Custom Website Design vs Template Website Design – Pick the Best

custom website design vs template website design

Custom website design Vs Template website design

Website design is probably the most overlooked feature while looking for the steps to create a website. However, it is the primary step to be undertaken while creating your website. No amount of good content or any other services can capture potential customers or clients like a well-crafted and unique website design. When it comes to your business you wouldn’t want to shy away on quality just to save some money. A website creates the first impression of your business for anyone searching online. The more professional your website appears, the more credible it gets. Let’s have a discussion on Custom Website Design vs Template Website Design.

There are two ways for a website designer to bring out the magic in your website

  • By using pre-packed graphics or templates.
  • By starting from scratch without any templates or graphics.

By now it might be obvious to you which is better among the two but do not jump to any conclusions let’s continue to break it down further so that you will get a crisp clear idea about the two.

Custom website design


  • Unique design

With custom web design you’ve opted to create everything about your website from scratch which opens the website designer to unlimited options and techniques for website development company. It would be more challenging for the web design company but the designs created would be just for your business, there would be none other like it.

  • Search engine friendly

A custom website will have its own unique code which improves the ranking of your website dramatically.

  • Adjustable to fit company needs

It’s easy to accommodate all the features and ideas you have envisioned on your website if you choose custom website design.

  • Customer focused

With custom website design your website could be designed to fit services and features with the views of customers in mind.

  • Stand out from the crowd

There will be always competition in any business based on custom website design vs template website design, customers will have to compare your business with your rivals before taking action. Therefore, having a custom design website highlights quality and strikes on the minds of customers. This makes you stand out from the crowd.


  • More costly

If you are a startup and is tight on budget, then custom website design is not for you.

  • You will have to maintain the website by yourself

Template website design


  • Cost-effective

This is one of the major advantages of using templates; since the designers don’t have to create everything from scratch it is less costly when compared to custom website design.

  • Speed

A custom website design takes weeks or probably months to complete depending upon the complexity whereas template website designs would only take few hours or days to complete.

  • Looks

The design of your website helps in attracting customers and clients; templates are designed and developed by professionals and do not compromise on its looks.

  • Navigation

Templates are created with utmost simplicity and in keeping with the trends, thus it’s easier for the user to navigate through your website than a custom design website.


  • Not Unique

There will be tons of other websites which use your template design unless you pay a steep price to make it exclusive to you. But others who have used the same template before you can still keep it.

  • Limited customization

With template website designs you won’t be able to customize your website beyond a certain point. In spite of that if you find help of the best web design company in Cochin your website will be the best.

  • Not search engine friendly

Template website designs are not optimized for search engines. You will require additional services such as SEO services and social media marketing to improve your website rankings.


Now since you know the difference on custom website design vs template website design, it is entirely up to you to choose what suits best for your business. The custom website design vs template website design, both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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Custom Website Design vs Template Website Design - Pick the Best
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Custom Website Design vs Template Website Design - Pick the Best
Know the difference between custom website design and template website design, pick the right option.
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