Avoid these Bad Web Design Trends from Your Web Design

bad web design trends

Be Careful About The Bad Web Design Trends

Before coming to bad web design trends there are certain things to consider. Everyone loves to pursue trends. And there is nothing wrong about it. Besides, in order to look cool, adopting trends is inevitable. When it comes to web design trends, things are no different. It is absolutely necessary for web designers to practice them in order to keep up with the growing competition. But when it comes to following trends, they seldom opt to make bad choices or neglect some of the most crucial aspects, especially in terms of user’s point of view.

In this post, I have compiled a list of a few bad web design trends used by some of the websites. When you realize what makes them disturbing, you’ll be able to avoid doing them in your web designs.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling became popular in 2014. Still, it got a place on our list of bad web design trends. Parallax scrolling is the outcome of causing the background to move at a slower rate of speed than the foreground when visitors scroll through a website. This contributes to the pages having a 3D appearance and feel. When designers employ this technique with a bit of elegance and practicality, the results can be fabulous. Sadly, also this trend has been the applied widely with heavy graphic elements.

Hamburger Menus Everywhere!

bad web design trends

Hamburger menu was initially introduced by the designers on websites for smartphones. The purpose was to hide navigation options that were rarely used by the user. These options were placed under the hamburger menu as a clever solution allowing the important options to be placed in the front or the center.

Today, however, the hamburger menu is has made its way into many of the standard desktop websites. Web designers are also choosing to hide more options behind their hamburger menus than ever. This method can help to make very appealing web pages that aren’t jumbled with a lot of navigational text. This will assist in creating a very effective front page. As an example, along with a compelling background image and text. The shortcoming to this trend, sadly, is that many users simply don’t know what a hamburger menu is. Additionally, they don’t know where the location of it is. As a result, it is quite possible that they may the existence of an option is unknown by many users. Therefore, the hamburger menu has garnered a place on our list of bad web design trends.

 Use of Typography

bad web design trends

Typography has always been an integral part of web designs. Picking the proper typography can contribute to a good visual impression and grab attention just as graphics do. However, using the inappropriate typography can make a website literally, unreadable. Due to this, web designers give high priority to typography in web design. In the past year or so, however, typography has really become a talking point among designers. Instead of viewing typography in a practical fashion:

?    Is it enjoyable?

?    Does it look professional?

?    Does it calibrate well on different screen sizes?

Designers are now looking at typography with an artist’s eye. They are no longer happy with simply picking out a font that is available as a default option for countless other people. Instead, they are seeking out custom fonts that truly work with their designs. This might include hand drawn fonts, or on the other end of the spectrum, fonts that are clean and sparse. The correctly chosen font will make your blog look great and will generate more shares. There are even websites that aimed to help people to find resources for typography that they have found and want to use themselves. Of course, there are also people who believe that complex typography one of the bad web design trends that can add too much complexity to a web page.

Blur And Scale

bad web design trends

You visit a website. The text on the page is almost immediately clear, but the background image is a blur. Then, as the page is done loading, the image becomes unblurred, and not quite as noticeably larger. This design technique has been described as blur and scale by web designers at Facebook. There a couple of reasons why web designers like this technique. First, it can be a great, yet simple alternative to the standard page load animation. In addition to this, it keeps users focused on the screen while the page loads and the image comes into focus. Finally, blur and scale give the text, which often contains the most important message on the page, a chance to shine while the image is temporarily obscured in the background.

The downside is that, if one stuffs their page with unnecessary blur and scale technique, it could harm the web design of their page to a great extent.

Carousels on The Main Page

Today top web designing companies in India use many carousels. Since they are a great way to include a lot of great, visual information on a web page making good use of the limited space. There are some drawbacks to it that make its way among the bad web design trends. First, everybody is using them. Not only that, many designers are using them in really spammy and nefarious ways.

If you’ve ever been on a page using a carousel and been presented with more than one navigational arrow and struggled to determine which would take you to the next slide vs. which would navigate you to some spam page. The result of this is that when people see a carousel, especially one, that appears on the main page (essentially their formal introduction to a brand), their natural reaction is to think “oh no! Click bait!” Then, they bounce. Not only that, carousels can cause both performance and SEO problems.

Floating Elements

There seems to be a big fascination when it comes to floating elements in a website. Floating menu bars that stick around even after the users have scrolled down to the footer, floating social media icons that clearly begs to be clicked, and floating sidebar advertisements. This happens both on desktop and mobile websites.

Here are the reasons why this is in the list of bad web design trends:

  • People who have small screens can’t fully see the content available.
  • It’s obnoxious.
  • Design-wise, they don’t look good at all.

Take a look at the screenshot above. It’s my website and I hate 2 things about it. First is whenever I log in on my dashboard and visit the front page, the admin bar is always there to cover the links and search bar. Second is the menu bar itself that scrolls with the page. You can probably understand my frustration with this.

Here’s an example for mobile applications. It floats and when it’s closed, it appears after a few seconds (not minutes).


bad web design trends

While we’re on the subject of anti-UX, here’s another one that was mentioned in that Reddit post. Preloaders. They are the spawn of Satan, and only exist to tell users that you’re happy to make people wait. Not a good message, in my opinion.Let’s be honest here: there’s absolutely no great reason why you should use a loading animation. But of course, there are certain facts to weigh. However, if your website doesn’t load in under eight seconds then something is very, very wrong.

Passive Aggressive Pop-Ups

Here are few examples of bad web design trends to get an idea:

bad web design trends

bad web design trends

This trend isn’t new for 2016, but it bears mentioning because it remains a popular technique. The main purpose of using Squeeze pages and popups is to get website visitors to sign up for something that is relating to the web page and not originally intended by the user.

Anyway, you may not feel it as inappropriate initially. Besides,  Somebody offering up useful content should have a positive aspect in making you close to acquiring their product or service, isn’t it? However, the matter is when you are apparently not engaged in that information. Furthermore, there are no means available to really say “no thanks” or “not interested”. Instead, you have to acknowledge being a big, stupid jerk who does not care about customers, about getting more leads, or about finding fame and fortune via some social media MLM scheme. Then, there are the pages that simply provide no way to exit. This may not be a new trend, but it remains obnoxiously commonplace. Maybe, by highlighting its weakness, this trend can come to a stop.

Stop Annoying!

There’s nothing delightful about pop-ups. But there are two serious UX idioces at play nowadays.The first is that they’re often house ads. It’s terrible!  Clueless brands use pop-ups. Now they are delivered – on purpose – by clueless brands masquerading as publishers in the name of content marketing.

Presumably, this is because they generate lots of newsletter sign-ups, but this is a boorish ad format, and it just comes across as desperate. Or worse…The next typical example of bad web design trends is one of messaging. Depending on where you draw the line, you might not consider this web design. For instance, you might click into an article all about cars only to see a pop-up asking you to download something that gives the best deals for buying a car. This is totally annoying for the web page visitor and an awful display of poor user interface design.

The message is, if you don’t sign up, you – the user – is a retard.

Video Backgrounds

bad web design trendsVideo backgrounds are becoming the norms of the latest web design trends. They consist of a large background image behind the content of a web page. However, by upgrading it by using a background video instead of an image. This is one of the reasons behind the popularity of it among the web designers.These backgrounds are usually looping animations or videos that play in the background. They can be used to showcase products, or to add moving images that can help visitors become more engaged in the story that is being told through the content on the web page. While this web design trend was and is very visually appealing, as long as the image and content work together, it’s not very engaging.

End of Talking!

If you are facing issues while doing a website design, follow our tips to avoid the bad web design trends. Approach Dotz Web Technologies, one among the top web designing company in Kochi in India for any kind of web design services. Designing a website is a complex affair better handled by experienced professionals. Seeking our professional help will furthermore give an edge to your website’s SEO ranking. If you want us to host the dream website for you, feel free to contact us.



Avoid these Bad Web Design Trends from Your Web Design
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