20 Best selling Website To Sell Your Blog or sites Increase Audience Traffic

best selling website

20 Sites To Sell Your Blogs Or Websites

Best selling website

Many people always think about the websites where they can sell their blogs. There are various reasons for selling websites, they might not have the inclination to maintain the blog any longer. Even it could also include that they do not find time to update.

Buying and selling of Websites are known as Website Flipping. So, there are marketplaces which you can use to buy and sell Websites or your blogs. Many of them are a premium marketplace, and many allow you to list your Website for free. It is an easy process to make quick and handsome income. Most of the people who are into Website flipping follow a particular process. They first create a niche based profitable website and sell them at the very higher price usually calculating one-year income.

Popular Websites | Best selling Website

So, here are the below I mentioned popular websites where you can sell your blogs and websites:

1.SitePoint Auctions

SitePoint has 1000 unique visitors, so it is easy to grab opportunities. The buyers expect good Google PR, quality backlinks, unique visitors and moderate revenue. The fee is minimal with which you can promote your blog easily.

2. Sedo Auctions

You can list your blog/website for sale on Sedo Auctions for free. But a commission fee of 10% should be paid when you get a buyer for your blog or website. It helps you in selling new and established blogs with excellent content. You can even promote your domain names. And it is one of the best selling website.

3. eBay Website Auctions

They are generally indexed by the search engines. If a listing has detailed descriptions and appropriate keywords, you can expect buyers through search engines also. But the disadvantage of eBay website auction is that you may have to deal with fake and spam bidders. You can list your blog for free on eBay. eBay also charges a commission from the sale.

4. Digital Point Forum

You can get good exposure of your blog and also good buyers. This site not only allows you to buy or sell your blog, but also templates, services, domain, and so on. Digital Point Forums are absolutely free and their iTrader helps you find reliable, trusted and questionable buyers and sellers.

5. NamePros

Utilized for buying, selling and discovering premium domain names. You can post your domains for sale or for free appraisals. You can join over 156,998 domain name owners from around the world. They also provide you live chat rooms to discuss with potential buyers and sellers. You have to become a member of NamePros, which is free, and then list your blog or domain for sale.

6. Bloggeries

It is one of the fastest growing community of bloggers. Bloggeries forum lets you sell or buy a blog, trading, content, templates etc. for free of cost. You need to register and get an account for making use of all these advantages.

7. Flippa

 Flippa is a new website. It is designed especially for selling and buying websites. And is one of the leading marketplaces for websites. It is created by a team from SitePoint. Your listing will be featured on the front page of Flippa for a limited period for about $29 and the prices varies accordingly.

8.Businesses For Sale

Businesses For Sale is a different kind of website. You can sell or buy a business for sale. In addition, you can also buy or sell blogs/websites. They have both free and paid. If you are using for free in Businesses For Sale, then you cannot post links and some features are limited only. You can check about it in the Sell A Business section.

9. Craigslist

You can always list your blog on Craigslist for free. You would be surprised how many leads you can get from Craigslist. Moreover, there is no obligation for you to sell. You can do your buyer vetting before making your decision.

10. Twitter

If you have a lot of followers on Twitter then it is easy to sell your blog. Twitter is not a marketplace, but there are lots of people interested in buying and selling blogs/websites. So be careful.

11. Buy Sell Website 

You can buy or sell Websites and domain Names. Advertise your website to thousands of potential buyers. It would cost almost $59 to list your website for sale. Buy Sell Website is belongs to one of the  best selling website.

12.Free Market

Here you can buy sell Websites and as well as domain. You need to pay only 5% of the sold price as commission. This is a good place to start selling your website/domain and a good place to find some good online properties to buy.

13. Geek Village Forums

It would take just under $10 to list your site. And it also applies to the listings from buyers looking for sites. Also Includes the quality discussions for webmasters and merchants.

14. Afternic

Do you have a domain name to sell or want to buy a premium or 3 letter domain name? Then, AfterNic is a popular domain name marketplace where once you list a domain name for selling;  They also offer domain parking service.

15.Webmaster Talk Forums

Webmaster discussion forum covers many topics such as web design, development, search engine optimization and linking building practices.

16. Website Acquire

You can try website acquire for selling your website for free or buy an established website. That is you can sell or buy website for sale with Website Acquire, Is one of the best selling website.

17. WebsiteBroker

It attracts serious buyers that are websites and domains for sale. List your site and find potential buyers. The website broker is one of the best selling website.

18. 650 Media

650 Media buys websites and blogs. They pay top-dollar for high-quality, unique websites.

19. Buy Business

Buy Business allows website and blog owners to list their websites for sale.

20. Deal A Site

 Established websites for sale. It’s free to buy and sell a website or domain name at DealASite.com.

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20 Best selling Website To Sell Your Blog or sites Increase Audience Traffic
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20 Best selling Website To Sell Your Blog or sites Increase Audience Traffic
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