service to keep me bosses happy.

In this fast paced world, advancement is critical. The process of moving on from one step to the next one is of paramount importance. As explained in the beginning of this article, I was on the lookout for a window that will help us to achieve that progress. That is when I bumped into Toptal. It was a name that popped up in between the conversation with a friend of mine. But when I researched about it, I realized that Toptal was more than just a window. Being one of the best platforms on the internet that a freelancer can get, Total was the one I should opt for, I confirmed. Instead of employing rookies with no knowledge whatsoever, Total maintains a proper community of engineers and developers who have already proven themselves by attending the standardized tests Total has. The screening process is really effective I choosing only the best. The applicants have to pass phone and coding interviews before they can qualify for Toptal. This ensures the quality of work that gets delivered to a client who is looking to get his work done. Instead of employing a person with no knowledge, they can rely on people with proven skill sets to do their work.

So I am brushing up all the skills I mustered in order to get ready for the interview where I will hopefully be able to use them to be a part of this amazing community.

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Art of Freelancing
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