The Best 10 Successful E-mail Marketing Campaigns

email marketing campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns: Latest Strategies

Email marketing campaigns can be described as commercial messages which usually send in between a certain group of people or corporations. When a business enterprise sends an email to its customers, it is basically considered as email marketing. In general, email marketing contains various prospects of a company. Usually, they are referred to fundraising messages, latest or upcoming product awareness, canvassing sales and build up a loyal customer relationship. These marketing emails can be used to share with the existing customers and also the ones from the purchased lead list. In fact, this marketing is focused on more and repeated businesses.

Sometimes, email marketing can be more productive than, television advertisements or radio spots. Therefore maintaining an email list of regular and often times customers will help your spread the new promotional newsletters without an intermediate. Subsequently, this mode of the act will promote companies trust and loyalty which boosts the sales. This simple mode of marketing method reaches out targets in an effective way without any production expenses. Whatsoever, you will have to be little more cautious about your customers, while processing an email marketing campaign. Because if the content on your email is all about self-promotional messages, then it can lead the recipients to delete the emails you send.

News Letters

Marketing emails have got another nickname as well, and that is the automated email newsletters. It is what exactly floods an individual’s inbox based on a week or month. As we have discussed above, if it’s not what they want to read, then they will start marking all your newsletters and delete them. They might take extra effort to visit your website and unsubscribe from your regular newsletters, which means those customers are not coming back to you. This can effect on your companies online rating value. However, there are some newsletters which are so effective and we just keep on reading till the end. Sometimes, it might be something that you wanted to share with your friends, and you instantly share and subscribe for more. So how come those email campaigns are so effective! The answer is simple – The Content.

There are some email marketing campaigns which are so exceptional. They contain a cleverly written content which is a call to action that attracts the receiver. You need to spend some extra time for personalizing each content and if it is filled with graphics, much better. If you are planning to send weekly or monthly emails, so then make sure they are worth a read and not waste time. Besides, most of our inboxes witness this type of email marketing campaigns. But once we feel that it’s not better enough, we just simply avoid it.

Therefore, let’s have a discussion on the top 10 email marketing campaigns, which are so effective and outstanding…

01. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is an American online media company in New York City, and they have an Indian version named BuzzFeed India, exclusively for Indians. When we talk about their email marketing campaign, the first thing to mention is that their content subjects. We won’t see any lengthy boring regular chants there but short and effective meaningful texts. Their subjects and previews texts are always accompanying each other. Explaining, if their subject contains a question then their preview line will be an answer. There is we have an example below here, and its subject is a bit commanding and the preview is more logical.

email marketing campaigns buzzfeed

How convincing are they!? Don’t you feel like to have a read on that mail over there? Like we discussed above, an email marketing campaign that contains a graphic or image is way more effective. See the sample email’s screen shot on the right, pictured on their email clearly illustrates what is the content all about.

email marketing campaigns buzzfeed example

It is definitely conveying what is supposed to be conveying. We can admire their marketing team for running an effective and creative email marketing campaigns.

02. Uber

Uber is simple and humble. That’s the way I guess I should begin because their beauty remains in the simplicity. Uber marketers never want to waste your time, so they just brief the description which would be a call to action. Deals and offers are always attracting and that’s what they usually bring us on a weekly or monthly basis. Thus, they contain instructions along with steps for availing the offers. See the sample here.

email marketing campaigns uber

They must have a great team of designers to build a pleasing and simple layout for marketing emails to promote their business. Their email marketing campaign visualizes its branding on a geometric pattern. Likewise, we experience the same on their mobile application, social media photos, and website. In order to gain its brand loyalty, Uber communications and marketing teams share stories which conclude boosting their brand.

03. DropBox

DropBox is an American file hosting service company with its headquarters in San Francisco, California. They offer certain services including personal cloud, client, software, file synchronization and the cloud storage. They are formally referred as an online backup service with its mobile application supports major distribution platforms. As you already guessed, it supports Linux desktop operating systems, Macintosh, Windows, Android and IOS platforms. People depend on this software for frequent file sharing and it’s cleverness collaboration with other social web platforms. DropBox runs email marketing campaigns as usual, but its content inspires us to have a try on its services at least once. Sometimes, their email marketing campaigns involve both creative and imaginative cartoons with plenty of emoticon smilies. See one of the example pictures above which comes from their email marketing campaigns.

email marketing campaigns dropbox

Their cleverly written emails summarize sweet and short contents which emphasize a clear message. They are always willing to support and help you with any queries you have about DropBox services. Companies such as Dropbox includes this sort of marketing tactics with a promotional offer or incentive for encouraging you to go online and use their services.

04. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking service which has facilities through its mobile application and website. It was launched in the US on 5th May 2003, and a recent survey concludes its membership account is way more than 500 million from all over 200 countries in the worldwide. Their platform is available for both employees and employers respectively. They run email marketing campaigns in an effective way. If you are new to LinkedIn, you will receive an email with an invitation for a live demo with their expert. See the sample screenshot right here

email marketing campaigns linkedin

Most of the marketing experts consider this mode of the act, one among the most effective way to build up quality leads. However, you will get this call to action email for just twice. So now you know the reason for their 3 billion dollar net worth (2015). In the meanwhile, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for about $26.2 billion back in 8th December 2016.

05. PayPal

We are all familiar with PayPal. It is one among the responsible intermediate money transfers between the buyers and sellers. PayPal has founded about 18 years ago, in December 1998. PayPal operates worldwide for online money transfer services and it was an alternative way for merchants to operate businesses without liquid money. PayPal runs an effective email marketing campaigns with graphic contents which are way more attractive. They express the benefits you can gain from using their services. This call to action attracts millions of people worldwide and a recent survey suggested the figure of 210 million active accounts. Have a look on the sample right here, which comes from their email marketing campaigns.

If you are a PayPal account owner, you know what we are talking about but if you don’t, the example below reminds you the advantages of owning one of their accounts. You go out for a dinner and finds out you are out to cash but have them in the PayPal account. Then there you can tip and pay the bills with your PayPal account without even worrying about your empty wallet. Maintaining an account with them will only benefit you when you least expect it. Of cause, avail great deals and discounts and enjoy the exclusive offers crafted for you.

email marketing campaigns paypal

06. Harpoon Brewery

Harpoon Brewery is an American Beer Brewery who runs the email marketing campaign in a way that we have never experienced before. Harpoon was founded on 1986 with its plants in Boston and Windsor, United States of America. After 31 years, they wear the tag of the 19th largest brewery in America. They don’t just offer certain discounts to subscribers but instead, they take advantage of email marketing campaign to showcase their human side. They know what should be the content and when it should reach the inbox of their subscribers. When it arrives on time with a sweet quote, you would feel like it’s just coming from your friend. Even though we live in a time of automation, Harpoon Breweries marketing emails are so effective with a human touch. You won’t feel like a robot sends you an email about their latest events. They do personalize their email marketing campaigns because it is way more effective and increases the chance to be opened. They share their thoughts as every email should be connected and building a relationship with the subscriber.

See the sample email from their marketing campaign. If you could apply similar tactics to your business, you can guess what would be the result.

 email marketing campaigns harpoon brewery

07. Bonobos

Bonobos is an American online retailer, which they design and sell men’s clothing. Bonobos have founded 10 years ago and they have a vast collection of Men’s Suits, Trousers, Denim, Shirts, Outwear, Swimwear, and accessories. They are very clever for running an email marketing campaign with beautiful graphics. They make sure to give a reason for their subscribers to read their newsletters. Besides, if the content is not relevant, they know the subscriber would simply delete whatever they receive from Bonobos. They make reasons for people to get engaged with their emails. Email marketing campaigns from Bonobos are well structured with clear and minimal content. Perhaps it’s an interactive experience for motivating the customers to take action. See their sample picture on the right.

The newsletters and promotions you receive from Bonobos contain a clear pathway for a hustle free online shopping experience. For example, you don’t need to go to their website and go through all the pages for check out certain clothes size. In fact, the weekly promotion you receive from them includes a better size chart for a seamless marketing campaigns bonobos

08. Grammarly

Grammarly is a proofreading service used by millions of people worldwide. We are all aware proof-reading is, in fact, the hardest task. But not for Grammarly, they do what they say and they have proved it. They can scan through your text and suggest you follow up properly on 250 grammar rules. Grammarly was launched in 2009 with its headquarters in San Francisco. They are very good at marketing their services and runs their email marketing campaign effectively. When they scan their subscribers content thoroughly, they offer a relevant discount for a short period of time. However, this mode of marketing tactic witnessed a huge turnover of millions of subscribers worldwide. The sample picture here illustrates a spectacular move by its marketing team as they offered their fan with an astonishing deal of 60 % discount.

However, this mode of marketing tactic witnessed a huge turnover of millions of subscribers worldwide. The sample picture here illustrates a spectacular move by its marketing team as they offered their fan with an astonishing deal of 60 % discount. Moreover, this was a huge win for success. We are living in a world that everyone and every business depending on the internet to survive. Online reviews play a key role in between, because of more than 85% people around the world trust another consumer’s user experience. They take those words serious as they take personal suggestions. There are little or no bad reviews out there about Grammarly services, and it is available as a free browser extension for Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.
email marketing campaigns grammarly

 09. Loft

Loft comes under an American retail chain group formally known as Ann Taylor Stores. The loft is one of its division which was established in 1996 as an extension of its original brand Ann Taylor Loft. The company headquarters situated in New York City with almost 600 outlets all over the United States. Just like Bonobos, Loft is exclusively focused on women’s clothing trends. Their marketing team creates stylish graphic designed emails for running their email marketing campaigns. They are very talented to invent a marketing email which you would really want to check out. They give certain catalogs to the recipients for figuring out your preferences on clothing for all seasons. This delivers the customers a more personalized experience which the girls mostly love about. Loft becomes the favorite brand among all age groups because their marketing team pretty much focused and prioritize the customer satisfaction.

email marketing campaigns loft

10. Jet Blue

Jet Blue is an American Airways founded on 1998 by Mr. David Neeleman and commenced operation on 11th February 2000. Since it’s a low-cost carrier Jet Blue experienced a tremendous success in its endeavor. Therefore, Jet Blue airlines are now the 6th largest Airways in the United States that serve more than 106 destinations in America, Mexico, Central American, South America and the Caribbean islands. Jet Blue’s marketing team makes you purchase their tickets with their extremely quality email marketing campaigns. They are not being pushy but their humorous emails are quite catchy and it defines a call to action in an effective way. See their same screenshot below.

email marketing campaigns jetblue


Email marketing campaigns are the vital key to the survival of any businesses nowadays. It is more effective than Word of Mouth, Radio or TV advertisements. It is now the most reliable method to surprise and attract your customers which then increases your revenue. It might not be easy as we think it is, but having a great team of marketers is what you need in the beginning.

After going through the 10 email marketing campaigns, I believe you have learned how to apply certain tactics to generate more leads. Instead of following a style, invent your own content and beautify it with effective quotes and matters. Whatsoever, you must remind yourself that content is all about it because there is no point building up a beautiful layout with poor contents.

I believe this article helped you with the critical steps you need to apply when you run email marketing campaign for your businesses. Dotz Web Technologies is one of the top SEO company in Kerala. We offer high-quality service in Web Design and Development, SEO and Content Writing, Web Hosting, App Development etc. We are one of the top Web Design Company in India.

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