Google Chrome’s Ad Filtering Goes Live Today, Here’s How it Works

Google Chrome Ad Filtering

Google Chrome’s Ad Filtering Feature Goes Live

Google Chrome Ad Filter

The future of digital advertising and the web is shifting to a transition. Google, the largest advertising company in the world will decide which ads people should see while using Google Chrome. The Google Chrome Ad Filtering feature finally goes live. Google has planned to release a new update in Google Chrome.

The Google Chrome Ad Filtering would introduce a built-in ad blocker for the browser. Google decided to act against intrusive adverts, by integrated ad blocker in the Chrome web browser from February 15. With this feature, Google Chrome will target, block advertisements which fail to follow Better Ads Standards.

Google Chrome Ad Filtering Feature

Google Chrome Ad Filtering


Google Chrome Ad Filtering was reported in April 2017 would automatically block ads that don’t conform to Better Ads Standards. This statement was told by Ryan Scheon, who is Chrome Web Platform product manager.

Mobile version of Google Chrome targets ad formats with flashing animated ads, full-screen scrollover ads. It also includes ads that take up 30 percent of users’ screens. Google Chrome Ad Filtering would not only block obtrusive ads but also block all ads on offending sites. The offending sites include those from Google’s own products, AdSense and DoubleClick. Google Chrome Ad Filtering blocks ads on these sites as it tends to show intrusive ads. The browser would tell its users through a popup.

How will Google Ad Filter work?

On desktops, Google is planning to block pop-up ads, large sticky ads, auto-play video ads with sound. In addition, also to block ads that appear on a site with a countdown blocking you before the content loads. Ad blocking on mobile will filter out pop-up ads, ads that are displayed before content loads, auto-play video ads with sound etc.

Google will first evaluate the sites based on the Better Ads standards and then inform the site owners of any issues. Then would allow sites to correct in 30 days before blocking ads. Once ads are blocked in Chrome they would be filtered at the network level to prevent them from loading at all.

Site owners can access these evaluations from Google using an automated tool and sites can be re-reviewed after bad ads have been addressed.

The ad block icon will show up in Chrome’s address bar on the desktop. While on mobile, a prompt at bottom of the screen will appear showing that ads are blocked on a site. Both desktop and mobile users will have the option to whitelist ads on a site that’s automatically blocked.

Benefits of Google Chrome Ad Filtering

This move is a good move as Google Chrome would control around 60 percent of the desktop browser market. On Android, the mobile browser penetration is also high. It infers that this is a feature that no ad-supported media company can ignore. Moreover, the introduction of this feature would have a material impact on how people experience the web.

The advantage is that it is not an alternative to AdBlock Plus or unlock Origin. Rather, it is an effort from Google to ban most annoying ads from Google Chrome browser. This means that it would not block all the ads. Instead, it would block only those ads that do not coordinate to the Coalition for Better Ads guidelines. When Google decides a site hosts ads that go against these guidelines then it will block all ads on a given site.

Types of Ads in Google Chrome Ad Filtering

So, you must be thinking that what types of ads would trigger the new ad blocker in Google Chrome. Let us have a glance at them.

When you end up on a site where Google Chrome is blocking ads, you would see a small pop-up in the browser. Google Chrome will pop up a notification to alert when a pop-up is blocked. It gives you the option to sidestep ad blocker, allow ads on that site. Google has made modifications to the rules and doesn’t exempt own ad networks from this exercise.

If a site is in violation, ads from AdSense, DoubleClick will also be blocked. Not all advertising will be muzzled. Normal ads will still run as many websites make money from them in order to remain free to access. Only sufficiently annoying ads will get the boot. If Google Chrome blocks adverts, the user would know that ad blocking has happened. In addition, it will present an option to disable the blocking, allow adverts to come through on that particular site.

Advertising standards

Google would evaluate a sample set of pages from any given site, looking for violations of the Better Ads Standards. Then it would award the site a ‘pass’, ‘warn’ or ‘fail’ status. Site owners can review a report and if they fail in the regulations. So they can address any issues and then request that their site is re-evaluated to achieve a pass.

All Chrome users will benefit from a more streamlined web browsing experience with less in-your-face advertisement interruptions. Google Chrome is moving to make the internet more secure by naming not secure sites. Failing sites viewed through Chrome are at risk of having Google block their ads.

Outcome of Google Chrome Ad Filter

People would witness performance boost on sites where ads are being blocked. According to Google, publishers must take responsibility for the ads as they show, take control of their inventory. Ryan Schoen, Chrome Web Platform product manager said that publisher could decide which ad networks to do business for us. The users would navigate to a specific site as they enter a relationship with that site. Moreover, he said that it is the responsibility of the site owner to take ownership of that relationship.

Till now, Google Chrome Ad Filtering would block just less than one percent of all ads. This feature is something that would relax the publishers. This feature would prove beneficial to the users. The goal of Google is not to filter any ads at all but to improve the experience for all web users. By highlighting crap online adverts, website owners will be encouraged to up their game.

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Google Chrome Ad Filtering Goes Live Today, Here’s How it Works
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