How to choose an SEO company

how to choose an seo company

How to choose an SEO company in India

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical part of web development. Ensuring a high rank in a web search is a requisite for any website for achieving the traffic that it wants. But, SEO can be a hassle for a client if they plan to undertake it themselves. This is where the question comes how to choose an SEO company for managing your website’s SEO to come into limelight.

An experienced SEO company will help you find your way around the complexity giving you the desired results all along the way. But how to choose an SEO company in India is a tricky affair. Especially with the surfeit of choices that are available in India, sorting the best from the bad and the worst is a hard feat to pull off. So, here we are about to discuss a few traits that will exist only in a good SEO company. When you are on the lookout for a good SEO company to boost your website, look for these traits.

  1. Have a look at their own SEO rating

This is simple logic. Choosing an SEO company in India for your website will not make sense if that company is not good at boosting their own SEO. It is not necessary for a fairly new company to pop up on the first page of Google results. It will take at least a year of steady efforts to roll it up to the top. So do not take their position in the results as a criterion to measure their SEO skills. Instead, check to see if they are doing their things right. Check their content, frequency of posts etc. Also, see if they over-optimize their content by desperately inundating the reader with a ton of keywords. If they do, stay away.

There are other things to check as well. Search for them via all search engines. Read through their meta-description and see if it’s compelling enough for you to click. Localize your search and see where they end up in the results. Their social media presence is also a thing that needs a detailed look when choosing an SEO company in India. An active social media presence with lots of good customer reviews is a green signal. In a Facebook page, honest reviews can be found.

  1. Portfolio- solution for how to choose an SEO company

This is an obvious step we all follow when we choose an SEO company in India. Portfolio says a lot. It might hide a bit too. But a lot can be inferred from the portfolio. Check for real client testimonials on their website. This will give you an insight to what they are capable of doing. Some clients may ask them to keep their info private but most let it loose. So finding testimonials is not going to be a difficult task. But evaluating the credibility of the testimonials given on their site is a hefty task. Instead of believing everything that you see on their site, get in touch with the respective companies to know how satisfied they really are. Choosing an SEO company in India will mostly end up in a happy ending if we pay real attention to the testimonials given on their site.

Don’t get fooled by the logos of big brands featured on their website. Most companies just add them for aesthetic purposes. They rely heavily on the belief that clients won’t investigate the relation in any way. Let’s be intelligent here. Before choosing an SEO company in India, ask them for referrals to these big clients and examples of the sites that they worked on.

  1. See if they are interested in your market.

Optimizing a website is a web-based thing to do. But to optimize a website that deals with some other business, the staff of the SEO Company will have to have a bit of knowledge in that field. This is to ensure the quality of the work that they do with your site. If you are choosing an SEO company in India, make sure that they have a fair bit of knowledge regarding your business. This will give them an idea about what people are searching when they are looking for that kind of business.

If an SEO company is really interested in your project, they will constantly call you. They will extract a lot of information regarding your business from you. Their staff looks forward to learning more from you. These are great traits to have for an SEO company. This clears to us that they are keenly interested in your project. Most SEO companies will just find some relevant info on the internet and use that for website optimization. This is not optimal. All business trends vary with location, type of audience and a lot more. To have the clear picture, an SEO company must approach you. Be optimistic in finding the answer for how to choose an SEO company.

It will be even more advantageous for you if the SEO company you choose has had some previous experience in the same kind of business. This will ensure their familiarity with your business. It will also take away the headache of teaching them, away from you.

  1. Check what their charges are.

Of course, we all like to go for cheap prices. This stays true even when we are choosing an SEO company in India. But there are certain things to consider before you settle for an offer with a rock-bottom price tag. A website is a primary window to the world for your business. With the world moving really fast through technology, the websites are being the best business magnet for your company. Spending on SEO for your website is going to help you a lot down the line of time. So it’s better not to skimp on quality in this aspect.

SEO companies that offer packages like “15 keywords for a cost” are the ones to be avoided. This is due to the fact that a good SEO company will go through a lot of analysis and investigation before offering a quote. This will give them a clear idea about our market and it will also clear our doubts about them. In fact, you will not find limits on the number of keywords in offers made by most reputable firms. Choosing an SEO company in India which offers plans with limited keywords will only ruin your reputation. Choosing a reputable firm, on the other hand, can produce some impressive result and continue to do so for many years. So, opt your right choice always for how to choose an SEO company.

  1. Know what their plans are.

A good SEO company will set some realistic but great goals for you. But if their goal is #1 position in Google search results, please don’t bother hiring them. This is because no one can ensure #1 spot in Google search results or any search results for that matter. This is something that should put us off from hiring an unnecessarily optimistic company. A good SEO company will tell you exactly what their intentions are. They will also let you know the number of pages that they will optimize for the amount you pay for it.

Choosing an SEO company in India with some realistic goals can be a hassle. Especially, when we have a ton of crooked advertisements which mislead us. But fret not! There are great choices in India to choose from.

An amateur company is like a little kid who makes unrealistic claims with his peers to win an argument. Will you ever let a kid play with an important aspect of your business? We won’t.

  1. Know how old they are.

Let’s clear the air first. I am not talking about having a young group of staffs in the office. It is all about the age of the company. The years that they munched must have given them enough experience to dish out some proper results. Choosing an SEO company with some experience will definitely benefit you in the long run. Obviously, they will now a lot more than an amateur company. But the thing is, a good SEO company will have prior experience with the business that you deal with. So it is easy to you as you don’t have to teach them each aspect of the business.

  1. Do they use Black hat SEO tricks?

Many amateur companies still resort to using black hat SEO tricks to optimize a website. A black hat SEO trick is an out of the book technique which is used to boost the SEO rating of a website. Most of these tricks are deemed illegal. These black hat tricks may boost your website drastically at first. But, later when the search engines find out, it will be slammed down. When you face a situation like how to choose an SEO company, keep in mind to avoid those who follow black hat SEO practices.

Choosing an SEO company in India can be tricky if we have no knowledge about the kind of black hat tricks that are used by these companies. Examples of blackhat SEO tricks are

  1. Keyword stuffing: The uncontrolled amount of keywords stuffed into the content can ruin your reputation in the long run.
  2. Doorway pages and hidden text: These are pages or text that is created with only the search engine in mind. These are deemed illegal by search engines and if they find out, it will affect you adversely.
  3. Duplicate content: If they use the same text over and over again on your website, it might get a slapping from the ratings. It might be a text that is copied from the same website or any other website.
  4. Link spamming: If the number of outbound links from your site overtakes the number of inbound links to your site with a big margin, the site is destined to get some poor ratings. And if the inbound links you get are from blacklisted sites or from a link farm, expect a poor rating as well.

Amateur companies use these tricks to boost the SEO at first, but it will gradually decrease and may move forward, for the worst.

That’s about it.

Keep all of the above-mentioned facts in mind when you are choosing an SEO company in India. This will help you in a big way as scams in the internet business are huge and devastating. It’s better to stay safe and move forward cautiously instead of being pampered. Once you go through this post, beyond the shadow of a doubt you can find the key for how to choose an SEO company.

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How to choose an SEO company
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