Best Social Bookmarking Site To Enhance Backlinks For Your Website

best social bookmarking site

How Social Bookmarking Enhance SEO Score

The Social bookmarking is considered as one of the best strategies to enhance backlinks in SEO. So the backlinks act as a backbone of SEO. Without getting proper backlinks form a website we did not get authority values provided by Google. If Are you not getting enough time to read the content on the internet. So, by social bookmarking, you can read out later. The social bookmarking site will help you to bookmark your favorite websites And read them later anywhere through online.

After searching for the topic on the internet, you can bookmark some websites in the browser so that you can read them later without surfing the internet again.

If there comes a problem that your browser gets crashed or your system gets formatted then social bookmarking is the solution. With the help of social bookmarking, you can use your bookmarks from any area.

Best Social Bookmarking Site useful to SEO

Social bookmarking site

The social bookmarking websites will help in building the brand awareness and also promote the content. Social bookmarking websites will aid the users to share their articles, images etc. so that there will be more traffic on the website. The best social bookmarking site will aid in SEO as it will help in increasing the Google Page Rank and Domain Authority.

If you add Social bookmarking buttons to your website then it will help to enhance the shareability and it will create an opportunity in order to reach out to a wider audience.

Best Social Bookmarking  Websites to Boost SEO Score


The Delicious is one of the best social bookmarking sites would help the users to save, organize and also discover links n the web. The users can search for interesting content that is shared by their friends or on the trending topics on the internet. Delicious will enhance the page ranking and drive out more traffic.


It is the prominent micro-blogging platform that is used globally which allows the users to create content with short blogs and tags that will allow other users who are interested in other topics to find it.


It is known as a photo sharing website that has over 100 million active users. Through Pinterest, according to a particular theme picture collections are made that are termed as boards and which aids in discovering, saving and also finding what is interesting according to user’s interest. Pinterest is popular for comparing traffic of the website and also categories like infographics, tutorials that have a higher clocking rate.

4.Stumble Upon:

Stumble Upon is one of the best social bookmarking sites, It will help the users to find and also suggest the web content. Mostly, the user’s lookout for unique content that is based on the interests. It has over 30 million registered users and it gives high-quality backlinks helping users to like, rate and share web pages.’


It is a social bookmarking website where users can submit links to blogs, images etc and its place on the Reddit page will be decided by the votes from other users. This website will cover a variety of topics and will be arranged by various areas of interest that are termed as subreddits.

6.Scoop it:

This social bookmarking website has over 1 million registered users. is a prominent bookmark website that helps professionals, businesses, and corporations. The users will be able to publish or curate unique content based on their interests, keywords and share it with others.


Diigo is a best social bookmarking site that allows its registered users to bookmark the web pages for future use, explain the files as it is searched on the internet and then share it. It will help in easily indexing the content that is shared on Google and also there will be lot of traffic into the website.


The Newsvine is a best social bookmarking site will help the users to create content, can get the source links to external content. The content that has been voted mostly will come in the home page and belongs to various categories such as news, politics, business, art, and technology. This social bookmarking website has over 40 million unique visitors every month.


On this social bookmarking website, users will be able to share content, pictures, videos etc. And also strike questions in order to find answers to those questions. Through this social bookmarking website, Revenue can be earned. Where the authors can create original, quality content about various topics and earn through Google AdSense. The unique content in the articles will aid in indexing pages and get more traffic to the website.


Facebook is known as the largest social networking site. That acts as a platform to share the content and getting more traffic on a daily basis. Facebook shows the latest trends, articles with the help of keyword searches.


The twitter is the social sharing website with over millions of users worldwide. And around 500 million tweets are updated on a daily basis. The fresh and interesting content helps to acquire followers on profiles and also audit the interaction of users in terms of retweets, replies, and likes.

12.Google Plus+:

It is the social networking website through which users can share content, images etc. Across circles, communities or to any particular interest-based groups that are called as collections. So, the content is amplified and it will result in more traffic to the website.

Social bookmarking will enhance your website traffic. Social bookmarking was developed so that the users can arrange their bookmarks on the internet instead of saving it to their computers. Users can very easily index the backlinks with the help of social bookmarking. The social bookmarking tool also helps to improve the online visibility.

13. slashdot

Slashdot is one of the best social bookmarking site. Is a platform that can provide a huge hike to media that you share i.e. links, articles, videos and  more. As the site consists of the huge number of quality audience. You just need to register yourself and share your webpage or anything that you want and then see the change.

14. Digg

Digg is one of the best social bookmarking site on which you can easily bookmark your webpage. The social bookmarking site was re-founded in the year 2012. Digg is known to provide most relevant as well as compelling content to millions of the users. If you are bookmarking webpage on this site then you get an opportunity to drive millions of users on your site.

Social bookmarking websites will also help in promoting your content because it will reach out to the users very quickly. If the content is posted continuously on the website then a good network can be easily developed. S0  there will be more traffic on the website.

I believe that this article has helped you with the latest social bookmarking site that can improve backlinks. If you have any doubt regarding this topic, please make sure to comment, the professional techies at Dotz Web Technologies are always happy to help you. Dotz Web Technologies is one of the topmost Digital marketing company. We offer high-quality service in Web Design and development, SEO, Web Hosting, App Development and Social Media Marketing. We are one of the top Web Design Company in India.

Best Social Bookmarking Site To Enhance Backlinks For Your Website
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Best Social Bookmarking Site To Enhance Backlinks For Your Website
Best social bookmarking sites to improve backlinks and SEO score.


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