How to choose Web Development Company

how to choose web development company

Key points on how to choose web development company.

A website is one of the most important and effective windows that help your business grow. It’s a tricky move to get an answer for how to choose web development company. Getting it right will reward you with a great experience and a fantastic website. A well-made website will attract a lot of attention to your company, helping it grow. But if the web development company you choose does a shabby job with it, it won’t do so. So how to choose web development company in a proper way?

Well, there are certain things that we can do before knowing how to choose web development company. We can look at the histories of all companies that we are interested in. We can go through their track records and we can do more. But before we finally select a web development company, ask some questions to yourself on how to choose web development company. This can go a long way in helping you find the right web development company for the job.

So here are 10 questions that we should ask on how to choose web development company.

1. Do I know what I need?

This is a very important part of the questionnaire. Before we question about the web development companies, take a moment to question ourselves. Are we sure about what we need? Before we approach a web development company, we should have a clear idea about the website we need. There might be some certain attributes that we’d like to fit into our website. Do not leave all of it to the discretion of the web development company we choose. Of course, some intervention by the designers will be required and they are pretty good at it. They might have to overturn some of our suggestions due to performance or other issues. But never, I repeat never, hesitate to dial in some suggestions. At the end of it all, we have to live with the website and our business will depend on it.

Let me see if I can fit a metaphor here. It’s more or less like a marriage. If we know how to choose web development company in the choosing stage, be brave enough in your decision. Else, when it is all built and done and if it does turn out the way we wanted it to, it’s hard to let go and move on. We will be stuck with it. So question our self, work out our mind to figure what we need, what our business needs.

2. Do they know what I need?

We now have an idea about what we need. Not the technical side, but some of the basic stuff on the surface. Okay, here comes the next episode. The time has to come to choose a company that specializes in what we need. A bad web development company will do a sloppy work consistently so, be aware of how to choose web development company. We have to steer clear of them. In order to get that done, we have to analyze our needs. There are experienced web development companies out there that specialize in certain areas that we need. These web development companies will have dedicated staffs that have tons of experience in specific areas.

For example, if it’s a mobile app that we want, find out a company that focuses more on app development. It might not be the company that built us our website, but who cares? We need results. This will help us big time. We should be crystal clear on what they do and what they don’t by going through their track record.

3. What is their track record like?

This is just another test that we will have to put the web development company through before finalizing. A proven track record of previously completed projects is a clear indication of their expertise.

So when we look at a track record, make sure you give these a look

  • Familiarity with our industry

In their track record, if you find a successful project from our industry, you’re in luck. This means that the web development company’s staff is already familiar with your industry. So they don’t need to learn about it from the scratch. This will help you in your conversation with the company. We don’t have to face the hassle of teaching them all the technical terms associated with our industry. They don’t have to get bogged down with all the new terms. Win-win for all.


  • Not just experience

Experience is good, but there is another factor that we should give a glance. There are new web development companies out there that have come up with ingenious innovations and problems solving ideas. We are not after a startup, but a fairly new company with great success percentage deserves a second look. If an experienced web development company has made less success over the years when compared to a new web development company, it is clear that they must have done something wrong. So stay apart from them.


  • Experience

The experience of a web development company is very important. This will ensure us their capability to provide us with the best service. It also gives us an idea about the sort of challenges that they faced. So their problem-solving skills are also tested here.


  • Solid proof for their track record

Don’t believe a track record as narrated by the web development company staff. Ask for solid proof that backs it up. Client testimonials are a big thing. It will let us know what their experience with the company was. If its raw info that you want, get in touch with web development company’s previous clients directly. Ask them for performance data and case studies of one or two problems that they solved and their designs. Do not settle for a mere screenshot show. That will not help you much.

4. What is our budget?

Let’s just not ignore it. The budget is the most important part of any business venture. And that stays true when it comes to web development as well. When we choose a web development company, we have to be clear about the size of the budget that we can allow for the same. The fee for a web development company may be the biggest investment a small company makes, so it calls for a lot of doubts. Before coming to an agreement with a web development company, speak to them about your budget and your tolerances. This will save you time as they will be able to guide you better. This will help you extensively in the long run.

Rejecting a quote after if it’s not feasible will only be a waste of time for both sides. And if your budget is lower than their fee, they can guide through more economic choices for a website. These economic solutions may work for you, to be honest. But it will have tons of limitations when it comes to customization. As they say, cheap can be cheerful, but not always. So figure out a budget and then look for a web development company rather than haggling with many of them to fit your expectations. Let us keep the money part smart.

5. By what time will they be able to complete the project?

This is another important factor. Many of us need a website now. We don’t have any time to wait before the whole thing is completed. Web development is an intricate process and it requires a bit of time. The time to think about having a website is not the week before the important event you wanted to launch the website in. If we are in a state of emergency, ask the web development company chosen about the time they require to pull this project off.

It is favored if we can leave a period about 2-3 months for them to work in. This will ensure that the resulting website is not a product of some last minute rough chiseling. This might leave some hard edges that can be very hard to smoothen out in the future. Instead, we require a finely tuned website with a lot of attention given to each of its attributes.

But there might be situations in which a web site is required on an emergency basis. In these situations, waste no time and discuss with the web development company regarding the choices that we have. They can present fast solutions that might be able to cut the mustard for us. But always remember, if we have time to wait, it’s better not to procrastinate. Give them time and enjoy our beautifully crafted website.

6. Do they offer on-going support?

Web development is not a one-step process. The launch of the website marks just the end of just a single step. Setting up the whole website is one thing and keeping it running is another. It requires a lot of technical maintenance regarding hosting, emails, SEO, Content Management System(CMS) etc.  When you choose a web development company, choose one that offers their service even after the website is launched. Go through their client testimonials to find out their pattern. If you find customers complaining about careless service, stay away from that specific web development company. This will save you from the headache of hiring an external web developer to help you with the routine maintenance.

7. What are the qualifications of their staff?

Before we barge into their office, we’ve to do a background check of the staff that they employ to do our work. Find out if they are all qualified to do the work they are assigned to do. The web development company’s brand won’t tell us the whole story. The last thing we need is a website created by noobs who have no idea how it works. The web development company’s website must have enough info regarding their staff. Get in touch with their clients to know more about the projects that they have undertaken. This will also give us an idea about their expertise in dealing with challenges.

8. Will there be any hidden charges?

Apart from the already set fixed project cost, the job may involve more expenses that may pop up in the middle of the job. This can upset our financial balance in a bad way. A well-planned job will not let this happen. The web development company must keep track of the job which will keep it within the budget. If they are not vigilant, it might lead to extra problems that will need more financial input to rectify. Speak to the web development company beforehand to eliminate these unfavorable contingencies.

As our first point said, having a clear idea of everything that we want will also help. Making changes to your desired design while the project is under development will also increase our costs. So approach a web development company with a built-up mind.

9. Will I be able to edit the content myself?


how to choose a web development company

If the website is built with the integration of a Content Management System (CMS) in mind, it will enable clients with less tech knowledge to edit and upload contents on the website. CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal etc are the most commonly used. These have a simple UI that helps to upload content onto the website or to manage the website. If CMS is not integrated to your website, it will create a lot of expense to upload or edit content. If the web development company we choose does not work with CMS, we have to walk away.

10. Do I have some sites that I like?

If we have some sites that we’d like to use as an inspiration to build our own website, we have to let our web development company know. This will help them a lot in understanding clearly the design attributes that we need. This will eliminate the degree of confusion between the clients and the web development company. We can also refer sites that we hate but sport a design that we like to them. Our competitor’s website can be taken as an example. We don’t like that right? But if it flaunts a lovely design, there is nothing wrong in asking the web development company to take inspiration from it. But don’t ask them ever to copy it or don’t let them.

Those were the 10 things we should ask ourselves before how to choose web development company. These will help you clear out all the doubts that you have about choosing a web development company.

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How to choose Web Development Company
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